Photography Equipment List for Beginners – Must-Have Accessories

Photography Equipment List for Beginners – Must-Have Accessories

Photography Equipment List for Beginners

If you’re a starting photographer, taking the leap from a basic point-and-shoot to a full-blown professional-grade camera isn’t as straightforward as it could appear.

Of course, shopping for the camera itself is simply a small part of the equation. But, it’s not perpetually straightforward to understand specifically what it’s that you simply need to get ahead.

Therefore, having an inventive eye and a thoughtful outlook will take someone a protracted way within the field.

Every photographer, beginner or skilled, is aware of that photography is a fashionable profession. Shopping for a DSLR camera can price you around $500, and extra equipment will go from ten USD to a handful of thousands. Several can tell you that you just don’t want all the flashy equipment to be an excellent photographer, and to some extent, that statement is true. However the extra equipment and accessories can, for sure, make your job easier, and your photos look easy. Thanks to that, it’s perpetually sensible to take a position in equipment. Therefore I’ve picked must-have accessories for you.

Must-Have Camera Accessories

1. Walk-around lens

The walk-around lens is some things you should continuously keep on your camera as a result of you never know when will an opening for an ideal shot occur. These are little and light-weight lenses with an outsized focal length, which will satisfy your every want. The walk-around lens will cowl something from wide-angle to telephoto, therefore with only one lens, you’ll be able to shoot landscape, portraits, design, and numerous events. With it on your camera, you’re prepared for any price that comes to your means.

There is another wonderful factor concerning this lens; if you’re simply starting in photography, a walk-around lens is ideal for locating what reasonably photography you’ll have an interest in. After a while of snapping completely different pictures, you’ll know where are your strengths, and in what different specialty lenses you must invest. Here are my selections of walk-around lenses for Nikon and Canon users:

Nikon 18-300mm f/3.5-6.3 VR

Released in 2014, this very versatile lens, with a 16.7x zoom, will cowl just about each attainable shooting scenario. It’s nice for capturing stunning landscape pictures, portraits, cluster shots, birds on the wing, and every single factor you stumble upon. And your hand-held shot pictures keep sharp and blur-free thanks to Vibration Reduction image stabilization technology.

Canon 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 IS

This compact, light-weight lens is wonderful for travel and everyday purpose. Image Stabilizer (IS) system permits you to shoot hand-held and still find yourself with crisp, sharp, and high-quality pictures. It will have some distortion at the ends. However, apart from that, this is often an excellent selection for anyone who needs to hide an outsized focal distance with only one lens.

Photography Equipment List for Beginners

2. Prime Lenses

It no surprise that any photographer’s 1st purchase ought to be a lens. Of course, almost all cameras come equipped with a typical kit lens.

However, it’s remarkable for the common kit lens to living up to the standard a flexible prime lens has got to supply. Though they lack the adjustable focal distance, a set focal distance is unbeatable.

All Lenses don’t seem to be Equal

Keep in mind; no two lenses are precisely the same. Shapes, sizes, and costs vary considerably. A lot of notably, every accessible model accomplishes one thing completely different.

Also, it’s vital to think about the direction you’d like to require as an artist before making any purchase. For example, landscape photographers can probably wish to speculate in a wide-angle lens, like the Canon EF-S 24mm.

Macro Photography Lens

On the opposite hand, portrait and aspiring macro photographers can probably wish to visualize out a model that provides an extended focal distance, like the Nikon AF-S 85mm.

Although a small amount bulkier and pricier than the Canon 24mm cited on top of, it’s nice to possess a further possibility that’s capable of activity a special job.

For Those On A Budget

For people on a budget, a 50mm is a wonderful jumping-off purpose. as a matter of fact, you can purchase a third-party glass lenses like the Yongnuo YN 50mm for as very little as $50. Don’t let the low worth fool you – it provides an excellent image, reaching apertures as low as f/1.8.

Additionally, since a lens usually proves to be an investment value many bucks, cutting corners wherever you’ll be able to be a vital talent.

Photography Equipment List for Beginners

3. Lens Filters

Lens filters are similar to sunglasses for your camera. You’ll be able to live without them; however, why would you if they will make your life easier? If used properly, lens filters will improve image quality, and defend your lenses from potential harm. There are three main classes I’m reaching to cover today:

Ultraviolet (UV) filters,

Polarizing filters,

Natural density (ND) filters.

UV Filters

UV filters, additionally referred to as Haze filters, are affordable basic filters. They’re clear filters, with a coating on the glass that blocks the actinic ray waves to scale back haziness. But, their main use is protective the front component of your lens from harm, dirt, dust, and splashes of water.

When shopping for a UV filter, make certain to get the most effective quality, you’ll be able to afford, with a special multi-resistant coating (MCR). Trust me; it’s abundant easier to vary the broken filter than it’s to vary or fix the lens.

Polarizing Filters

Polarizing filters are best identified for increasing distinction between clouds and also the skies. Polarizers are available in a secondary rotating mount that you manually use to vary the impact. They darken to a fault light-weight skies and increase the color saturation, and after they used on water surfaces, they get rid of glare and reflections.

Polarizing filters are extraordinarily helpful for landscape photographers, however, watch out once you’re employing a polarizing filter on a wide-angle lens, particularly if you’re shooting blue skies as a result of the polarizer will inconsistently darken some components.

ND Filters

The ND filters are gray-toned filters that scale back the number of sunshine getting into a lens, and by doing, therefore, shutter speed is reduced, and exposure is raised. this is often notably helpful when you shoot in bright light conditions.

ND filters are excellent for obtaining that sleek, smooth streaming water or showing a movement on a busy street. This kind of filter isn’t meant to remain on camera all the time, therefore use it only if necessary.

Tips for selecting a Lens Filter

Before shopping for a lens filter, take care to visualize the diameter of your lens, you don’t wish to shop for the incorrect size.

Photography Equipment List for Beginners

4. Cleanup Kit

Keeping your lenses neat is of the utmost importance. As shortly as you get your camera out of the bag, it’s exposed to dirt and different dust. A touch spot of dirt will ruin the proper image, and do I even have to say how simple it is to leave fingerprints on a lens? Here are some cleanup accessories which will make your gear complete new:

Giottos Rocket Air blaster

Rocket Air Blaster is a robust, and great tool created out of sturdy synthetic rubber. This mild tool safely blows clean air to get rid of dirt and different dust while not leaving smudges on lenses.

LensPen NLP-1

This double-ended cleaner, on one end, contains a brush for wiping the dirt off, and on the opposite finish, a carbon-filled felt tip for riveting oil and different particles. Felt tip is recharged with carbon whenever you cap the pen; however, when the felt on the tip is worn, it can put smudges if you employ an excessive amount of pressure.

Zeiss Pre-Moistened Lens cleanup Wipes

Individually wrapped, pre-moistened wipes are a secure and effective thanks to clean your lens, while not leaving scratches or marks on that. Zeiss wipes gently take away all bacterium, fingerprints, and dust, and these wipes don’t contain artificial fragrances. A pack of two hundred disposable wipes is simply pennies per wipe.

Photography Equipment List for Beginners

5. External Flash

The most useful tool an artist will have on hand is light to spare. For many image manufacturers, a speed-lite is the best and most convenient thanks to illuminating a scene quickly and with efficiency.

Also, synced on to a camera’s shutter, it offers a robust burst light for fractions of a second. Confine mind, most of the main brands and third-party makers manufacture flash units of their own.

It’s all concerning the lighting! Creating your own lighting close parades artistic methods you didn’t recognize existed. Those that have an interest in studio work understand how necessary the correct lighting is. However, selecting the correct lighting could be an exhausting task for each artist, novice, or expert. I’ve picked the simplest flashes for Nikon and Canon users, likewise as the high vendor on Amazon.

Nikon SB-700 AF Speedlight Flash

The Nikon SB-700 Speedlight is a bit expensive flash, aimed toward professionals who understand a bit more regarding flash photography. It’s a flexible Speedlight that provides you an excellent balance of exposure and performance. SB-700 options i-TTL (Intelligent Through-The-Lens) flash management that delivers correct exposures. Nikon SB-700 is well suited with most of the Nikon DSLR’s.

Canon Speedlite 430EX III-RT Flash

As Nikon’s flash higher than, the Speedlite 430EX is aimed toward those that understand what they’re doing with flash photography, however, beginners can simply learn the way to use it too. It’s a premium-priced product. However, it’s the best of the best, and it’s definitely worth the cash. 430EX could be a zoom flash that covers a spread of 24-105mm.

Neewer TT560 Flash Speedlite

Neewer TT560 is a budget flash, and it’s compatible with a range of cameras with single-contact Hot-Shoe. This is often a fairly basic flash with restricted options, except for a novice in photography, this is often a good selection.

Photography Equipment List for Beginners

6. MagBeam

This is a flexible tool for flashes, for photographers who need to induce a lot of out of a flash. MagBeam incorporates Fresnel lenses to administer you up to two to three stops of useable light. This tool is compact, sturdy, and simple to line up and use. Magmasks are enclosed in MagBeam kit, with them you’ll be able to play with totally different patterns and creatively management the sunshine. MagBeam could be an excellent resolution for portrait, wedding, and particularly life photographers.

Photography Equipment List for Beginners

7. Reflector

If you don’t need to use a flash, and you attempt for a lot of natural lighting, reflectors are the simplest resolution. Reflectors, just like the name says, replicate the sunshine on the places in shadow. Simply change the angle of the reflector to shine a light on the shadowy place or subject, and you’re able to shoot some wonderful photos. They’re simple to use, cheaper than flashes, and therefore the pictures look a lot of natural as a result of you’re victimization reflections of natural light.

Most reliable on the market is the Westcott 301 picture Basics 40-inch 5-in-1 Reflector. With this selection, you get five totally different colors to play with: white, silver, black, gold, and semitransparent.

Photography Equipment List for Beginners

8. Camera Straps

Camera straps are terribly helpful to possess. They supply a secure and cozy thanks to carrying your camera, without the requirement to haul your whole camera bag. The wonderful factor concerning camera straps is, there are millions to settle on from, and that they are typically low-cost therefore you’ll be able to purchase a bunch of them to enhance your look. Most definitely, there are some that are quite pricy, just like the ones for the skilled photographers who need quite simply a fashion statement.

My pick for the most effective purposeful camera strap is the Black rapid Sport RRS-1BB Shoulder Sling Strap. This can be an ideal alternative for those photographers who would like a soft strap that’s comfy to wear for extended periods of your time, as a result of they’re carrying an important camera, looking ahead to a fast, good shot.

Photography Equipment List for Beginners

9. The Capture Clip pro

If you’re not an addict of camera straps, and you don’t like once your camera is supporting around your neck, Capture Clip pro is the factor you would like. Created using metal, this sturdy construction is robust enough to hold your full-frame camera with lens hooked up to that.

Capture pro will be hooked up everyplace, whether or not that was your belt, backpack, or a bag, and it will firmly hold your camera no matter you are doing. It additionally is a rack head.

The Capture Clip pro could be a nice resolution for people who need their camera prepared for an attempt in the slightest degree times. However, they additionally need the safety that camera strap cannot offer.

Photography Equipment List for Beginners

10. Cable Organizer

It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re a photographer or simply a daily person; tangled cables are everyone’s nightmare. For a photographer, it’s very vital to work out cable management. Perhaps sometimes, we are able to all be as meticulous in managing cables and equipment as Casey Neistat. Nevertheless, I suppose that that comes with years of expertise.

Until that day our good choice, for starters, maybe Skooba Cable Stable DLX. With Skooba, you’ll be able to store all of your cables, batteries and different very little things which may stray in a very massive camera bag.

Photography Equipment List for Beginners

11. Cable release

If you would like an excellent sharp icon you’re progressing to would like a rack. However, a little act of pressing the shutter unharness will ruin a picture; therefore, a cable release similar to the JJC Mechanical release Shutter Cable is a must-have. A Cable release prevents any vibrations, which will lead to an indistinct image.

Wi-Fi shutter unharness is additionally a good choice, however sadly, not each camera has an integrated Wi-Fi.

Photography Equipment List for Beginners

12. Tripod

Tripods are fundamental tools with one main objective – to stabilize your camera. Photographers who have an interest in design, landscape, portrait, macro, and long-exposure photography, grasp that a rack could be a must-have. Some might say that tripods aren’t necessary, however, at some moment you’ll end up making an attempt to mount a camera on a makeshift rack, mistreatment everything that’s among your reach.

Think ahead, and realize a rack that’s best suited to your desires. There are intensive variations of tripods, and reckoning on your desires, you’ll take into thought height, weight, and cargo capability of the specified rack.

Here are my selections for the most effective tripods:

Vanguard Alta Pro 2+ 263AT

The Vanguard Alta Pro is definitely a solid rack for the money. The Multi-Angle Central Column (MACC) permits you to maneuver all reasonable angles, each vertically and horizontally. Metal alloy legs are a small amount stiff, however, that solely implies that they’re durable. They additionally provide settings for twenty-five, fifty and eighty degrees, with simple release buttons. Vanguard Alta pro could be a nice rack for pretty much any photographer

Collapsed height: 62.5 cm

Extended height: 162 cm

Weight: 1.8 kg

Load capacity: 7 kg

Joby GorillaPod Focus

This is one in every of the foremost versatile tripods you’ll be able to purchase. Joby GorillaPods are far-famed for his or her twistable legs joints that permit you to bend and rotate them in each possible approach. Thereupon said, employing a GorillaPod Focus, there’s no place wherever you couldn’t set your camera for a gentle image. And this light-weight rack will interruption to 5 kilogram, which suggests that you simply will simply mount your professional DSLR on that

Height: 29 cm

Weight: 28.3 g

Load capacity: 5 kilogram

Pedco UltraPod II

UltraPod II is an excellent travel rack, with a most load capability of 2.7 kg. This versatile rack options D-ring Velcro cinch strap, which might be secured around chairs, bikes or tree branches.

Because of its small size and also the ball and socket mount that’s adjustable to any angle, UltraPod II is ideal for macro photography.

So, if you’re trying to find a cheap and durable rack that works nice and is super reasonable, Pedco UltraPod II is that the most suitable option you’ll be able to build.

Height: 15.2 cm

Weight: 119 g

Load capacity: 2.7 kg

Photography Equipment List for Beginners

13. Camera bag

A camera bag is very vital; it protects your pricy gear, provides a secure and straightforward thanks to transporting your equipment, and generally enables you to make a fashion statement. There are many various bag designs for photographers, and you’ll be able to decide the one that’s best suited to you. Before shopping for a camera bag, you’ve got to work out what proportion equipment you’re aiming to carry, what proportion protection you wish and the way usually does one travel.

Because of the intensive choices, we cannot notice the right bag, which will be best suited to everybody. Therefore I’ve picked prime-rated and my personal favorites.

Peak style Everyday traveler Bag

This can be a bag that adapts to your desires, because of origami-inspired FlexFold dividers that permit you to modify the layout of the bag. It comes in 2 sizes; the larger model will carry full-frame DSLR, three lenses, a 15-inch portable computer, and different accessories.

There is additionally an intrinsic rack carry feature that works for pretty much each rack.

Peak style Everyday traveler is on the market in 2 trendy colors, charcoal, and heritage tan.

AmazonBasics Camera Backpack

This backpack isn’t as pretty as Everyday traveler; however, it’s large enough to hold two smaller DSLR bodies (or one full-frame body), 3-4 lenses and varied accessories.

The AmazonBasics has adjustable cells. Therefore you’ll be able to suit your equipment however you want. Even absolutely loaded together with your gear, AmazonBasics is incredibly comfy to wear.

14. Photograph Editing Software

Adobe Creative Cloud Photography arrange (Photoshop CC + Lightroom)

Every artist is aware that post-processing is very vital, and also the best way to do it is with Lightroom or Photoshop.

With these programs, you’ll fully alter the image you took or amendment it to seem specifical like your eyes saw it. Everybody who is inquisitive about shooting Raw pictures is aware of that Lightroom and Photoshop are essential. Get for yourself these programs, watch some Youtube tutorials and play. You’ll not regret it.

15. External Hard Drive

Think of an external disc drive as a sort of insurance. Although it should not be directly useful at the instant, having a catalog of pictures tucked away can give a chunk of mind should your laptop suddenly fail. That being aforementioned, any wise starting photographer ought to have one amongst two backups obtainable at any given time.

Also, other than security, external exhausting drives are simply plain useful. Just as the output quality of cameras continues to boost, leading to image files are growing larger and taking on extra space.

Additional Storage

As a result, we happen to suggest the HGST Touro S moveable Drive. The reality is that there are lots of viable choices out there. But, detain mind that with an extra terabyte of storage space, it’s doable to suit tens of thousands of RAW image files onto one drive.

16. Memory Card Holder

A memory cardholder has one purpose; keeping your memory cards safe. They will hold something you throw at it, like CF cards, SD cards, and small SD cards.

Some even shield the cards from shock and water, creating this one amongst the must-have camera accessories.

For all those cards bouncing around in your pocket, treat them. After all, they give the impression of being when you. The VKO Memory Card Case is the most effective you’re reaching to realize for all three card sizes.

17. Extra Batteries

When you get your camera, it comes with one battery. These suckers don’t seem to be low cost if you would like to shop for additional items for motion and long-hours spent faraway from any electrical output.

Three batteries place you comfortable a great deal more than only one.

Shooting for long periods of your time, in continuous bursts extremely drains your batteries. And you actually don’t wish to be caught out halfway through a marriage.

Batteries are an absolute should if you’re considering to use A battery grip. Additional batteries are the must-have camera accessories, particularly for those that capture landscape photography.

And why are you thinking of obtaining A battery grip? Well as a result of it offers your camera more frames-per-second with than while not.

18. Memory Cards

Keep in mind that without a memory card, digital pictures won’t have anyplace to travel and can’t be recorded. Therefore, a good set of memory cards is definitely a necessity.

Due to advancements in private technology, nearly all camera provides a slot to accommodate a tiny SD card.

Compact Flash Cards

A Compact Flash card is historically considered to be quicker than SD cards; a reason why they’re employed in most professional bodies. However, sadly some years past the Compact Flash Association declared that they’re going to place in no any analysis into this project. A choice that ultimately resulted within the CF cards losing out to the faster XQD and the CF2.0 cards.

However, the CF cards still generate interest. Particularly as a result of several of the older professional models are still in use and that they use CF cards.

We need to know some aspects concerning their initial.


Compact Flash cards are available in varied storage sizes. Ranging from 32 GB going all the way to 256 GB. If you utilize a camera that systematically churns out high-resolution RAW image files or 4K videos, you’ll like the beefiest Compact Flash card you’ll realize.


Price can rely upon storage, build quality, transfer speed, and a number of different aspects. This can be not in your management, and honestly, the worth mustn’t have an effect on your call. I actually have seen so much too several photographers losing their day price of labor as a result of the cardboard dies on them. It’s like shopping for the most effective cross-country vehicle then shopping for a group of stock tires. If you would like the most effective camera and lens enforce the most effective Compact Flash card that you just will afford.


CF cards are tagged with speeds like 1066x, or 800x and so on. Along with side them, there’s another speed rating mentioned on them 120MB/s, 50MB/s, etc. the primary speed label dates back to their origination. They belong to time once compact discs were state of the art then everything quicker that passed used the CD speed as a reference. So, 50x primarily means that 50 times the scan speed of 150KB/s (the scan speed of a CD).

Another factor to notice is that there are two speeds mentioned on CF cards. One is that the scan speed, the opposite is that the write speed – each is equally vital.

Write and skim Speeds

Write speeds have an effect on the buffer speed of your camera. The slower the write speed, the quicker the camera can run out of memory once shooting. Once shooting quick action or continuous sports, you don’t wish to constitute this example.

The scan speed is additionally vital as a result of it permits the info on your card to be drop onto your portable computer. Slower the speed, longer the time it’ll take. This will become a difficulty if folks are awaiting the pictures, however sometimes not a big-time issue.


Reliability could be a combination of things. It depends on the aptitude of the compact flash card, and it’s performance skills. The cardboard ought to, ideally, be ready to perform in weather, likewise as absorb a small amount of abuse once being transported within a bag. Some cards go together with a silicone polymer coating. Others go together with an operational temperature vary. Of these are vital concerns once selecting the proper Compact Flash card. Also, seek for native information retrieval solutions which are able to are available in handy once shooting.


Look for warranty data. Some Compact Flash cards are bonded for keeps — others for a number of years solely. Extended warranty doesn’t guarantee information security. However, it will make sure that your cards are going to be supported for an extended amount of your time.


Another purpose to say, thanks to their quality, SD cards are found at cheap costs. So, you’ll be able to find them close to anyplace, from corner convenience stores to specialized photography outlets.

Also, some higher-end cameras are well suited with Compact Flash (CF) cards. They are a small amount larger than their sd counterparts and are considerably a lot of sturdy.

Because of this, the CF card could be a bit pricier than the SD. In terms of speed and capability, however, they don’t divert abundant from SD.

19. Rechargeable Batteries

Battery varieties are vital

Above all, regardless of things, unexceptional AA batteries are handy to own lying around. Photography isn’t any exception. Base-Forming batteries accustomed keep tools like speed-lights, syncs, and remotes in operating order.

Above all, once acting on location, discovering that a chunk of apparatus wants a recharge can probably wreck a shoot. So, reversible batteries permit photographers to stay operating while not missing a beat.

Also, they’re used to revive a dying camera with the help of A battery grip. The EBL 8 Bay good AA/AAA Battery Charger is a well-liked choice among image manufacturers and everyday folks alike, supporting each AA and AAA batteries.

Always Keep Extras on hand

Also on the topic of batteries, it’s never a nasty plan to extra service on additional batteries and chargers selected specifically for your camera. As a result of several of the main makers use proprietary instrumentation, you ought to cross-check those battery models, especially, are going to be compatible along with your camera before creating any purchases.

20. Memory Card Reader

I didn’t realize simply however slow transferring photos through your camera are often. This all modified after I required to shop for a memory card reader.

Wow, it gave me an enormous speed boost and, as I take a lot of and a lot of photos, it saves me a lot of and longer. A card reader isn’t solely vital, however conjointly one amongst the most effective camera accessories.

You will like one, and you’ll even use this aboard your camera if you would like to feature several pictures to your laptop as soon as possible.

The Transcend USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Multi-Card Reader is the sole factor you’ll like because it provides you access to SD, small SD, and CF cards.


All the accessories on this list can, for sure, assist you higher your photography skills. However, before happening the disbursal craze, strive yourself with simply a camera and a kit lens. Go slow, realize your strengths and weaknesses, and work on them. Take a look at the water; there’s no have to be compelled to jump headfirst into accessories. As your basic data grows, therefore, can your gear.

With that aforementioned, I hope we’ve helped. Search smart!

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