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Are you interested in TV shows? would you like to watch your best/favorite tv show or series from the comfort of your mobile phone, tablets or laptops?  if the answer is yes then I believe you have tried visiting some online streaming sites like TheWatchSeries.

What is TheWatchSeries

It is one of the most popular and visited a website that allows its users to broadcast online television programs for free, it allows users to easily watch movies series without flinching a bit.  all you need is just a device and a good internet connection.

TheWatchSeries is a multiple viewing website for your most loved tv shows today. It provides outstanding updates on episode guides and TV links.

Is gone? was shut down some time ago later they opened another URL extension for the site which was Many users of ask questions saying why is the new extension not working, while there is no problem it the site link if it’s not working from your end the check if your IP, network provider or server blockage.

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Most Popular TV Series

  •  Breaking Bad
  • Game Of Thrones
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • Modern Family
  • Pretty Little Liars
  • Supernatural
  • The Big Bang Theor
  • The Vampire Diaries
  • The Walking Dead
  • True Blood

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TheWatchSeries Alternatives Sites In 2020 | Best Alternative Websites To Watch Movies Online

there are lots of websites like thewatchseries so in the list below I will provide you with a user-friendly interface to make easier for you  to search for movies using the search box or explore the categories using navigations menus

Toxicwap Series

Toxicwap tv series

Literally it is the best movie site, where you can download and stream all your movies, including TV series, single movies, cartoons and much more.

With Toxicwap, you basically own the movie series world. Where you can see all the first letters of series listed on the page.

One interesting part, Toxicwap continually updates its series page, and you will definitely love it extremely. You can even conduct searches and many more. Get Started Here.

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o2tvseries movies

Love it, leave it or kill it, but O2tvseries is another platform of downloading all your favorite TV series in just one click. It contains app, but it is still amazing and wonderful.

The simplicity lies inside the website itself, just log on to the website, and you will see the recently added ones. Scroll below, and you can search with just the first letter of the movie series.

O2tvseries might not be the best on the list, but it sure does offers offensive pop-up ads at times. Anyways, you can start watching your favorite TV series with just one click. Get Started Here.

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What were you expecting? Completing this list without adding TVshows4mobile? That is not just possible, with this website, you can watch any TV series on the web.

Just know your way around TVshows4mobile, and you will never forget anything like it. If you understand how O2tvseries work, then you are good to go.

Might be one of the best thewatchseries alternatives, that is one appreciable belt when they are a bunch of other websites that are wanting to make name. Get Started Here.



This particular is purely an alternative to the original thewatchseries, as you can watch all movies series online from the comfort of your home.

It offers many more amazing tabs, which will make the site more friendly, and easy to navigate. There is the upcoming series, TV shows, and the latest episodes are always uploaded.

The website offers the latest episodes that have been uploaded, popular TV shows, and many other features and tabs. If you ready, then you can check out the website.

The website URL explains it all, you can watch and stream all your movies series from this site. You just need a strong internet connection and a portable device. It is just an online Movie stream.


It is just there, every movie series that you are actually looking is available to you. Start from the least to the best, Telepisodes just seems like the best answer right. Get Started Here.

When you actually think it is totally over, then and there you see another extension of the thewatchseries pops out of the blue moon. It is just a platform, where you can stream and remember it as your one-stop arena for TV series online for free.


Of course, they are bunch of 123movies on the internet, and they are all offering the same stuff, movies, TV shows, TV series, and many others. To enjoy the internet of movies, then go to google and search 1123movies, you will see a bunch of them, just choose anyone and you are good!


Just like 123movies, they are other extensions of the same website. It is another impressive and stunning platform of watching and live streaming your favorite TV series online without registration, payment or any other intrusive disturbances. Just go to google and search for the name.

17 Alternatives to TheWatchSeries

▶ TVReap

▶ LetMeWatchThis

▶ 1Channel

▶ ProjectFreeTV

▶ ChannelCut

▶ TVMuse

▶ CokeAndPopCorn

▶ Rainierland

▶ GenVideos


▶ CouchTuner

▶ Vumoo



▶ MegaShare.Sc



Frequently asked questions | thewatchseries

Question:Are thewatchseries going to shut down?
Answer:Not any sooner, enjoy watching
Question:Is this authorized by law?
Answer:No, this website doesn’t have a legal license
Question:How can I get rid of the advertisements?
Answer:You can use AdBlock to avoid advertisements
Question:Can’t access this website?
Answer:for that, you can take the help of VPN proxies if it is blocked in your country


Sincerely, I can’t list all the websites to stream, watch or download movie tv series online. But they are many of them that aren’t displayed on this website.

Please do you have any other website that is also good, and have been tested by for watching TV series online? If you do, then be our guest using the below comment box.

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