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Don’t you hate it when your toilet gets obstructed? We know how it feels. You have a blocked shower or sink channel, or your latrine is obstructed, and you need to try to fix it by yourself before paying an expert. At the point when we have an obstruction in the sink or latrine channel, we hire a handyman immediately to handle it. 

We can review a great deal of channel cleaning instruments. Be that as it may, with the help of a toilet snake (as it is often called), a few toilet clogs can be handily taken out or cleared.

Along these lines, in the event that you are managing a seriously blocked latrine, you will require one of the most mind-blowing latrine augers close by. You might be asking, what is a latrine auger? 

OK, so the toilet auger or toilet snake is a device that makes life easier when you have an obstructed latrine that a plunger cannot fix.

The primary application of the latrine auger is to unblock the latrine without causing harm to the bowl. In any case, with many auger models on the lookout, picking the best is daunting. 

Go through the following review to get the best home toilet auger.

1. Milwaukee Toilet Auger 

The Milwaukee M12 TrapSnake Auger is a device used for toilet blockages as an alternative to hand augers. It works safely and accurately without restraint, reducing the possibility of damage to the porcelain.

Plumbing experts call this specialized toilet drill a common toilet drill, as opposed to the days when toilets were called water closets. 

The twisting of the wire doesn’t ruin China If you have access to the main pipes and drains, in this case, this is a great weapon. High-speed rotating wires, on the other hand, can damage or break fittings, clogged toilets require another approach. In addition, the Milwaukee M12TrapSnake6Foot Toilet Auger is the solution.


  • Provides durability 
  • Durable body material 
  • Cable is replaceable 
  • Features a light bulb head 
  • Can be used with  powered units 


  • Locking and unlocking the handle can be difficult at first


2. Ridgid 59802K6DH Toilet Drill 

This long toilet drains snake auger is perfect if you are looking for a faster and cheaper drain cleaning snake tool than a plumber. It also features a 6-foot TriWrap inner core cable that goes deep into the toilet and pipes. Cables are also resistant to kinking, so they weave obstacles back and forth quickly. 

 This tool has a ball head that can easily break the blockage and is suitable for all types of toilets and bathrooms. The best thing about this sewage snake is that it can be used with either a vinyl handle or the included drill attachment.


  • Vinyl protection protects from chipping 
  • Kink resistance 
  • Snap-on cable attachment 
  • Wide reach 


  • Expensive in comparison


3. RIDGID59787K3 Toilet Drill 

 An auger is a drainage pipe that is attached to a fishing rod with a twisted crank that provides additional power to clear the clogging of the toilet drainage pipe. A manually operated toilet snake that is easier for beginners to use than electric. It also has an ergonomically designed handle that is comfortable to grip and operate. 

The tool is also strong enough to clear stubborn clogging while preventing the cord from being damaged when unclogging the toilet. This does not include handkerchiefs, paper or other soft items. This Ridgid Toilet snake is 12.7 mm or 0.5 inches long. 

 Excellent kink resistance and durability make it difficult to tear. The handle is designed to prevent arm and wrist injuries when using this toilet snake. It doesn’t strain your hands or wrists, even though you often use this snake to clean drains. 


  • Easy 
  • Lightweight 
  • Excellent cost performance 
  • Most toilets are  unclogged 


  • Only 3 feet long 
  • Only for flat clogs


4. Topwell 25-ft Drain Auger

TOPWELL drain augers are versatile and rugged, can reach up to 25 feet and can bend over 90 degrees without damage, making them much easier to use. 

In addition, no chemical cleaning solution is required for this task. This great toilet unclogger tool has a thumbscrew that can lengthen and strengthen the steel wire to prevent it from falling, making it easier to use. 

This tool is very useful when the kitchen drain is clogged. I tried using chemicals and hot water to clear the blockage, but I think it was released just enough to move deep into the pipe. As more sewage flows through the pipe, it gets clogged again. 

As a result, we took out the strap, which was very nice and clear. We went to Amazon and found this drill at a great price. We discussed it and decided it was worth buying and trying. There was a big difference in the cost of plumbers to snake drains. 


  • Abrasion resistance 
  • Non-slip PE plastic handle 
  • Rugged 72A manganese steel cable 
  • Equipped with a telescopic handle that rotates clockwise 


  • May damage the inside of the toilet


5.  Drain screw 18V MAXLiIon 

This electric drain cleaner was used for toilets, but it is mainly an electric drain auger. The best place to put this drain auger is in the bathroom, but you have to be very careful not to damage the porcelain in the toilet. It’s your great drain washer. 

The Lithium-Ion 20V Battery powers the Tacklife’s, Automatic Auger. It also unclogs various drains and toilets on a single charge. Unlike corded devices, 20-volt lithium-ion batteries remain charged for extended periods of time, making them compact and easy to use. 

For efficient performance in dark workspaces and shaded areas, this great power snake features LED lights. 

When you order this plumbing snake, it comes fitted with a charger and a battery. It works best with a 34“-to-3” hose at 560 rpm and has enough torque to clear a simple blockage. You can set the pace of specific clogs with the speed dial. 

This drill pipe cleaner is lightweight enough to allow a 25-foot steel shaft/cable to pass through the  S and L folds of the pipe.


  • The warranty period is 2 years 
  • The battery will last a long time after charging 
  • The shaft can be replaced 


  • More expensive than a manual drill


6. Cobra Products 40030 Home Toilet Auger

If you are looking for the best unclogging tools on a low budget, this Cobratireto Catutsumuri is for you. The 670398 Model consists of strong material to ensure a long lifespan. The carbon material is used to make the spring wire. Wires are easy to assemble and they unclog even the most demanding clogging in no time at all. 

The poly safety tube of this drill protects the bowl from scratches. There is no slack, so you can finish your work immediately. 

Smart processing makes it easy to use. It also has a non-slip ergonomic plastic handle for a secure grip. This allows you to comfortably reach below the drain. There is no slack, so you can finish your work immediately.


  • The best low budget drainage snake to buy 
  • Easy to install 
  • Poly safety tube prevents chipping 
  • Sturdy body 


  • Doesn’t work well for curved toilets


7. Ridgid GIDDS813340 Drain auger 

This device’s PowerSpin Autofeed can be used manually or by adding a battery-powered drill to the handle and drilling through obstacles. During the test, I found that the cable needed to be wound up slowly. Unclogging the toilet will cause water to spurt out of the cord, which is very unpleasant. 

Therefore, first, slow down the speed of the shower drain snake or drain auger drill, then slowly pull it up. It’s the perfect tool for unclogging the toilet and has two functions. This means you can rotate it manually or remove the handle and attach a power drill.

Equipped with an automatic power supply system, the cable reaches the resistor itself. I did not use the drill at full power, instead, I kept the revs low and slowly rotated the auger. This also prevents the device from tearing, kinking cables, and spilling dirty water everywhere.


  • A clogged object gets caught in the lamp head 
  • Power and manual options are available 
  • TriggerLock 
  • Works at 500 rpm 
  • Durable body material 


  • Reversal is a hassle to work with

8. DrainX SPINFEED 50 Foot Drum Auger  

Unlike other drain augers, which allow you to physically unplug the cable as you move, the drain cable automatically stretches as the drum rotates by briefly pressing a button.  

This drum drill should not be used to unclog toilets as the snakes will damage the porcelain. 

Alternatively, ¼ inch snakes can twist into large diameters of toilet drains. Push the cable down the drain until it reaches the clog. It won’t be clean if the cable keeps spinning; do not turn and move at the same time. 

To help clear obstructions, rotate the cable without advancing or lifting the cable carefully. 

Now, Rotate the drum counterclockwise while pressing the button to unplug the cable after cleaning the drain. 


  • Efficiency in the operation of the toilet drill 
  • Long-lasting quality 
  • Suitable for all types of drain plugs 


  • It can be a bit harmful to the porcelain in the bathroom


9. FlexiSnake Drain Weasel Sink Snake Auger

Hair is one of the most common causes of blockages in sinks, shower drains, and bathtub drains.  FlexiSnake Drain Weasel Sink Snake is specially designed to address this issue. 

Throw an 18-inch flexible snake into the drain, cover its pointed tip with a micro hook, and hook a tuft of fur. 

The FlexiSnake Drain Weasel is the simplest yet user-friendly snake for the toilets you’ll need right away, and you’ll find that the drains are clean and unclogging. 

All you have to do is guide the auger to the drain with its flexible snake. Its snake is about 18 inches long. Keep turning the handle until the resistance point is reached. This is the point where all the hair, fur, or thread gathers and clogs the sink. 

Take the snake out of the drain and it’s done! Clean the snake’s head or replace it with the spare head which arrives with the package.


  • Great for sinks and bathtubs 
  • Time-saving product 
  • Price / performance ratio 


  • Not suitable for clogging the toilet


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