Introducing: The Samsung HW J-650 Soundbar for the Best Sound Quality

This is a complete review of the Samsung HW J-650.

In today’s guide, I’m going to the discussing the major functionalities of the Samsung HW J-650 Bluetooth-enabled soundbar, why you need to get it, and how much it costs to get it.

Let’s get started.

The Samsung HW J-650 Soundbar Complete Review

The HW-J650 is Samsung’s mid-range soundbar for 2015 that is intended to be used with the latest range of flatscreen TVs.


The Samsung HW J-650 soundbar is equipped with the ability to connect both wirelessly to any Bluetooth-enabled mobile device and wired connections through TV Sound connect, an option that allows compatible Samsung soundbars to provide solid sound quality for music.

As it measures 41.73 inches x 2.0 inches x 2.82 inches, the Samsung HW J-650 is well suited to TVs with screens of 40 inches and larger, and with only two inches of height, it offers minimal obstruction if used with a bench.


On the left side, there are four buttons that allow you to control some parts of the system. Samsung made the Samsung HW J-650 primarily out of plastic, except for the front face which is covered in a metal grille.

It has six built-in speakers and two tweeters that deliver clear, crisp high-frequency sounds. The Soundbar depth and power can be felt throughout the room.

At the front, behind the grille, is a LED display that shows things like output selection and volume level. This display only lights up when you choose input and volume settings from the menu, but the display remains off otherwise. It is an extremely convenient feature because a bright display can be distracting when watching movies in a dim environment.

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In addition to its full feature set, classy design, and decent performance, the Samsung HW J-650 is a solid multiroom soundbar. It however lacks the sonic cohesion and composure to compete with the best in its class.

Although the J-650 supports movie theater-grade equipment, its lack of connectivity may make it seem unsuitable for a multi-channel audio installation that includes thousands of speakers.

Underneath, there is an HDMI in and out, USB, S/PDIF optical audio in, auxiliary, and a variety of USB connectors on the underside, though switching between some is harder to do than others.

Additionally, other Samsung sound devices can be synced with this unit to create a multi-room network. These all work together to give you a unique and ideal experience of studio-quality HD sound, making you feel like you are experiencing the original performance for the first time.

The two major functionalities that can be attributed to the Samsung HW J-650 are its:

  • Great sound quality
  • Ability to stream music from a local network

#1: Produces quality sound

I was surprised by the Samsung HW J-650’s immersive sound, despite the lack of surround speakers. The side speakers spread the sound well, and the surround processing makes my TV look like it’s floating in space.

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With a combination of two subwoofers and incredibly loud volume, the device’s greatest strengths are its impressive sound quality, its walloping bass, and a handful of adjustments available through the remote.

But you won’t be able to take advantage of Samsung’s 360-degree soundstage, which places effects behind you. For that, you must invest in a pair of the multinational company’s speakers.

It emphasizes high frequencies too much and lacks composure when you need it. If you turn up the volume too loud, it sounds like screams from Salacious Crumb and other screeching beasts.

While the Samsung HW J-650 has a few limitations, it is still a lot of fun. It not only helps movies add drama and scale but also makes TV shows more compelling than ever.

With Samsung’s ultra bass, you will experience a new light on the content you have been watching for years. From the bass punch in your favourite music genre to the rumble of fans during football matches, you will discover a new perspective on your favorite television programs. 

There is a good sense of separation and imaging, and the subwoofer keeps pace with drums and basslines in a well-balanced way. The treble is more effective for music than movies, bringing out expressive details and an impression of space. Cinema mode opens up when the bass kicks in.

#2: Stream music from a local network

Additionally, you can use the Multiroom App to stream music from your local network in addition to adding extra rear speakers and setting up a multiroom system.

It can sometimes be harder to find the most popular music services in your region but is generally available. You can play files from a USB drive or wirelessly, and it can read most types of file formats, including high-resolution ones.


I like the fact that it does not occupy a large area of space in the room, because it is not big and bulky plus its price is relatively cheap (costs about $399.99), compared to the other high-end products. 

But the issue I have with Samsung HW J-650 is the subwoofer. Do not get me wrong, it delivers excellent sound at a minimal volume, but it could be quicker, more intelligently designed, and a bit more sophisticated. Improved integration is still needed.

When you increase the volume to a high level, the sound loses composure.

There is only one HDMI input.

Despite its little flaws, I will still recommend this product to anyone who is in search of a good sound and portable bar at an affordable price. 

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