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Step by Step how To Delete Facebook Messages

Facebook has become the most popular and largest platform for connecting with various people all over the word. It’s an excellent way to talk about your knowledge, views, photos, videos, your goods and so forth. But the most frequent thing that a Facebook users do would be to chat with his/her buddies.

You can chat easily with any number of persons hence he/she is on Facebook. All the messages you send and receive through Facebook are saved in your Facebook profile that you may see later if required. But in case you’ve got some really private messages that you don’t wish to share with anybody then it is is a huge NO to keep them on you inbox of your Facebook account. If by any means someone gets into your Facebook account or hack it then the messages could be misused. So, it’s always better to keep your Facebook account on the safe side.

However, below is how to delete Facebook messages or dialogIf you don’t know how to delete your Facebook messages perhaps the whole conversation, this article contains a comprehensive guide to delete Facebook messages, Step one will guide you on how to delete messages from Facebook’s website and the second step from a Facebook messenger.

Step by step guide on how to delete Facebook messages on Website

Ok talking about how to delete facebook messages this method is very easy to understand and straightforward to follow, It will let you know how to delete selected Facebook message or the entire conversation with someone. So, let’s get started.

  • Log in to Facebook Account

    The 1st step is to log in to your Facebook account  by visiting, then enter your username and password and click the Login button to sign in to your Facebook account

  •  Click on the message box

when you have fully signed in to your Facebook account, Look at the top right to find the messenger box in other to see all the messages of your account. Click on the message box as shown in the below image 

  • Find the message you want to delete

Now scroll to locate the conversation you wish to delete or to save you the stress just type the name of the user you want to delete the Facebook messages at the search box present at the top the click on it to open the entire conversation

  • Select the desired messages

    Now it’s time to choose if you want to delete the entire conversation or just some selected message. If you want to delete the selected messages then simply move your cursor over the message you want to delete and click on the three horizontal dot, this will pop-up a Delete button to delete the message, so just click on it. Do the same with all the messages that you want to delete. Earlier there was an option to select all the desired messages you want to delete and delete them at once. But now you will have to do it one by one. But it will not delete the messages on the other participant’s account, the messages will still be there on his/her account. The method will only delete the copy of messages from your Facebook account only.

  • Delete the entire conversation

    The previous step was for single and selected conversation now If want to delete the entire conversation then follow the below steps:

    • Find and open the conversation which you want to delete.
    • Click on the setting icon and select Delete conversation option and then confirm it. This will delete the entire conversation on Facebook.

    This step Above is the steps to delete a Facebook message on the Facebook website. But if you want to delete Facebook messages on Facebook messenger then follow the below steps.

Step by Step Guide to Delete Facebook Messages on Facebook Messenger

  • Open Facebook Messenger on your mobile Phone

    Facebook has the app and messenger. The Facebook App is used to browse through your/friends timeline and profile and messenger App is used for chatting. Facebook made the messenger app compulsory for every Mobile Facebook user, Most especially Android, Now Locate the messenger app in your phone and open it.

  • Locate the conversation you want to delete

    When you open the messenger all the messages will be displayed there. Now scroll through the conversations and find the conversation which you want to delete.

  • Delete the selected messages

    When you have finally seen the conversation you want to delete just open it then press and hold the message you want to delete. But in this case, you can only delete one message at a time.        

  • Delete the entire conversation

    Now, if you want to delete the whole conversation instead of only one message then first find the conversation you want to delete then press and hold to select it and after that tap the delete button to delete the whole conversation. And if you are using an iOS device then swipe from right to left to delete the conversation.This is the complete guide on how to delete Facebook messages and conversation easily. I Hope you found the article helpful and useful. Please feel free to ask any Question on the Comment box and Bookmark the page for future reference. LIKE & SHARE

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