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Malware Alert: Google PlayStore may be Housing a new Android Malware

Android Malware

It seems Google’s app screening wasn’t completely effective. Because Google has done a lot to eradicate Android malware in recent months. But, it’s obvious there’s still some work to do.

The Problem

Recently, Symantec discovered seven previously removed disastrous applications that made a return on Google Play.  They made their way there by simply using a new publisher and new app names.

The titles pretended to be productivity apps and would even use Google’s official imagery to hide their origins. But, they’d push ads and scam websites if they were allowed to stay for four hours. That’s scary right…?

Furthermore, it’s not really clear how these apps slipped through, but Google has since taken them off the Play Store. But you never know who may have mistakenly downloaded any of these apps on their Smartphones.

The findings are slightly unnerving, at the least. Although it’s not unheard of for malware to slip into Google Play, it hardly comes back without at least some kind of considerable modification.

Meanwhile, in theory, a name change shouldn’t be enough to just do the trick.

But, however, the malware got through to Google Play, this is not a guaranty that the Android Malware is necessarily gone. Just because it’s been removed from Google’s app store.

The Solution

Nowadays, Android malware is increasingly common, and that means Smartphone users need to be on guard when it comes to what types of apps they choose to download. Here are some steps to guide you when downloading an app from the Google Play store.

  1. By taking time to go through the permissions the app requires. Ask yourself if they match the purpose of the app because granting the wrong permissions can send sensitive data off to third parties.
  2. Go through the app’s reviews. Scan through to see if there are any strange concerns or experiences with the app.
  3. Avoid a free antivirus trial, because it could be malware in disguise that plans to attack your mobile device. Affordable Antivirus software is available from trusted vendors, and it effectively does the job.

With these steps, I’m pretty sure you’ll be safe from Android malware. While Google works on making their Play Store safer.


Precious Okafor

I am Precious Okafor (White Angelis) a passionate entrepreneur and digital marketer.

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