TomTom Go 520 Complete Review: Best Buy for GPS Tracking (2021)

This is a complete review of the TomTom Go 520 GPS navigation device.

With the TomTom GO520’s thoroughly redesigned interface, you can take full control over your device as you drive. Knowing what you are going to encounter ahead and what is going on around you, you will be able to make smart driving decisions.

And today, I’m going to show you why you need to have one of these devices, how much it costs, and exactly where to buy it.

Let’s get started!

The TomTom Go 520 GPS Navigation Device Unboxing and Full Specifications

Through its nearly 25 years history, TomTom has made World-Class maps and continuously updates them with the latest technology, as over three hundred and fifty million drivers around the world provide real-time traffic news. You can trust the traffic news you receive as it is obtained by active crowd-sourcing by other users.

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TomTom Go 520 is the ideal device for occasional motorists rather than relying on a built-in SIM to provide traffic information (so much more expensive than TomTom Go 5200), the TomTom Go 520 relies on your smartphone’s data plan.

This GPS device is smarter, faster, and more connected than other GPS devices. With a fully equipped integrated navigation system, it enables motorists to explore new roads and discover new destinations.


Unboxing the TomTom Go 520 GPS navigation device comes with the following features:

  • Provides messages on your smartphone
  • Compatibility with Siri
  • Handsfree calling
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Wi-Fi-based updates
  • Location predictions
  • Route guidance notifications 
  • Traffic Jam Warnings
  • Magnetized Active Mount
  • Radar cameras
  • World maps
#1: Provides Messages on Your Smartphone

Text messages allow you to stay connected even while driving. When new maps and software updates are readily available, notifications will pop on your device. Simply connect and select what to install.

#2: Compatibility with Siri

The TomTom G0 520 is compatible with Siri and Google Now, so you can activate and use your assistant without having to take out your phone. Including voice activation and battery-saving features, you can use Siri and Google Now without engaging your phone.

#3: Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth A2DP is employed when making hands-free calls.

To enable this, your phone must be on Bluetooth, and then you should search for the Phone Bluetooth. On your device, select the phone you wish to pair, and then tap next. 


After the pairing request has been accepted, your phone will automatically connect.

After syncing, you can search your contacts list and tap the contact to open a call. If you don’t want to use the phone icon, allow your phone to access your contacts and phone logs via your device.

#4: Handsfree Calling 

With the Bluetooth and voice commands, in the TomTom Go 520, you can navigate hands-free while driving.


TomTom GO lets you make hands-free calls and read text messages while you drive. Let TomTom read your text messages to you, reply by saying “yes” when it offers to read them for you while you keep your hands on the wheel. 

#5: WiFi-Based Update

WiFi allows you to update without a computer. When new software updates are available, you will receive notifications on your TomTom Go 520 device. Just connect to your built-in Wi-Fi network and choose what to install from the menu on your device.

#6: Location Predictions

The TomTom Go 520 has a free world maps feature, which means your driving will be predicted and you’ll be able to find your destination more quickly with a new, super-fast processor. The inbuilt touch screen system has been accurately predicting text; this means as soon as you start typing, both street names and GPS locations are found.

#7: Route Guidance Notifications

It communicates notifications to its users and provides driving directions. Thanks to algorithms, this application becomes increasingly accurate depending on how much you drive.

tomtom go 520 route guidance
#8: Traffic Jam Warnings

Getting from A to B is about going beyond the used-to and exploring the outstanding. TomTom Go 520 Supreme is equipped with the most accurate seamless traffic information to ensure you take the best route based on the current traffic situation.

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Thousands of drivers on the road send in real-time updates, so it’s more like you have an entire team to support you while on your journey.

#9: Magnetized Active Mount

Mounting your TomTom GO has never been easier, but all thanks to this unique magnetic mount that lets you dock or undock it with just one hand in seconds and then adjust it where it is going in your car by adjusting it to either your windscreen or dashboard.

#10: Radar Cameras

A live speed camera feed is delivered by TomTom Speed Camera Services in real-time or as a server-to-server bulk feed from one server to another, or as a hosted service to devices.


Fixed speed cameras can also be pre-installed following installation.

#11: World Maps

The built-in Wi-Fi in your TomTom GO allows you to access the latest road updates and software so you will never have to miss out on anything.


Users can download updates and receive world maps for their devices. 

You’ll save time in the car with TomTom GO’s most advanced navigation system, which learns your driving habits and estimates your destinations automatically.


Based on this review, the TomTom Go 520 GPS navigation device is one of the very best for finding your way through traffic or finding your way in the middle of nowhere.

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