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MTN Data Plan, Internet Bundles Codes and PRICES IN NIGERIA 2019

MTN Data Plan, Internet Bundles Codes

When choosing a data plan for surfing the web on the MTN network, it is a brilliant idea to make sure you pick a browsing package that meets your needs. Herein you will find the latest browsing data plans MTN has to offer.

MTN has renewed its internet browsing data plans combining more data allowance and include a couple of new data plans that offer more value for money. You now have various Data Plan to select from. There are affordable browsing plans for entry-level users and mobile phone browsing as well as browsing bundles for average data and high data operators.

Like most other networks, MTN provides daily data plans subscription and weekly data plan subscription in addition to the standard monthly subscription. The cheapest monthly plan that provided 1GB for 1,000 Naira, now provides 1.5GB at the same price.
An even better option for MTN affordable Browsing plan is the 1.5GB for 1,200 Naira monthly plan which currently offers 2GB at the same price.

Codes and PRICES

Currently, MTN charges 5kobo/kb for pay as you go browsing. Browsing on pay as you go could be expensive for most users, especially when opening a website or platform that requires much Mb. So it is a smart idea to transfer to an internet plan using its internet browsing codes, seeing that they offer more value for money.

Simply dial *131# on your MTN line if you wish to get more information about the MTN Data Plans in Nigeria,

MTN Data plan has been improved to provide a lot more value for money.

MTN boosts 4G LTE, for some smartphones that support 4G on the MTN network. Get Data Plan for your phones for a better browsing experience, even on 4G LTE.

Now take a good look at the prices of MTN Data Plan with their activation codes listed next to it.

Here are the most recent MTN Data subscription Prices.

1.5GB Browsing Plan for 30 days – ₦1000 – text 106 to 131
2GB MTN data plan for 30 days – ₦1200 – text 130 to 131
MTN 3.5GB mobile data plan for 30 days – ₦2000 – text 110 to 131
6.5GB MTN data plan for 30 days – ₦3500 – text 107 to 131
11GB MTN data plan for 30 days – ₦5000 – text 116 to 131
25GB MTN data plan for 30 days – ₦10000 – text 117 to 131
40GB MTN data plan for 30 days – ₦15000 – text 150 to 131

1GB MTN Daily (24 hours) – ₦350 – SMS 155 to 131
2GB 2 days Plan (48 hours) – ₦500 – text 154 to 131
60GB MTN data plan for 60 days – ₦20,000 – text 118 to 131
120GB MTN data plan for 90 days – ₦50,000 – text 133 to 131
MTN 100GB data plan for 60 days – ₦30,000 – text 138 to 131
150GB MTN data plan for 90 days – ₦70,000 – text 134 to 131
MTN Daily mobile data plan, 75MB (24 hours) – ₦100 – SMS 104 to 131
Daily MTN mobile data plan for, 25MB (24 hours) – ₦50 – SMS 114 to 131
200MB 2 days Package (48 hours) – ₦200 – text 113 to 131
750MB Weekly subscription for mobile (7 days) – ₦500 – text 103 to 131
350MB Weekly subscription for mobile (7 days) – ₦300 – text 102 to 131

To check your MTN data balance, SMS 2 to 131 or dial *131*4#.

MTN Data Plan
24/7 Subscriptions

24/7 internet browsing is transcendent as you can browse whenever you want. MTN Night browsing seems to have been suspended for the main time.

MTN Weekend data plan, which used to be effective throughout the weekend from 9pm on Friday to 6am on Monday seems to have suffered the same fate as the night plan as they both are currently suspended.

the Weekend browsing as well as the Night browsing made sense in the days of fixed internet, but will the always-on mobile world both subscription plans seem lame.


Surfing the net 24/7 is admirable because of the ability to browse whenever and wherever you would like practically.

MTN internet service is accessible via a Smartphone ideally, an internet router, or an internet modem.

You can browse directly with the smartphone or use it as a device to connect your laptop or computer to the web using a data cable/USB or Bluetooth or WiFi Hotspot.

If you would prefer to receive automatic 3G/3.5G/GPRS settings immediately, text “SETTINGS” to 3888 on your mobile phone using a valid registered MTN-Nigeria SIM card.

However, you can as decide to configure your mobile device manually using the following settings below.

Account name: “MTN GPRS”
Access purpose name (APN): “”
IP address: “”
Port: “8080” (for HTML) or “9201” (for WAP)
Username: “web”
Password: “web”

Port 8080 is typically recommended, except if your mobile solely supports WAP. All android phone should use 8080

So here you have it, the most recent and inexpensive MTN Data Plans for surfing the web, subscription codes and their prices in Nigeria 2019 Update


The most affordable MTN data subscription depends on your budget and demands, however, you can check out the 750MB for 500 Naira which would last you for 7days and the 350mb for 300 Naira.


The only requirement made available by MTN to roll over unused data is to refill your bundle subscription before expiration.


Sadly, MTN DOES NOT have Unlimited data plans. However, you can opt for the two months, and three months data plans subscription.

2-Month Plans. 60GB. N20,000. 60 Days. Text “118” to 131
3-Month Plans. 120GB. N50,000. 90 Days. Text “133” to 131


Doubling your MTN Data on the MTN Double Data Offer that gives you times 2 of your data bundle. For example, if you activate the 1.5GB monthly plan, you will receive free 1.5GB extra to make it 3GB monthly plan. The negative part of this is that MTN made the offer available to selected subscribers.


Converting MTN airtime to data bundles simply mean how to activate a data bundle which is the whole essence of this page. Once you have selected the suitable data plan for you, Dial the activation code for the data bundle, and your will airtime will instantly be converted into the chosen data bundle or plan. If you have more airtime in your account, only the difference will remain as airtime on your phone.


To check your data balance or data package simply Dial *131*4# or Text 2 to 131


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