Sony PS5 DualSense Controllers Latest Design and Launch Date in 2021

In today’s post, I’m going to reveal to you the all-new Sony Ps5 DualSense controllers.

This is one gadget guaranteed to change user’s gaming experience for good, and I’m going to show you how. So if you’re looking to get updated on one of the latest accessories to the Ps5 gaming system, you’ll love this guide.

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Ps5 DualSense Controllers Design Revealed

The all-new Ps5 DualSense controllers mark the company’s first release of new colors for its controllers. When asked to get more details about some additional insights of the new color change and selection process of the new DualSense controllers, Leo Cardoso whose part of Sony’s design team had this to say:


Satoshi Aoyagi, who’s also a key player in Sony’s design team had this to say:


The DualSense controllers come in a midnight black and cosmic red color as seen in this reveal trailer by Sony:

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These two new color DualSense controllers are designated to be released next month in June. According to Isabelle Tomatis (a senior director of PlayStation VR (PSVR)):

The new black Ps5 DualSense controller features two subtly different shades of black with light grey details to reflect how we picture space through the night sky, while the red color scheme of the controller was inspired by the unique vivid shades of red found all through the cosmos.

The all-new Ps5 DualSense controllers look exactly like:

Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment (unique vivid shades of red)
Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment (shades of black)

One really notable thing mutual to both color schemes is the subtle hue color that tends to produce the unique shade of red and black in both controller color types.

This all-new color scheme gives gamers an alternative to the standard white and black DualSense controllers that they’re all used to.

Pre-orders for these new color scheme controllers are available at Sony’s PlayStation official website. The Midnight Black DualSense controller currently goes for $69.99 (which is the same as the original DualSense controller).

The Cosmic Red Ps5 DualSense controller is currently going for $74.99.

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