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MediaTek announces new Helio P22 Chipset


System-on-chip manufacturer MediaTek released a new category of smartphone chipsets yesterday: the MediaTek Helio P22.

This new category is designed to power what the manufacturer refers to as the “new premium” smartphone category. What this means is, mid-range phones will possess features normally found in high-end models.

This new MediaTek Helio P22 chipset will also grant mid-range smartphones the ability to offer high-end features like AI, dual cameras, and more.

The manufacturer hopes that this new chipset will give budget smartphones a chance to have some traditional high-end specifications. Which also is good news for some smartphone makers who have been attempting to achieve that feature.

Expected Appearance

The new Helio P22 chip series is in production now and will start showing up in consumer smartphones by the third quarter of this year.

Hence, the new MediaTek Helio P22 line of chips should likely appear in smartphones by the third quarter of this Year.



Firstly, the new Mediatek Helio P22 chipset will feature a 12nm manufacturing process. This is the first time it is happening in the mid-range smartphone industry. With that amount of speed, the System-on-chip’s will be AI-capable.

Also, it will be able to power better cameras and offer more reliable high-speed data connectivity.

Furthermore, the new chipsets will also support higher display resolutions than what the mid-range market usually sees. MediaTek makes use of the example with a 20:9 ratio at a 1,600 x 720 resolution, Bluetooth 5.0, 802.11ac Wi-Fi speeds, and LTE connectivity on up to two SIM cards.

In-addition to the mid-range smartphone market getting upgraded, better smartphones and more high-end features are finding their way in. To the extent that, even devices in the low-budget range are trying to achieve the same.

Meanwhile, MediaTek is hoping to likely capitalize on the consumer shift from high-range smartphones to more mid-range models. Provided consumers are buying Android smartphones.

Quite unfortunately, MediaTek has a reputation for not keeping their System-on-chip software up to date. Which in-addition results in smartphones no longer receiving Android updates when due.

Finally, the company has committed to changing that reputation, and we hope it remains so.

Do you use a mid-range smartphone? What do you think about this new advancement by Mediatek?

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