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The Best Keyboards for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 (Review and Price)


It’s pretty obvious that high-end Android tablets aren’t so common these days. But, Samsung is one of the few makers still offering a high-end option with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3.

You know, sometimes we may need a tablet to be a bit more powerful, and that’s when a keyboard comes in Ghandy. To the not-so-friendly touchscreen users, they’d prefer an external keyboard, to help them achieve easy typing.

In this post, I’ll talk about the best keyboards for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 out there.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Keyboard Cover

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Mostly, the best accessories are made by the manufacturers of the device. Same applies to the Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S3 Keyboard Cover. This is because it’s probably the perfect companion for your tablet.

This keyboard connects directly to pins on the keyboard. Which means, you won’t have to worry about connection issues or Bluetooth interference. The keyboard keys are well spaced out and offer a pretty comfortable amount of travel.

Also, there are dedicated buttons for search and multi-tasking. The keyboard cover itself won’t be as rugged as other cases, but it’ll protect against uncertainties.


As at the time of writing, The price of this keyboard is $130, which is equivalent to N46,930.

Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard

Sometimes, you may want a keyboard you can stick in the back of your pocket. Good news.. Microsoft has got you covered.

This fascinating Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard can remember two Bluetooth devices. Which means you can switch back and forth, between your tablet and your phone if it’s needed.

The keyboard is easy to turn on and off, just open it to power it on, and close it again to shut it off.

This keyboard has dedicated keys for Home, Back and Search, and the battery lasts up to three months on a single charge. In addition, when you want to charge the keyboard, just use any Micro-USB cable you have around.

The main downside of this keyboard is that there’s no way to mount the tablet, so you’ll have to pick up a tablet stand or a case with a built-in stand.


As at the time of writing, the Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard is available for $82. Which is equivalent to N29,602

Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480

The keyboard from Logitech isn’t as versatile as Microsoft’s but has got more features and a much lower price.

The keyboard pairs to up to three Bluetooth devices. Hence, you can use one keyboard for your tablet, desktop, and phone. Furthermore, there’s an integrated cradle to hold your phone and tablet. It may not be as stable as that of a laptop, but its pretty much more portable.

This keyboard has dedicated keys for home, multi-tasking, back, and search.

Also, there are media control keys to help you get quicker Access to your media files. The keyboard includes two AAA batteries, which should do better in the long term than an internal battery.

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As at the time of writing, Logitech’s K480 keyboard is available for $50. Which is equivalent to N18,050.

EC Technology Multi-Device keyboard

If you want to go for something even less expensive, EC Technologies has made the keyboard for you. This keyboard also remembers up to three Bluetooth devices and includes a stand for your tablet.

This keyboard has dedicated media keys but has no control over Android. The EC Technology Multi-Device keyboard is powered by two AAA batteries.


As at the time of writing, EC Technology’s Bluetooth keyboard is available in black for $20. Which is equivalent to N7,220.

I’d like you to let me know the keyboard you use, by using the comments box below.

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