There’s a new type of iPhone cracker available

In 2016, the FBI tried to legally force Apple to unlock the iPhone 5c of the San Bernadino shooter.

This brought the issue of phone encryption fully into the public consciousness.

Although people generally knew that smartphones were secure. It was the highly public court case that made people to realize that the USA’s top law-enforcement agency couldn’t easily crack basic consumer hardware.

A new type of iPhone cracker, called the GrayKey, is a simple-to-use box. That can reportedly crack the latest iPhone X running iOS 11.

The device has been known about since March. And it’s unusually reliable and simple to use, according to what i know about it.

The device comes in two flavors: The cheaper model costs $15,000, requires an internet connection. And it has only 300 unlocks. While the $30,000 version will crack as many iPhones as you can throw at it.

The exact exploit it uses isn’t known, but it seems to be some form of brute-force hacking.

The device is plugged into the box via a built-in Lightning connector. And then the box methodically tries combinations to unlock it.

A six-digit pass code can be thwarted in three days, but simpler four-number codes can be cracked in two hours. The device could be practically defeated by using a long alphanumeric pass code.


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