Turtle Beach PX4 Wireless Headset Complete Review: The Very Best in Gaming Audio (2021)

In today’s guide, I’m going to be reviewing the Turtle Beach PX4 wireless headset and its complete features.

You’re also going to get:

  • A quick user guide for the Turtle Beach PX4 wireless headset
  • A brief brief glympse of how the headset works
  • Learn how much a Turtle Beach PX4 headset costs
  • And lots more…

So if you’re looking for the best headset for gaming in 2021, you’ll love this guide.

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Introducing the Turtle Beach PX4 Wireless Headset

Turtle Beach did not choose to name its new Ear Force PX4 headset after the new Sony PS4 console accidentally. This is because the headset’s trademark blue-black styling suits Sony’s powerful new console. 

Turtle Beach PX4 preview

It features Bluetooth connectivity, a built-in microphone to connect to the new DualShock 4 controller, dual battery life, and equalizer presets for better bass and treble sound.

For the purpose of today’s guide, we broke down the Turtle Beach PX4 wireless headset based on the following specifications:

  • Design
  • Installation
  • Comfort
  • Battery capacity
  • And sound quality

#1: Design

You can use the PX4s as a pair of portable headphones and a Bluetooth headset. They are compact, lightweight, and comfortable. There is a detachable microphone, and they can be connected to any Bluetooth device for wireless use, or via the integrated headphone adapter.

Left earcup

The left earcup of the Turtle Beach PX4 wireless headset is made up of the following controls:

  1. Power Button
  2. Tone Button
  3. Blast Limiter Button
  4. Mic Monitor Dial
  5. Chat Cable Jack
  6. Game Volume Dial
  7. Microphone Port
Right earcup

While the right earcup of the Turtle Beach PX4 wireless headset is made up of the following controls:

  1. Bluetooth Volume Buttons
  2. Bluetooth LED
  3. Bluetooth Multi-Function Button (MFB)
  4. Bluetooth Mic Mute Button
  5. Headset Charging Port
  6. Charging LED

The Turtle Beach PX4 wireless headset transmitter consists of the following controls:


It’s possible to easily tuck the wireless transmitter behind your console, except that the transmitter includes surrounding sound controls.

#2: Installation

Despite their impressive versatility, PX4s are surprisingly easy to set up. Simply connect the turtle beach wireless transmitter to your console’s signal output (or amplifier, if you have one) and plug in a USB cable for power. This can be broken down thus…

When learning how to install the Turtle Beach PX4 headset on a PS4 console, use the following steps:


Once you have your setup as shown above, in the PS4 menu, go to SETTINGS >> select SOUND and SCREEN >> select AUDIO OUTPUT SETTINGS >> select PRIMARY OUTPUT PORT >> select DIGITAL OUT (OPTICAL).

Now, select only DOLBY DIGITAL 5.1ch and click OK.

When learning how to install the Turtle Beach PX4 headset on a PS3 console, use the following steps:


Once you have your setup as shown above and logged on to the PS3 menu, go to SETTINGS >> select ACCESSORY SETTINGS >> select MANAGE BLUETOOTH DEVICES.

Now, power off the Turtle Beach PX4 headset Bluetooth by holding the BT MFB for 5 seconds. Once off, on your PS3 console, scan for Bluetooth devices. Hold BT MFB on your Turtle Beach PX4 headset until the Bluetooth LED flashes blue and red, then let go.

On your PS3 console, click on TURTLE BEACH BLUETOOTH CHAT, and then input 0000 as the passcode. The Bluethooth LED on the headset will start indicating a blue light once per second which shows that the headset Bluetooth has paired to the PS3 console.

The receiver of the Turtle Beach PX4 comes equipped with a passthrough optical audio output, which means that you can continue to use your regular speakers even without the headset.

With the wireless transmitter, you will be able to send the surround sound signal from your console and the headset can create a pseudo-surround effect through two 50mm stereo speakers. The headset features Dolby Digital Surround Sound technology with 2.4/5GHz and a headset with two 50mm stereo speakers.

To adjust the placement of the virtual speakers,  you can also select one of six different presets or stick with the stereo mix.

You can also use Bluetooth connectivity for voice chat on the PS3, allowing you to answer phone calls while playing games. But at this stage, Sony has not enabled the feature on the PS4 or Xbox 360. If you want to use the headset for voice chat on these platforms, you must connect the headset using the included cable.

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The lack of USB ports on most PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 consoles is also frustrating, at least for those who own PlayStation consoles. You need a USB connection to power your wireless transmitter, and a mini-USB cable to charge your headset.

You have to swap some cables out frequently or buy a USB mains adapter since there are only two USB ports on the PS4.

#3: Comfort

It is constructed in the same manner as most Turtle Beach headsets in the past – they aren’t amazing in terms of styles, but they perform well and are comfortable to wear.


There is a padded headband and the ear cups are made of breathable mesh that is not as soft as leather on Turtle Beach headsets. The ear cups are adjustable and grip easily without hurting your head even when they are worn for a prolonged period.

#4: Quality Sound

The PX4 offers a vast improvement in audio quality. However, since they are into mono earbuds and microphones, it is not an actual big deal.

With regards to overall audio quality, the PX4s are hard to beat at this price – they sound great, they can produce outstanding levels of volume, and are extremely customizable when it comes to how you want it to sound.


Among the six presets available for Dolby headset technology are equalizer presets for bass and treble, as well as six presets for positioning the virtual speakers.

One of the features I enjoy is the blast limiter preset. Since they’re designed for PlayStation, when playing modern consoles like the Playstation 3 & 4, as well as the Xbox 360, it lets you gain great noise-canceling capabilities by turning up the volume when you want to hear footsteps but still limit the noises. 

While playing Battlefield you will hear every step, every vehicle, and every bullet whizzing by your head. As your weapon reloads, you hear a clicking noise that gives that sense of immersion. I love the sound from the explosions and the bass it gives.

#5: Battery Life Capacity

The battery is also rechargeable and lasts for 15 hours.

  • The Turtle Beach PX4 headsets are not cheap, but their prices are relatively affordable for a product providing excellent sounds from home consoles and other devices while traveling. Its sounds are not filled with so much bass as other gaming headsets.
  • In addition to being comfortable to wear and offering a great audio experience, they also offer many customization options. Other there are more quality and expensive headsets from Turtle Beach with a luxurious leather finish and more audio customization options.
  • When all you want is to listen to audio, the microphone can be removed.
  • However, the PX4’s performance and price are extremely suitable for most gamers and everyone, and it gives them everything they could need from a headset.
  •  At first, due to strong clamping force and abrasive ear muffs, this headset may feel uncomfortably uncomfortable, painful, and irritating to wear (This may occur if you have a small head). But after 10 minutes of wearing it, you’ll adjust to it and they will fit comfortably around your ears. 
  • The frustrating part of this headset is that it has seven buttons, along with two volume adjustment wheels. These are a lot to remember and are easy to accidentally misplace.

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