Must-Have Tech Gifts Under $50

You don’t have to break the bank to get a cool tech gift. There are a number of $50 gifts for tech-savvy friends and family; here are some of the best.

Don’t overburden yourself with last-minute gift shopping (or force the delivery company to deliver gifts at your doorstep a night before Christmas). Make a plan and cross Christmas-break shopping off your to-do list.

However, if you are a generous person with a large family or a large circle of friends, the holidays can be a financially draining time.

Many of us cannot afford to spend a ton of money on presents for all of our loved ones. There are a handful of gifts in the $50 range for tech-savvy friends, a sweet spot that says “I like you enough to buy something a little more expensive than a candle.” Amazon, Google, and Wyze all have a plethora of gadgets at reasonable prices.

Outdoor Security At A Low Cost

  • Wyze Cam V3 (Amazon, $34.98)

If you’re worried about porch pirates or simply want to see what’s happening on your property, a home surveillance camera is a must-have. Top-of-the-line outdoor security cameras can cost several hundred dollars, but Wyze sells an impressive array of low-cost devices.

The Wyze Cam V3 is our Editors’ Choice, as it provides colour night mode, intelligent motion sensors, voice-activated, an integrated alarm, and local video storage for under $40.

Stealthy Indoor Home Security

  • Eufy Solo IndoorCam C24 (Amazon: $42.99).
Eufy Solo IndoorCam

Indoor home security should not be overlooked. Keep a discreet camera, such as the Eufy Solo IndoorCam C24, that provides sharp 2K video, voice-activated, and intelligent motion notifications for $40, to keep an eye on pets and other valuables.

If you’re willing to spend an extra $12, the Eufy Indoor Cam 2K Pan & Tilt includes a few advanced options (mechanical pan and tilt, high-resolution video, fully automated motion detection, and smart motion and sound monitoring), earning it our Editors’ Choice award.

Otherwise, the Kasa Spot 24/7 Recording (KC400) is a sub-$40 option that includes local and cloud storage, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice command support, and person detection.

A Sleek Improvement For Alexa Addicts

  • Amazon Echo Dot 4th Generation ($39.99 from Amazon)
Amazon Echo Dot 4th Generation

The Amazon Echo Dot has long been a space-saving, low-cost way of bringing Alexa into your home. And Amazon’s previously puck-shaped smart speaker has been redesigned with a more orb-like shape and a glowing blue LED. It’s still the best basic entry point to Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant for $50.

Alexa-Powered Timers In A Fasionable Design

  • Amazon Echo Wall Clock (Amazon, $29.99)
Amazon Echo Wall Clock

If you frequently use Alexa timers, Amazon’s Echo Wall Clock is a convenient way to see when they’re just about to expire. However, it must be paired with an Alexa device, such as the Dot.

  • Google Nest Mini 2nd Gen ($49.00 at Google Store) for Discreet Google Assistant Access

If Alexa isn’t your thing, the Google Nest Mini is the most cost-effective Google Assistant smart speaker on the market.

The Mini has several tricks up its sleeve, including the ability to function as an intercom and to pair with much more powerful Bluetooth speakers.

A Smart TV Dongle

  • Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K ($34.99)
Amazon Fire TV

Do you want to upgrade your television without adding again a set-top box to your room? A media-streaming dongle connects to Wi-Fi and plugs into an HDMI port on your TV to provide easy access to the best streaming services.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, with 4K HDR, Amazon Alexa, and fast performance, is our Editors’ Choice. It’s the biggest media streamer under $50.

If you don’t already have one, you should get one. The third-generation Amazon Fire TV Stick is the fastest growing digital streamer for 1080p TVs if you don’t yet have a 4K TV and want to save $10.

For Aspiring Audiophiles

  • JBL JR300BT Pro Wireless. (Amazon price: $29.88)
JBL JR300BT Pro Wireless

Headphones are essential if you want to keep kids captivated on a plane or car ride, or if you need a break from Blippi, Paw Patrol, or whatever children’s shows is currently haunting your dreams.

We have a comprehensive list of the Best Kids’ Headphones, but our pick for under $50 is the JLab JBuddies Pro Wireless headphones.

With their substantial bass depth, they sound like they were designed for adults, but a volume modifier switch keeps levels safe for children.

For Basic Entertainment Needs

  • Amazon Fire 7 ($49.99 at Amazon) 
Amazon Fire 7

The iPad is a beautiful device, but it will cost you at least a couple of hundred dollars. The Amazon Fire 7 tablet is a good basic video player and colour ebook reader for those who want a more affordably priced way to read ebooks, watch Netflix, and browse the web. It’s also very easy to use.

Waterproof On-The-Go Music Player

  • JBL Go 3 ($49.95 at JBL)
JBL Go 3

For a low price, JBL’s Go 3 speaker provides solid wireless audio output in a water-resistant, easily portable design. Expecting powerful bass depth from a speaker this size is unrealistic, but the Go 3 does its best to provide a rich low-end presence at higher volumes.

This is an excellent buy for the price. The portable Tribit StormBox is another option. For only $50, you can get a micro-speaker with full-sounding audio and a weatherproof frame.

True Wireless Earbuds

  • OnePlus Buds Z (Amazon, $39.99)
oneplus buds pro main

If Bluetooth headphones from Apple or Bose are out of your price range, OnePlus comes to the rescue. The $50 Buds Z are excellent true wireless earphones for bass heads who own a OnePlus phone.

Another good option is the true wireless Wyze Buds, which provide high-quality audio output with customizable EQ in a water-resistant design that is uncommon at this price.

Low-Cost Live Streaming

  • Razer Seiren Mini ($49.99 at Amazon) 
Razer Seiren Mini

Blogging and video broadcasts are big businesses nowadays, and while competition is intense, you have to start somewhere.

The Razer Seiren Mini microphone has few features, but it works well. It’s inexpensive and simple to use for both live streamers and podcasters.

Another strong contender? The Blue Snowball Ice is a $50 USB microphone that produces high-quality audio.

Weight Data From A Smartphone

  • Wyze Eufy BodySense Smart Scale ($19.99)
Wyze Eufy BodySense Smart Scale

If you’re a data nerd who wants to keep track of your weight, the Wyze Scale is an unrivalled value, with the ability to assess and monitor 12 metrics, Wyze Band integration, and a safe mode for pregnant women and pacemakers.

A Straightfoward Tracker For Apple Users

  • Apple AirTag (Amazon: $29.00)
AirTag 2

Whether you’re forgetful or worried about theft, tracking devices can provide peace of mind and assist you in keeping track of items you frequently misplace or lose, such as keys.

Apple’s AirTag technology tells your other Apple devices precisely where to look for your misplaced items, even if they’re thousands of miles away.


  • Tile Pro ($34.99 on Amazon) 
tile mate and tile pro 1

Apple’s AirTags are currently restricted to its own ecosystem, but Android users misplace items too. The Tile Pro is the best tracker for Android users because it has a loudspeaker, a sturdy body, and excellent connectivity.

Smart, Colorful Accent Lighting On A Budget

  • Wyze Light Strip Pro ($27.99 at Wyze) 

If you’re spending a lot of time at home these days—working, streaming, scrolling—add some colour to your space with colorful smart lights.

The Wyze Light Strip Pro is an affordable way to add a splash of smart, customisable accent lighting to any room and regulate it from your phone or by voice. The Wyze Bulb Color provides similar functionality for your existing lamps.

  • Wyze Floor Lamp
Wyze Floor Lamp 3

If colorful bulbs are too much for you, the Wyze Floor Lamp offers dimmable white lighting and Bluetooth control from your phone.

Households Prone To Flood

  • Phyn Smart Water Sensor (Amazon, $39.99)
Sensor 4
Phyn Smart Water Sensor

A flooded apartment or house can quickly devolve into a humid, moldy disaster. With the Phyn Smart Water Sensor, you can keep track of leaky areas in your home. It’s simple to set up and will notify you if you have a leak as well as when humidity and temperature thresholds are exceeded.

Surround Sound Gamers On A Budget

  • Logitech G432 Wired Gaming Headset (Amazon: $46.49)

The Logitech G432 is a proficient wired gaming headset that comes with a 7.1-channel USB sound system for use with computers. Its design and performance lag behind the competition, but for the price, it’s not bad.

Esports Fans

  • HyperX Pulsefire Haste Gaming Mouse (Amazon $39.99)
csm HyperX Pulsefire Haste Wireless White 2 back angled75 743cdf8b85

The HyperX Pulsefire Haste is a lightweight, convenient, and reasonably priced gaming mouse with serviceable hand support and a good sensor, making it HyperX’s best gaming mouse to date. Another viable option? The Corsair Sabre RGB Pro Champion Series Gaming Mouse appears to be a standard mouse, but its core fundamentals and creative features are designed for esports professionals.

Designes For Game Streamers.

  • Amazon Luna Controller ($49.99 at Amazon)
Amazon Luna Controller

If you’ve signed up for Amazon’s Luna game-streaming service, the Amazon Luna Gamepad is a fantastic gamepad with a dedicated Wi-Fi chip that provides the best Luna game-streaming experience; Amazon claims it reduces latency by 17 to 30 milliseconds.

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