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Five reasons your car battery keeps draining and how to save your battery

Your car battery could continue to die due to a couple of reasons including age, human error, a bad alternator and more.

A car battery is the most critical component in starting and driving a vehicle. It performs many functions ranging from sending power from the starter motor to the spark plugs, igniting the car’s fuel, while providing power to other systems in the vehicle. These systems include air conditioning, lights, radio, and more. Some of the indicators that your car battery is about to die may include difficulty in igniting the engine, a flickering of lights, or a weakened alarm system.
You’re late for work and rush to your car, and it refuses to start. The headlamps are not bright enough, and the engine refuses to respond. Oh hell, your battery is dead! How did this happen? Your car battery be dead because of these common reasons

Human error

At least once in your life, you’ve probably done this- you’re home from work, exhausted and not really thinking straight, and you leave the headlamps on, didn’t completely close the trunk, or you even forget to turn off the internal lights. The battery drains overnight, and in the morning your car won’t start. Many new vehicles alert you if you’ve left the lights on.

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Parasitic Drain

Parasitic drain occurs due to parts of your car that keeps running after the key is turned off. Some parasitic drain though is reasonable; your car battery continually provides power to keep components like the radio, clock, and security alarm functional all the time. In case of an electrical problem such as poor installation, faulty wiring, and defective fuses; parasitic drain can exceed the average capacity and deplete your car battery.

Faulty charging system

Five reasons your car battery keeps draining

If your charging system is flawed, your car battery can drain even while you’re driving. A lot of cars power their radio, lights, and other systems from the alternator. The alternator may have worn-out belt tensioners or loose belts that hinders it from functioning correctly. If your alternator’s diode is terrible, it can cause your battery to drain; even when the engine is shut off, a bad alternator diode can cause the circuit to charge.

Extreme temperatures

Both extremely hot (over 100 degrees Fahrenheit) and cold (under 10 degrees Fahrenheit) temperatures can result in a build-up of lead sulfate crystals. If the car stays in such a condition for too long, the build-up of sulfate may cause damage to long-term battery life. In these conditions, it may also take longer for your battery to charge.

Old battery

This is a no-brainer, if your battery is weak or old, it won’t be able to hold a full charge well. If your car repeatedly refuses to start, there’s a possibility that the battery is worn out. Typically, you should replace your car battery every 3-4 years. An old or poorly maintained battery may die on a regular basis.
My car battery keeps dying over and over, what do I do?
It is true that all batteries will eventually die, they can also be prolonged by maintaining them and keeping them in an excellent working condition. By keeping it away from corrosion, making sure that the battery connections are tight and secure, and not allowing the electrolyte to spill; you can help your battery last much longer.
A lot might not be able to be done to avoid some issues like a sudden parasitic drain, but dealing with this type of issue promptly can also help prolong the life of your battery. Having a battery that refuses to charge can be frustrating, figuring out the problem can also be tricky. In a case where human error has been completely ruled out, you will require the assistance of a qualified mechanic to analyze your car’s electrical problems and conclude if it is a dead battery or something different.

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