Twitter Introduces an All-New Feature for Instagram Users in 2021

Today I’m going to be introducing Twitter’s all-new feature for Instagram users in 2021.

Spoilers alerts – this feature is currently available for only iOS users! And I’m going to show you exactly how it works.

Let’s get started.

What is this Twitter’s All-New Feature for Instagram Users in 2021?

Twitter’s new feature for Instagram users as announced on the official Twitter page in 2021 allows users to easily share tweets to their Instagram stories rather than having to be screenshotting and posting as it was done before.


This was also tweeted by the official Twitter Support account.


The only sad thing about this Twitter’s new feature for Instagram users is that the feature is only available for iOS users.

The old method of sharing tweets on Instagram involved the process of taking a screenshot of the tweet with your mobile, and then uploading it directly, either on your Stories, or Feed. The process even becomes more strenuous with you always having to crop the screenshot to fit before uploading.

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But now, Twitter recently decided to make this whole process less cumbersome for users by introducing this new feature for Instagram users.

Traffic can then be generated to the tweeted via the swipe-up link in Stories. But as we all know, this swipe-up feature on Instagram is only available to certain qualified users – so yea, a downside of this Twitter share feature.

Now I’d Love to Hear from You:

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  • What other new features would you want to see implemented in Twitter in the coming years?
  • Or maybe, not just Twitter – what other features do you want to see implemented in other social media platforms in the coming years?

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