How To Read Whatsapp Messages Without Blue Ticks

Reading Whatsapp Messages without having the Blue Ticks.


WhatsApp is a freeware, cross-platform messaging app, with voice over IP, developed and owned by Facebook. It supports receiving and sending of text messages, as well as voice notes, pictures and images, documents and files, and user’s location.

As a user of WhatsApp, you should be familiar with the blue tick notification that appears by a message, whenever a receiver has read the text sent. The bluetick creates awareness that the messages sent by a user have been read.

Although it seems having a blue tick notification is a good thing, it is not always true. Assume a situation where someone is disturbing or bugging you, the sender still sends messages that you don’t want to reply but to read and ignore them, but this bluetick notification will give you away. However, if the blue tick is a problem for you, this article provides a solution to that problem. This article outlines methods and ways to read a WhatsApp message without the blue ticks.

WhatsApp Messages

Ways To Read Whatsapp Messages Without Blue Ticks

This tutorial provides three methods on how to read Whatapp without the blue ticks. For each technique, there is a heading and the procedures under it.

  1.  Stopping the read receipts
    This method is recommended by Whatsapp and is carried out inside the WhatsApp. Just go through the settings to deactivate read receipts.
    • Go to settings
    • Click on the account and click on privacy
    • Scroll down and disable read receipts
  2. Turn on Your airplane mode
    To avoid the blue tick notification, turning on airplane mood is a rapid way, especially after you have read the messages. To do this, clear the Whatsapp from your most recent apps, put on the airplane mode, then open WhatsApp and scroll to the chat with the message you want to read.
  3.  Reading Whatsapp messages Immediately notification appears on the notification bar
    Updated and most recent Whatsapp apps have this feature where the user can read a message directly from the notification bar when the message enters the device, and even reply to these messages if the user wants to. If you read Whatsapp messages directly from the notification bar, the blue tick mark will not appear in the device of the sender of the message. It is another fresh and valid way to read WhatsApp messages without the blue tick notifications.

Hope this post will be beneficial with the ways WhatsApp messages can be read without the blue ticks appearing or sent to the sender of the message.

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