How to use Google Pay on your Android phone

Google Pay

Google Pay is a way you can use your Android smartphone to make payments quickly and easily. You can also buy apps from the Google Playstore, and tackle in-app purchases easily.

It was originally known as Android Pay, but the service was renamed Google Pay in early 2018. This saw both Android Pay & Google Wallet combine together. They also added more features to the app.

Android Pay started in the US in 2015 and spread to the UK and Australia in 2016. There are over 15 countries that currently use Google Pay.

The setup process is pretty simple and I’ll use this guide to talk you through how you can do it, and then use Google Pay. You have to make sure your phone is compatible though. You must also have a supported bank before you can start paying with your phone.

Use a Compatible Android Smartphone


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Does your Android Smartphone have NFC (near-field-communication) support?. Does your device running Android 4.4 KitKat software or higher?. If your answer to both of those questions is yes, then you’ll be able to make use of Google Pay on your device.

This means you don’t need to buy a brand new flagship phone to make use of Google Pay. Android KitKat is a few years old now and if you’re not on that software, you’ll need to check your device for an update.

Is it supported by your Bank?

Back when it was known as Android Pay, the support of banks wasn’t encouraging. Now, plenty more banks are on the Google Pay service, but you should still confirm if your bank and cards are compatible.

Most US banks now support Google Pay, check if your account is compatible with the payment service HERE.

You can call your Nigerian Bank to find out if they support the service.

Download Google Pay

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If your device is running stock Android software, Google Pay should already be on your device for you to use. Hence, you won’t have to download it.

Search your device for the app. If you can’t find it, go to Google Play Store to download the app directly to your device.

Setup screen-lock for your device

To properly use Google Pay, you’ll need to have a lock screen in place on your device. Which means anyone trying to access your phone is going to have to enter a pattern, PIN, facial scan or fingerprint scan to gain access.

Go to the Settings app on your device and look for either ‘lock screen’ or ‘security’. Then select ‘screen lock type’, and choose which type of lock you’d like to use and then set it up from there.

If your device has a fingerprint scanner, I’d recommend it. Because it’s something no one can replicate, which gives your phone that little bit more security.

Add a debit or credit card

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It’s finally time to set up your card, and you’re very close to being able to spend money on your phone.

When you open up the app, you’ll meet a screen that includes your Android sign in and gives you the option to add a debit or credit card. Just tap on the plus sign at the bottom-right and you’ll be taken to select a card.

You may already have a compatible card linked to your Android account, you can also authorize it for Google Pay here. Meanwhile, if your card isn’t linked, tap on the ‘add a card button’.

Your device will now use its rear camera to pick up your card details. Keep it on a table in front of you and position the picture up with the card. It will read the details. Just in case it doesn’t work, ensure you press the ‘add manually’ button and enter the details yourself.

There’s also a need to verify your card, so decide whether to have a verification code emailed to you, or sent to your phone via SMS.

Enjoy Spending

You are now set up and can make payments with any retailer that has a contactless terminal or buy any app on the playstore.

Enter any store of your choice, switch on your smartphone screen and tap it on the reader. And you’ll be able to make payments up to $30 or £30(about N11,000). If you need to make higher payments, just unlock your phone and tap it on the contactless reader.

You’ll receive a notification when you’ve paid through your device, and it’s expected to work quickly. Just make sure your device is turned.

You can also use Google Pay within a plethora of apps on your Android phone including Games and Apps that have in-app purchases.

#Enjoy 🙂

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