Showbox not working

Showbox is one of the most populous streaming apps in the world today. But due to some reasons, certain situations may lead to the Showbox not working like cache issues or bugs problems this may lead to the error message on the Showbox or interruption of buffering as the case may be. In such situations, there are certain guidelines and procedures one can help you in such situations. Showbox is available both for android and ios users.

Steps on how to fix Showbox not working

  • How to fix Showbox not working error: In cases where you get error messages like “Showbox has stopped working”  or “Showbox has been removed from play store” due to unstable performance. A possible solution could be for you to restart your modem or reconnect to the internet again.
  • How to fix video not available error: This is a casual problem. Possible solutions could be for you to update or install the latest version of Showbox Apk, reopen or open the Showbox Apk to see if it has stopped working.

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  • How to fix Showbox has stopped working on Windows: In cases where you can’t stream your Showbox on your Windows device or Pc. The following could help; Run the android emulator, reinstall Showbox Apk, There will be a tiny option that will pop up, click on it, Take your cursor on the Settings option and select App Manager, An image will appear along with a message on whether you want to select the Showbox app or not, Click on the Showbox app and remove it permanently, Then reinstall the latest version of the app which is Apk V 4.04, In the download option, you will find the latest version, Install it and you are free to enjoy the TV shows and movies again.

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  • How to fix Showbox Cache error: Cache problems could be fixed by going to your settings option and check “General” category select the Application Manager and choose All Application or All option Click on “Showbox” app that you will find on the list and tap on after that find “Showbox” app from the list and select it ‘Clear Cache” button.


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