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How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on iPhone

To be honest, it’s frustrating when you mistakenly delete a message on your iPhone. And to crown it all, you have no back-up on either iCloud or your PC.

There’s good news!!. I will share with you some steps on how you can get back those messages.

There are several tools which can be able to recover deleted messages on iPhone. But I’ll lay emphasis on PhoneRescue.

How To Recover Deleted Text Messages On iPhone


Step 1: Downloading and Installing PhoneRescue For iOS Tool on Windows.

Firstly,we have to download and Install PhoneRescue. To download PhoneRescue on your computer, click here.

On the download page, you’ll find two major download options – iOS and Android. Click the Free Download compatible with All Windows option under the PhoneRescue for iOS download column.

Step 2: Installing The Tool

The size of the file is 0.99MB. After the download is complete, tap on the downloaded .exe file to launch.

You’ll be asked to allow the app to make changes to your device.

Click on Yes to run the installation file. The installation page should appear next.

Tick the I’ve read and accepted iMobie End user license agreement box. Then click on Install, a download screen will pop-up. Don’t worry, it’s just additional data.

When the download is complete, it will display start. That means the installation of the app is complete.

Step 3: Getting Started With The iPhone Recovery Tool

Click on start, the app launches and the next option is to choose language.

Select English, and click on Getting Started.

PhoneRescue will display some quick tips to get us started.

Tick the Don’t show the tips next time box, then click on I’m ready to start.

Step 4: Recovery Modes Available On The Tool

The next screen to be displayed is the Recovery Modes Available.

lest i forget, the app requires you to have iTunes installed. So, it can connect to your iPhone.

If you do not have iTunes installed, click on the option that states click here (see image below) just after the notification stating the need for iTunes.

You’ll be requested to download iTunes. Therefore click on the download button to get iTunes.

After the download is complete, the option to install the software should be displayed.

When installation is complete, untick the option which states Open iTunes after the installer exits.

At this point, the PhoneRescue software will automatically close itself.

You’ll have to launch it again. Which should be done using the automatically created shortcut on your desktop. Or, hence, go to start on your windows and click on PhoneRescue.

It will request that you please connect your device.

Step 5: Airplane Mode

Furthermore, put the phone on airplane mode.

Step 6: USB Connection

Using an original iPhone USB cable, connect the iPhone to the computer.

Step 7: Granting Access

The option to unlock the phone and tap on the trust option on your iPhone is needed.

Having clicked the trust option, you will be required to enter your password. This password is to be typed on your iPhone (assuming you have one set).

When done, click on continue. At this point, it will especially indicate the iPhone’s connection.

Step 8: Selecting the type of data to restore

Click on the next arrow icon at the right side of the bottom page and a list of file types to be recovered will be displayed.

To retrieve just SMS messages ,untick the rest and leave just the messages. Then click OK.

Step 9: PhoneRescue Analysis

After clicking OK, the PhoneRescue software should begin analyzing your iPhone. Also, you shouldn’t unplug your device during the whole process.

When the analysis is complete, it’ll say that the trial version only displays parts of your lost data. Hence, if you are registered, it will display the complete data.


Click Yes, I know.

At this point, the list of deleted messages and recoverable messages should be displayed.


Step 10: License Code Activation

Select all the text messages you’ll like to recover back on your iPhone. When done, click on the recover to phone icon.

Next, an option to enter a license code will be displayed . Buy a license code or choose the latter option. You can get a license code from the Software’s Official website.

If you have a license code, enter the license code.

After entering the license code, turn off Find my iPhone feature.


Step 11: Turn off Find my iPhone

To turn off find my iPhone feature, follow these steps:

Go to Settings
Tap on iCloud
Scroll down and tap on Find my iPhone
Toggle the Find my iPhone OFF.

After turning off Find my iPhone, click continue on the PhoneRescue interface.

Step 12: Recover Your Data

Also, confirm you want to recover text messages to your iPhone by clicking on Recover

Hence, the recovery process should begin.

Remember not to unplug your phone during this process. Doing so could affect more files.

When the restore process is complete, the iPhone will automatically reboot.

Lastly, thanks for reading.

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