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Tips, Tricks on How to Personalize your Google Calendar

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Google Calendar was probably the second Google app you tried, right after Gmail, after you got your 1st Google account. With a history going back to 2006, one that is overshadowed by Gmail and Google’s alternative apps, it is easy to overlook Google Calendar’s deep set of options.

Even though it seems to simply be a basic calendar app initially look, Google Calendar has the options you would like to manage nearly any calendar wants. In course of this article, you will find over 30 tips and tricks to customize the app and build it work for your wants. Whether or not you are bargaining a world business spanning multiple time zones, or simply would like a far better thanks to tracking events with friends and family, here’s however you’ll use Google Calendar to manage all that and lots more.


Every day is packed with different activities, so the need to have a calendar cannot be overemphasized. Google calendar makes our lives easier, better, and smarter. Google takes it idea one step higher by providing you with a calendar to help you plan your events, meet deadlines, and keep everything from happening at once.

Except for the normal paper calendar you place on the wall of your sitting room to keep you well-timed and updated on exact dates in case you forget, Google calendars are amazing for breaking down your work, finishing home schedule, recording meetings, events, programs and birthdays coming up, so you don’t miss or forget them.

The best part of Google calendar is that it is completely digital as compared to the typical paper type calendar. It can be accessed on any device connected to the internet such as your PC, tablet, and smartphone, and as a result, has also given it an attribute of mobility.

With its premium functionality features like “Reminders”, where users add to-do activities that are automatically updated with new information; “Smart suggestion”, where the app suggest titles, contacts, and locations when creating events; and “Goals”, where operators enter information on a specified personal goal, Google calendar helps add color for easy recognition of events. Events are viewable in different sorts of setups, including day, week, and month. Other Google calendar users can be invited to events by setting up your Level of public visibility.

Overall, Google calendar carries unique design touches that keep it from been dull and offers you visual illustrations for certain kinds of events like a cup of popcorn for movie night or a snow-covered mountain for December. Google calendar is a reliable, efficient, and playful alternative to your regular paper calendar.

In this article, we provide you with a comprehensive tutorial on how to personalize your google calendar. The process of adding a Google calendar is fast and simple. You won’t regret Mastering it. Google calendar is a breeze to use.


Step 1. Log into your Google account, then tap ” Google Apps,” that is visible in the form of a logo at the top right corner of the display.

Step 2. Tap “Calendar,” which is a blue box numbered 31.

Step 3. Find the word “Other Calendars” on the taskbar at the left side and tap the (+) close to it.

Step 4. Next, tap “Create New Calendar.”

Step 5. Then mon the page that is visible, type in a calendar name, a Non-compulsory description, and your favorite time zone.

Step 6. Finally, tap “Create Calendar.” You are done, your brand new Google calendar has been added.

There you have it — a complete tutorial on how to add and personalize your google calendar. If you have any question, feel free to drop them in the comment section below. We are here to serve you better.

Pro Tip: You will even color-code every Calendar to create it simple for you to select out what you’ve to do day after day.

Change Your Calendar’s look

1. Color-Code Your Calendars and Toggle Visibility

color coding google calendar

One of the most effective ways for you to spruce up your Calendar is to feature a touch of color. You’ll add color to your calendars with one among the twenty-four Google Calendar colors or combine your own. Variable their colors will assist you to differentiate your calendars at a look, creating vital events stand out. If one color for every Calendar is not enough, you’ll additionally add colors to individual events on the Edit Event page.

You may not perpetually want or need each Calendar to be visible, particularly if you have been added to many colleagues’ calendars. To chop through the litter, click the name of the Calendar you would like to cover. Its name can stay within the list. However, the events can now not seem within the main Calendar read. To bring the Calendar back, simply click its name within the list once more.

2. Keep up of the Week’s Weatherweather in google calendar

If you have set your location in your Google Calendar settings, your Calendar will show your weather for many successive days. In Settings–which you will find clicking the cog within the higher right–select a setting for your weather data, either Celsius or Fahrenheit and Google Calendar can produce a made-to-order weather calendar. Get a thought of the forecast with a fast to scrutinize the weather icons, or click an icon to get additional details.

3. Individualize Your Calendar With a Background Image

google calendar background image

Some of Google Calendar’s most effective settings are hidden inside Labs, the part of Google’s apps wherever it puts experimental options. To search out these options, select Labs after clicking the Settings cog, and there you will find a variety of additional features–including the Background picture feature.

Activate the Calendar Background Picture feature in Labs, then return to settings, and you may realize the freshly added Calendar Background setting. Add a picture here, either by selecting a picture from your albums or uploading a brand new image and select; however, your image is going to be displayed. Once you have saved your changes, come back to your Calendar to envision your background image.

4. Focus With Agenda viewgoogle calendar agenda view

Get an inventory of your next many conferences and events by clicking Agenda in the higher right of your Calendar. Looking at what number events you have got approaching, you’ll see simply nowadays or all of the events for many successive days.

The Agenda view maybe a simplified read that is quickly unjust. It offers you fast access to some details concerning every event, as well as once and wherever the event is and who made the event. Quickly add an event-particular color here, or click for additional details or to alter the event.

5.View a Date range

google calendar date range

Occasionally the default month, week, and day views are not elaborate enough, and you need to concentrate on a particular amount of your time. To spotlight a variety of dates, click and drag on the dates you want to pick out within the mini Calendar on the higher left. Think about simply a handful of weeks, or keep dragging to drag in dates from the preceding or following months. Move your choice by clicking any date outside the choice box; click one among the default views within the higher right to clear the choice.

6. Create a Work Week viewgoogle calendar work week view

Professionals who solely use Google Calendar for work might realize they do not get to see a full month at a time, or perhaps a 7-day week. In Settings, you’ll set the default read to week, and toggle Show Weekends off. Once you’ve got saved and came to your Calendar, you will see Monday-Friday solely for the present week displayed. This read might offer you a far better plan of what you’ve got occurring at work, with less litter to distract you.

7. Hide Late Night and Early Morning Hoursgoogle calendar hide hours

It’s unlikely you are obtaining a great deal done at 3 A.M., and if you’re, it’s probably due additional to sleep disorder than any scheduled event. If you discover you are not making several conferences before 7 A.M. or after 6 P.M., Google Calendar will hide those hours–or any variation of your time you like–highlighting the hours instead once you’ve got really got one thing to try to to.

In Labs, enable Hide Morning and Night, and then save your changes and access Google Calendar’s Day read. You may currently see a slider on the left. Drag the slider up or all the way down to hide a time zero in the first morning, and realize an identical slider at an all-time low of your period of time to cover the late evening. Once you’ve got abridged your Calendar, you’ll expand mornings and nights by clicking the hidden time varies.

8. Show calendar year viewgoogle calendar year view

This is also another Labs setting that sets you up to look at your entire year right away. Year view displays the complete year during a grid, permitting you to navigate to a future date quickly. This is often significantly helpful if you would like to understand dates just like the third Wednesday in June or that months have 5 Fridays.

9. Use an Alternate Calendaralternate google calendars

If you follow another calendar system, just like the Chinese or Jewish Calendar, you’ll add that data to your main Calendar. In settings, look for Alternate Calendar. Select your Calendar and save to come back to the most Calendar. You may notice that the date back your freshly adscititious Calendar is displayed aboard the Google commonplace date.

Add Events and Calendars

10. Produce an event with Google Searchcreate google calendar event with google search

If you are not within the Google Calendar app, you’ll still add an incident from a Google search page. You’ll even go straight to the address bar Omnibox and skip the Google search page if your default search engine is already Google.

Just write an identical statement to what you’d enter into the fast Add box back in the Google Calendar, like “Brunch with Jane at 11:30,” however preface your event info with “make a briefing to.” Enter that into Google search, and at the highest of your search results are going to be a produce Event box together with your event details. Click that button to feature your event to Google Calendar.

11. Add Google Calendar Events with your Voicecreate google calendar events with your voice

Too busy even to type? Use Google’s voice search to feature a new event. If you’ve got OK Google enabled in Chrome (you can enable it by visiting Chrome’s Advanced Settings), all you’ve got to try and do is say “OK Google” with an exploration page open then speak your event data. Or, if you do not have OK Google enabled, simply click the microphone within the Google Search box.

Now, simply speak aloud the event details you’d otherwise sort into a fast Add window, then add your event from Google’s search results.

12. Create an Event with Fast Addquick add google calendar event

While clicking Create in the higher left corner of Google Calendar could appear like the most blatant way to compose a brand new event, there are a few less complicated ways that to form it happen. Begin with Quick Add, found by clicking the mark next to form.

Click that mark, then begin typewriting your event details within the new text box that seems to produce a brand new event quickly. Concentrate on who, what, when, and where: who the event is with, what are you doing, wherever is it happening, and–most significantly for your Calendar–when is all of this happening. Google Calendar can produce a brand new event, and you’ll edit it later if you wish to feature additional details.

google calendar quick add

You can open up an identical fast Add window by clicking on any date on your Calendar. As before, concentrate on writing the vital parts, like time and place. You’ll even produce a revenant event by adding a phrase like “every Friday” to your text.

13. Add Events From Alternative Apps

zapier add google calendar eventYour tasks, events, projects, and more often live in alternative apps. Notwithstanding you check your Google Calendar every day for the items you wish to try and do, you still could be missing stuff. Zapier’s Google Calendar integration can provide assistance here. You’ll let any of your alternative apps—your event tools, notes apps, project management boards, and more—automatically add events to Google Calendar. Simply choose the app you wish because of the trigger, then uses Google Calendar as the action. You’ll even use Gmail to add events supported your emails automatically.

Then, you’ll use fast raise add the event with simply a line of text, as above, or use the elaborated event settings to feature everything you wish. Here are some integrations to assist you in starting, or be happy to form your own Google Calendar integrations in Zapier along with your own favorite apps.

14. Create a deadline With Taskscreate google calendar deadlines

To keep up with your to-dos within Google Calendar, click the Tasks calendar on the calendar list on the left, then you will see a brand new sidebar on the correct with a listing of your tasks. Here you’ll sort in to-dos, then click the arrow beside them to settle on a date and add your to-do to a listing in Tasks. Whereas Tasks does not need every task to have a deadline, all task with a date connected can appear in your Calendar.

Even if you do not keep your task list visible, you’ll still add a task by clicking anyplace on your Calendar and choosing Task instead of Event at the highest of the fast Add window. Simply remember that any tasks you create this manner can solely be visible if your Tasks calendar is additionally visible.

15. RSVP to Events in Gmailrsvp to google calendar events

If you get a lot of email event invitations, it is often a task opening all of these emails and responding to the appeal. Gmail cuts down on the workload, though, by permitting you to RSVP to an occurrence right from your inbox. New invites can have an RSVP dropdown; simply click that and let the event organizer apprehend if you will be attending. All “yes” and “maybe” responses can automatically be extra to your default calendar.

16. Add Events With Public Calendarsgoogle calendar public calendars

I way back determined it wasn’t worthwhile to manually add each vacation to my Calendar, but not having knowledge of when Passover or Father’s Day was going to occur every year was a true drawback. Luckily, Google Calendar has that lined with Interesting Calendars, an enormous assortment of public calendars that cowl with reference to any vacation and additional.

Click the mark next to Other Calendars, select Browse attention-grabbing Calendars, then notice the Calendar for your country’s holidays. Once you have signed, come back to your Calendar to search out all the vacations other to your year. If it all come to be a bit too much and you wish to cover your vacation calendar briefly, toggle it off or on within the alternative Calendars other calendars

You’ll find that attention-grabbing Calendars offers loads over simply holidays. There are calendars for half a dozen major sports and groups everywhere the planet notice your team and buy, be maintained up to now on their match times and scores. If sports are not your factor, there are some alternative calendars, together with the moon section, stardates, and more.

Schedule Events with Colleagues round the World

17. Set working Hoursset google calendar working hours

Operators with paid Google Apps accounts (hint: if your Gmail address does not finish in “,” and you are using it at your company, you’re in all probability using Google Apps) will go a step more and block off time once they are invariably unprocurable. Find Working Hours in Settings and arrange the times and times you’re offered. Once saved, anyone who attempts to schedule a gathering with you outside of your operating hours can receive a notice that you are unprocurable. Your contact will then opt for once more throughout your working hours or disregard the warning and use an equivalent meeting time.

Again, this can be solely offered for Google Apps users. However, there’s a workaround for everybody else. Simply produce an occurrence titled “Closed” or one thing similar for the hours you are unprocurable, mark your handiness as Busy on the Edit Event page, and set the event to repeat outside of your operating hours. This can be a cumbersome fix and will muddle your Calendar; however, if you have hidden early morning hours and late-night hours as described on top of, you will never even see the event.

18. Stay on a similar Page With International vacation Calendarsgoogle calendar international holidays

Sure, it’s nice to know the date for Thanksgiving, or whether or not the Fourth of July falls on a weekend, however, it is also vital to understand once your international colleagues are planning to be out of the workplace. If you coordinate with your organizations China branch or collaborate typically with a friend in England, it is a sensible plan to remain on prime of their holidays, too. Even as you’ll add holidays for your country in fascinating Calendars, it isn’t a nasty plan to feature vacation calendars for alternative countries if closed foreign offices can have an effect on your business.

19. Recognize What Time it is all roundgoogle calendar international timezones

Wondering why your traveling colleague is not responsive emails or text, solely to search out its hour wherever she is? The Google Calendar World Time, found in Labs, has you lined. The clock widget can appear to the proper of your Calendar, and you’ll opt for that clocks to use within the World Clock settings.

20. Add a Timezone to Your Calendaradd timezones to your google calendar

You can modify Google Calendar in order that it’s operating in some time zone. However, you’ll additionally add extra time zones to your Calendar. This can be particularly helpful if you reside in one time zone but need to coordinate with a colleague in another time zone. A further time zone will not have an effect on how your own events and notifications work. However, it’ll permit you to line a particular time zone for events like conference calls or video chats, so everybody invited is aware of once to be offered.

Stay Organized and Improve Your Productivity

21. Keyboard Shortcutsgoogle calendar keyboard shortcuts

Google Calendar provides a variety of keyboard shortcuts to form fast event creation and editing easy. Enable keyboard shortcuts in Settings, and click on Learn more for a full list. You’ll jump among days, switch your calendar view, and more, all without taking your hands off of your keyboard. Make certain to ascertain the list of keyboard shortcuts to notice those you will use the foremost.

22. Search Your Past and Future Eventssearch google calendar events

Use the search field at the highest of your Calendar to search out any event in any calendar. Your search is often as specific or broad as you prefer, and Google can give results from its alternative apps, together with Drive and Gmail, to a lower place the calendar results.specific google calendar search results

If you are not obtaining the results, you wish with the easy search, click the mark within the way right of the search field to start out a sophisticated search. There are fields for the fundamentals of an event–who, what, and where–and you’ll specify a date vary to slender your results additional. You’ll even search one calendar, creating it loads easier to trace down that one event you are looking for.

23. Get Notified concerning Your Eventsgoogle calendar event notifications

Control your default event notifications in an exceedingly calendar’s settings by choosing the mark next to your Calendar’s title. Set pop-ups to look or send yourself an email to cue yourself of a coming event. You’ll set multiple default notifications in every Calendar. However, you’ll additionally get wind of notifications from the edit event window just in case a special day needs an additional touch notice.

Or, you’ll use Zapier to send you an alert within the app of your alternative whenever you would like: your email inbox, a team chat application like Slack, with a notifications tool like Twilio or Pushbullet, or anyplace else you wish.

24. keep informed on the Go

google calendar SMSOr, if you’d rather keep notified on the go, you’ll add your telephone number to Google Calendar to allow it send your SMS messages. In the Mobile Setup aspect of Google Calendar’s settings, you’ll add your mobile phone number—and you will find that the majority of countries and carriers are already supported. Once you have verified your range, you’ll then decide what notifications you want to receive via SMS or email—or each. That way, you’ll apprehend what conferences are coming up next, notwithstanding you do not have a smartphone.

If you would rather get your mobile notifications via an app, you’ll transfer the free Google Calendar applications for iOS or Android, and set up your mobile notification settings there.

25. count down to Your Next Meetingcountdown in google calendar

If you are still having to bother creating it to your conferences on time, alter Next Meeting in Labs to form a tally to your next event. The tally seems to the correct of the Calendar and provides you some details concerning the event additionally to what proportion time you have to induce there. If you discover you are invariably losing track of your time and your boss is commencing to notice your timing, this Lab’s widgets is often a bonanza.

26. modification Event possessionchange google calendar event ownership

You can’t invariably build it to an occurrence you created and wish to line a brand new purpose person. Transferring event possession solves the problem, permitting you to line another person as an occurrence owner.

To transfer possession of an occurrence, head to the Edit screen for the event, and select Change Owner from the Calendar menu. Merely transferring possession of an occurrence does not take away you from the list of attendees, though. Therefore you’ll still attend notwithstanding you are not managing the event.

27. Alter Google Calendar Offlineenable google calendar offline

If your net association is inconsistent, it’s essential that each one of your on-line productivity tools work offline, too. Just like the remainder of Google’s merchandise, Google Calendar does not provide you with offline access by default and leaves the selection up to you. If you are using Google Chrome, simply click the cog within the prime right of Google Calendar and choose Offline from the menu to show offline syncing on.

Only your default calendar can adjust for currently, and it should take a short while for the method to finish. To adjust your alternative calendars offline, head to Settings, and opt for the Offline tab. Choose all of the calendars you want to access offline. Check the standing of offline syncing by clicking the Settings cog and selecting offline. You will not be ready to put off offline syncing once it’s started, however as shortly because the method has completed, you’ll disable offline access once more.

Share Your Calendar

28. Share a Family Calendarshare google calendar with family

You may have already got a family calendar hanging in your room, marked up with vital dates and soccer observe times. However, it is smart to stay a replica of all of these conferences and events wherever you’ll access it anyplace. A family calendar that only one person will see or edit is not loads of use, though, and that is wherever calendar sharing comes in.

Sharing a calendar, hover over the Calendar’s name within the left sidebar and click on on the mark to access the Share This Calendar possibility. From there you’ll add individuals to your Calendar by email address. There are some completely different permission settings, together with read solely and event piece of writing, therefore you’ll be able to manage who can do what along with your Calendar.

29. Read a Colleague’s Calendarview friend google calendar

You can build your Calendar offered to a colleague even as you’d to your family, however what if you wish access to your colleague’s Calendar? Beneath alternative Calendars, enter your colleague’s email address. Google Calendar can send her an email inquiring for permission to access her Calendar. If she agrees, her Calendar can seem in your list. Don’t be concerned; you’ll toggle its visibility on and off in you wish to release some calendar house.

30. create a publicly Accessible Calendarcreate public google calendar

Communicate vital dates and knowledge to customers or shoppers with a public calendar. Once making a brand new calendar, there is a checkbox to form it public, however, if you wish to vary the visibility of an antecedently non-public calendar, look in an exceedingly calendar’s sharing settings.

Now that your Calendar is public, you wish to form it accessible. Within the Calendar Details tab of your Calendar’s settings, scroll to very cheap to search out your Calendar’s address. Merely share this address or link it on your web site to permit users to look at it. Take care with this one, though, as a result of any public calendar is visible in Google searches. Solely build a calendar public if you are certain, it contains no personal data.


Create Automatic Events in Gmail

Booked a flight for a coming vacation? Perhaps a dinner reservation when work for two? Or a coming meeting with a trafficker for a special event? If you get an email regarding it to your Gmail account, an incident is going to be mechanically adscititious to your Calendar. Therefore whereas this trick doesn’t have any steps to try to, it’d be a decent plan to own emails sent to constant account as your daily Calendar, therefore, you’ll be able to read all of your coming events that you simply engaged through email.

Adding Facebook Events to Google Calendar

This time management tool isn’t continuously regarding planning events for work – you’ll be able to add some personal events too. From partying on a friend’s birthday to recognizing your anniversary, you’ll be able to add your Facebook Events to your Google Calendar. Here’s a way to do that:

In Facebook, attend your Events page

On rock bottom right-hand side you’ll see an “Upcoming Events” and “Birthdays” link

Click on the one you wish to import, and a file transfer can seem

In Google Calendar, attend your Calendar and click on “Settings & sharing.”

Under “Import & Export,” drag and drop the file and click on “Import.”

Add Tasks to Google Calendar

If you’re keen on making to-do lists to stay track of your homes, you’re reaching to love this feature. With Google, you’re ready to embrace your daily tasks into your calendar to assist you to be high of all of your comes. These two options combined can assist you higher manage some time and daily routine. Here’s a way to add tasks to Google Calendar:

Open Google Calendar

On the right-hand facet, click Tasks

Then click “Get started” button

Click “Add a task.”

Then, sort your task into the box

Under the pencil icon, you’ll be ready to add due dates and sub-tasks for individual comes

how to add tasks to google calendar

Embed Your Calendar into Your websiteEmbed Google Calendar On Website

If you’re trying to extend the number of shoppers your business has, embedding a calendar on your web site can enable potential customers to schedule conferences with you. This can be ideal for busy entrepreneurs who don’t have the time to manually schedule appointments. Here’s a way to insert your Calendar to your website:

In Google Calendar, click on Settings below the Gear

navigate to “Settings for my calendars” on the left-hand side and select the Calendar you wish to insert

Scroll all the way down to “Integrate calendar.”

Copy the link in “Embed code.”

Paste the link on the page or section of your web site you’d am passionate about it to be seen

Don’t forget to avoid wasting the webpage

Embed Google Calendar On web site

Set Your operating Hours in Google CalendarWorking hours Google calendar

Some businesspeople have public calendars embedded on their websites that enable anyone to fit during a meeting at any time. Luckily, you’ll be able to set your operating hours in order that you don’t have conferences at obscure times of the day. Here’s a way to set your operating hours in Google Calendar:

In your Calendar, select the gear icon “Settings menu.”

Scroll all the way down to “Working Hours.”

select the day(s) of the week that you simply work

Set the operating hours for every workday

Working hours Google calendar

Hide Your Guest List in Google Calendarhow to hide guest list in google calendar

If you’re entertaining a private meeting, you have got the choice to cover your guest list in Google Calendar. To do this, you’ll like to:

Sign in to your Calendar

Create an event

On the right-hand side, below “Guests can:” un-check “See the guest list.”

how to hide guest list in google calendar

How to Share Google Calendar

If you’re trying to find the most effective time to own a gathering with somebody, you’ll be able to share your Google Calendar. How does one share your Calendar? Follow these steps:

Open Google Calendar from your pc (not the app)

Under “My calendars,” choose the Calendar you wish to share and click on the three dots

Then, click “Settings and sharing.”

Under “Access Permissions,” you’ll be able to either build your calendar public or send somebody a shareable link to your Calendar

If you merely wish to send it to a particular individual, you’ll realize “Specific Individuals” below wherever you’ll be ready to add the individual’s email address

how to share google calendar

Add Attachments to Google CalendarAdd attachment Google Calendar

Are you tired of sending an email out of the meeting agenda or a very important doc before a meeting? You’ll be able to add attachments for folks to look at directly on the Google Calendar invite to stay everybody within the loop.

That way, you know for sure everybody invited to the meeting has the document that they’ll read anytime before the meeting. Here’s a way to set that up:

Open your time-management tool

Click on the day you wish to make an event on

Click on the gem clip icon to feature your attachment

If the attachment is on Google Drive, you’ll be able to explore for it within the search box

Otherwise, click transfer to feature a file from your pc

Add attachment Google Calendar

Google Calendar Notifications: enable, amendment or put off Notificationsevent notifications google calendar

When it involves Google Calendar notifications, you have got three choices to settle on from Off, Desktop notifications, and Alerts. You’ll be able to amendment your notification settings below Settings > Event Settings > Notifications.

Off: put off all notifications

Desktop notifications: Sends information on your Chrome or mac OS browser before a gathering

Alerts: Sends notifications on the browser wherever your Calendar is open

event notifications google calendar

Google Calendar Chrome ExtensionGoogle Calendar Chrome extension

A Google Calendar Chrome Extension is often added to your browser to assist you in reading your Calendar quickly, add events whereas browsing an incident page on a web site, and more.

Google Calendar by Manas Tungare

Google Tasks by Manas Tungare

Checker and for Google Calendar by Jason Savard

Toggle Button by Toggle

Google Calendar teams by person

TeamCal for Google Calendar by TeamCal App

Google Calendar and by GCal Toolkit

Google Calendar Tags by Simon

Extension Google Calendar Chrome extension

How to synchronize Google Calendar with iPhone

Want to synchronize your Google Calendar together with your iPhone? From your iPhone, follow these steps:

Open your Settings

selecting on Accounts & Passwords

select Add Account: Google

input your email address then click Next

input your password then click Next

Sync your calendar events, contacts, and emails

Your iPhone calendar can currently show all of your events


Learning a way to use Google Calendar will assist you higher manage some time, processes, and employment. From basic cognitive process birthdays to planning international conferences, you’ll realize that it helps you improve some time management and planning higher than alternative calendars on the market. Particularly the paper kind. So, if you’re trying to make an additional economic team or daily routine, Google Calendar will become your own very little personal assistant.

From tweaking the means your calendar appearance to creating certain that you simply see the foremost vital events—and solely those—these tips ought to assist you in getting Google Calendar working the means you wish. However, we would have missed your favorite calendar tip. If so, make certain to share it within the comments below!


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