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LG opens Android upgrade center to prevent any more bootloop problems


LG fans, we’ve got great news: the company has opened a new ‘Global Software Upgrade Center’ for your smartphone.

The move will mean two things, according to the brand. Faster Android upgrades for your smartphone, and a more stable and usable experience whenever said updates have been deployed.

Despite being located in South Korea, the division will be tasked with ensuring that Android upgrades are being delivered globally. Which should see the end of hearing that some are getting the update first while the rest of the world waits months.



This announcement means that not only will software be delivered in a more timely fashion. But more smartphones will be given Android upgrades for longer in their lifespan which LG Phones are know for.

Of course, just deploying the update doesn’t mean you’ll still get it as quickly as you’d like – in many countries, the software upgrades have to go through carrier testing, which can slow down the process even further.

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