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Youtube Adds Thumbnails Preview To Videos

Youtube One of the most visited and most popular site in the world has just undergone an upgrade in there system which i think all of you users will enjoy that feature so much, Youtube which is known for videos has improve a way their users can make great decisions when choosing which video to watch on the site, so they launched a video preview program, so you can now have a 3 seconds preview of the video before clicking on it to watch.

Before when there were no preview of the thumbnail it is hard to tell the content of the video, this feature have been added but not to all browsers can access that feature and for now the mobile aspect of it is not yet available, so little percentage of the users of Youtube will be shown a 3-second preview of the video while browsing YouTube on desktop.

The preview will play when you hover over the thumbnail, giving you better sense for what each video is about and making it easier to find the next great video to watch.

Some will be asking question like:

How does it works

Like in the image below once you hover over the video the preview begins, actually the creators of the video cannot selected a particular portion of the video to preview, so what ever is in you will be attracted more when you glance at a preview of the video.



Enjoy this feature to me this is awesome check it out!!


Precious Okafor

I am Precious Okafor (White Angelis) a passionate entrepreneur and digital marketer.

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