Top 10 Best Hand Blenders to Buy in 2021 (Complete Review)

Today I’m going to show you the top 10 best hand blenders to buy in 2021.

So whether you want it for the preparation of your regular home-made smoothies, salad dressing and others, the below hand blenders are the best to get the best results on your routine blendings.

Let’s dive right in!

What is a Hand Blender?

Hand blenders are known by other names such as immersion blenders, stick blenders, Bermixer or wand blender.

A hand blender is a gadget used in the kitchen for blending, mixing, churning, pureeing and whisking to make smoothies, ketchup, mayonnaise, soups, milkshakes, fruit drinks etc. They eliminate the need to use big bulky electric kitchen appliances to prepare little quantity of items that have been listed.

Hand blenders are easy to use and clean as they are not bulky in size and hence, they make your time in the kitchen hassle-free. A good hand blender is designed so that it can be used for hot and cold ingredients.

Uses of a Hand Blender

Don’t underestimate the capacity of hand blenders because of their minuscule size. Below are some of its uses:

  1. Blend Liquids – One of the primary use of hand blenders is to mix fluids together and they are convenient to use as you can make a smoothie in a glass without spilling a drop.
  2. Make purees – Purees are simply a smooth cream of liquidized or crushed fruit or vegetables.
  3. Mincing food – A hand blender can be used to mince food ingredients such as onions. Just connect the hand blender to the mincer and it will deal with everything. Say no more to aggravating tears from onions.
  4. Cutting meat – Hand blenders can cut delicate meat into fine pieces but be cautious there is no bones in the meat to avoid damaging the edges of the hand blender.

Top 10 Best Hand Blenders to buy in 2021

I am sure you have used substandard hand blenders that constantly breakdown or failed to deliver a smooth fine blend. This can be fruitless and time-wasting in the kitchen.

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In this article, you will get the top 10 best hand blenders to buy in 2021 that will fit all your blending needs.

#1: Dash Masha 3 Piece Electric Potato Masher Set

The Dash Masha 3 piece electric potato masher set is a hand blender that is great to use to make baby food and it’s good for young mums, seniors and those with arthritic hands as it is lightweight, powerful and stable.


Its plastic blades make it safe to handle. The only disadvantage is that it is best for small quantities and hence it is good for baby food.

#2: Russell Hobbs 22241 Hand Blender

This is one of the top 10 best hand blenders to buy in 2021, especially for new cooks and for general use. It can be used to make baby food, pancake, creams, soup, purees, milkshake, salsas etc.


It comes with just one button and a two-speed control setting for different food types and it has stainless steel blades. Its plastic legs make it not recommended for hot mixtures so for you to use it, it is recommended that the mixtures cool down.

#3: Kitchenaid KHB2351 3 Speed Stick Blender

This hand blender is great for smoothies, baby food, soup making and milkshakes.


It has a soft-grip handle that ensures there is no slip of the hand blender from your hand during blending or mixing. It comes with a whisker that can be used to whisk egg or emulsify vinaigrettes and mayonnaise.

#4: Cuisinart CSB-75 Stick Blender

The Cuisinart CSB-75 Stick Blender is one of the top 10 best hand blenders to buy because of its ergonomic handgrip design and it is comfortable to hold and control the speed control setting for one-handed blending or mixing.


The speed control settings are high and low and it is powered by a 200-watt motor.

#5: Dualit Professional, DHB2 Hand Blender

The Dualit Professional, DHB2 hand blender is a hand blender with a lot of accessories.


There is a chopping bowl pot with a feeding tube lid, a one-litre measuring jug and a whisk accessory. It is powered with a heavy-duty 400 watt DC motor and has a variable speed control setting from 9000 rpm to 16000 rpm and a turbo function for quicker chopping, liquidizing power and purifying.

#6: Bamix Superbox Hand Blender

The Bamix Superbox blades look tiny but they are powerful as they have the capacity to crush ice.


You can also directly blend in a hot soup and the blades won’t damage.

#7: The Kitchenaid 5-Speed Cordless (12V Battery Operated) Hand Blender

This is a cordless rechargeable blender that comes with a 7.4 Amp lithium-ion battery with a quick charge feature.


When fully charged, it runs for 20 minutes. It has 5-speed control settings.

#8: Waring Quick Stik

The Waring Quick Stik hand blender is one of the top 10 best hand blenders to buy in 2021 because it is designed for a comfortable handheld operation as it is lightweight and easy to control.


It has a stainless steel blade which is ideal for all kinds of mixing to emulsifying.

#9: Kenwood HDP406WH Tri-Blade System Pro Hand Blender

This is one of the top 10 best hand blenders to buy in 2021 because of its unique ice crushing functionality.


It is powered by an 800 Watts motor and it has an 8-speed control setting.

#10: Morphy Richard 402052 Hand Blender

The Morphy Richards 402052 hand blender is powered by a 650 Watt motor and it has an eight-speed control setting.


It comes with a stainless steel blending leg, whisking accessory, ice crushing bowl, potato masher and a 750ml jug.

Quick-Tip on How to Choose the Best hand Blender

According to MixerJuice, the following are to be considered when choosing from the top 10 best hand blenders to buy in 2021:

  • Brand
  • Design
  • Motor
  • Speed
  • Weight
  • And the warranty

Before buying a hand blender, consider what you want to use the blender for.

Is it for simple blending and mixing or for a more complex kitchen task?

You should also consider the grip of the handle of the hand blender so they don’t slip from your hands. Also, check the controls if they are adjustable and can easily be accessed. The more speed control settings, the more control you have.

Now I’d Love to Hear from You:

  • Which of your kitchen tasks or blending purposes do you feel one of our top 10 best hand blenders to buy in 2021 would be really good for?
  • And what specific feature do you find really interesting about it?

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