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The Infinix mobility is one of the largest and the most popular mobile phone brand in Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya. Today we will be talking about the latest infinix mobile phones (2018), their specifications, reviews, and prices also were to buy them. Infinix phones offer premium fantastic specifications at an affordable and are said to

The infinix Zero 4 Plus which is also known as the Zero 4 Pro is the new flagship of the Zero series in November 2016. The Infinix Mobility announces the Zero 4 plus alongside with its lower variant, the infinix Zero 4. However, there is no much difference between the two phones, only that the

Infinix Zero 5 Pro is an advanced version of the Zero 5, both of them were released on the same day, in November 2017. Just like every other smartphone that comes in two variations, the zero 5 pro debuts comparable features, but the only difference is in the memory capacity Zero 5 Pro has a

Infinix Smart 2 Pro (2018), Full Specs, Reviews, and Price   The Infinix Mobility releases their Infinix Smart 2 Pro same day with the smart 2 In June 2018, it is the latest release in the Smart series. The Infinix Smart 2 Pro shares similar features with its lower substitute, the Infinix Smart 2. These

The Infinix Mobility is a mid-range smartphones manufacturers they observe what the market demands and offers their users expertly that. Infinix Smart 2 debuts firstly in Pakistan in June 2018 ahead of it Africa’s debut. The mobile phone is a quite affordable one for those with a low budget. This company introduces the device alongside

Over the years to date, infinix has been one of the leading phone company in Nigeria. The company has about three major series; The Hots, The Notes, and The Zeros. However, in the Hot series, the INFINIX HOT S3X is the successor of Infinix Hot S3 and the first of its smartphones to have the