iPhone 13 Pro Design Revealed: The Complete Best Review (2021)

Today you’re going to see the latest iPhone 13 Pro design revealed. In this all-new product review, you’re going to learn about:

  • iPhone 13 Pro full spec.
  • iPhone 13 Pro vs iPhone 12 comparison.
  • iPhone 13 Pro official release date and price.
  • And lots more.

So if you want to get the latest update in the iOS industry, you’ll love this guide.

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iPhone 13 Pro Design Rumors Uncovered

Below are some of the most common rumors about the iPhone 13 Pro design:

  1. iPhone 13 Pro might come with a 1TB storage capacity.
  2. The iPhone 13 Pro design might come out portless.
  3. iPhone 13 Pro is switching to a soft board technology for its batteries.
  4. Gaze tracking coming with the all-new iPhone 13 Pro design.
#1: iPhone 13 Pro might come with a 1TB storage capacity:

According to a tweet by Jon Prosser (who’s popularly known for sharing leaks to Android-related updates, and now new to Apple and its related products): Apple is soon to release its first 1TB iPhones.


But is this going to be true for the iPhone 13 Pro?

Prosser later furthers his claims in his video stating that the iPhone 13 Pro is being tested in 1TB configurations.

If this is true, this would make the iPhone 13 Pro the most expensive iPhone and mobile device ever released. But the truth still remains that the phone model would be better suited for professionals than normal average users.


This kind of phone with such high storage capacity would be more suitable and useful for professionals like photographers and videographers for the purpose of mobile journalism, adventure photography, and many others – to store all their footage and photos on their mobile, with no worries.

This would also be best for social media influencers, especially YouTubers.

Note that the memory capacity of the phone can still be expanded by using cloud storage and other external storage drives which makes it even more efficient.

#2: The iPhone 13 Pro design might come out portless:

According to Techradar: The USB-C charging port is looking unlikely with the iPhone 13 Pro design…
In fact: we are looking at the entire iPhone 13 Pro design being portless – only making use of wireless charging. But there are rumors that it is most likely that only the iPhone 13 Pro Max would come portless.

An Oppo concept device made by the company to show a portless iPhone 13 Pro design (Image credit: Future)

But the major issue that Apple is trying to tackle is how to reset a portless iPhone and optimize it for a fast charge without a lightning-fast cable.

#3: iPhone 13 Pro is switching to a soft board technology for its batteries

Yes – The all-new iPhone 13 Pro design may come with a higher battery capacity, and this due to the latest soft board technology which it’s adopting – as recorded by popular analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

This is in turn will give the iPhone 13 Pro design a thinner look than the iPhone 12.

Kuo further claims that Apple is currently experimenting with a space-saving design which makes him more certain that this could be a major improvement we’d see before the year runs out.

And there’s more…

A recent Apple patent has been developed which will place the latest iPhones in a protective charging mode. This automatically stops your phone from charging, even when plugged in, once completely charged, to prevent over-charging.


#4: Gaze tracking coming with the all-new iPhone 13 Pro design

Rumor has it that the all-new iPhone 13 Pro design might just be able to prevent onlookers from gazing into your phone.

According to an Apple Patent dubbed Gaze-dependent display encryption that was initiated on May 4th and cited by Apple Insider, the company has detailed a system that might just be able to give iPhones and iPads the ability to track users eye movement to know what exact part of a document that they are looking at. Thus making that particular part of the screen the user is looking at normal, giving it a limited surrounding area – but anyone looking at it outside that area, the system tends to alter the image to make it practically unreadable.

A practical example of how text could be obscured using the Gaze dependent display encryption (Image credit: Apple / USPTO)

This is thought to be one of the really effective ways to prevent others from snooping on one’s device while in use.

Some other additions that would be common in the iPhone 13 Pro design could be the addition of an advanced vapor cooling chamber to improve its performance.

iPhone 13 Pro Design Defined

Below are going to be the most unique features of the iPhone 13 Pro design:

  • A bigger camera upgrade
  • An improved battery life
  • A mini iPhone 13 Pro design
  • A higher refresh rate display
  • Better options for charging
  • The death of low internal storage for mobile devices
  • A drop in price
#1: A Bigger Camera Upgrade

We are in for a blast with the latest technology in camera quality with the iPhone 13 Pro. When compared with the iPhone 12, the iPhone 13 Pro design comes bigger in terms of camera size.


The new iPhone 13 pro design is expected to high cameras as thick as 7.57mm, which is about 0.17mm thicker than the current iPhone 12 models. Although this may not be easily noticeable to regular users, one can easily tell the difference with the resulting picture quality.

Apple is out to improve sensor-shift stabilization with its new model of phones, and the iPhone 13 is not going to be left out of it. Thus, we are to expect improved low-light performance and stabilization for both wide and ultra-wide lenses with the all-new iPhone 13 pro design.


Now due to the bump in camera size, Apple may also have plans to change the position of the side buttons of the iPhone 13 Pro design. This could mean adjusting the side buttons slightly lower, with the volume buttons on the other side of the device.

#2: An Improved Battery Life

Definitely, due to its all-new soft board technology, the iPhone 13 Pro is guaranteed to see a better battery life capacity.

#3: A Mini iPhone 13 Pro Design

Without considering the bad turnout in sales of the iPhone 12 mini, Apple plans on rolling out a mini version for the iPhone 13, but at the expense of the iPhone SE 3.

This could be because of the resulting poor number of sales of the iPhone 12 mini as it was released alongside the iPhone SE.

Here’s what Prosser had to say of this:

#4: A Higher Refresh Rate Display

This is the kind of upgrade you don’t know whether or not you want it until you’ve experienced a device with the technology. This in turn would change the entire user experience for iPhone devices for good.

#5: Better Options for Charging

As discussed earlier, the iPhone 13 Pro design is coming portless which drops the need for chargers. This is an initiative aimed at creating a user-friendly way for users to charge their devices, while still helping to save energy with the all-new protective charging feature.

#6: The Death of Low Internal Storage for Mobile Devices

It’s evident that the idea of a 1TB storage capacity kills every doubt for the usual 64GB/128GB/256GB low storage capacity for mobile devices.

iPhone 13 Pro Official Release Date and Price

As with every new Apple device rollout, the iPhone 13 series is predicted to hit the market on the 4th Friday of September, which’s about September 24th, 2021.

Despite delays in the iPhone 12 rollout due to the unforeseen coronavirus that pushed its launch to October 13th, 2020, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims that the iPhone 13 should launch on its usual release schedule this 2021.

Although, we won’t start confirming claims to our speculative features that come with the iPhone 13 design until June 7th, 2021 – when proper hints about the device’s full details and more info about the iOS 15 would be made to the general public at the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC 2021).

Until then, we can’t really tell how true the rumor of the 1TB device storage for the iPhone 13 series – so yea! (ALL FINGERS CROSSED!!!).

iPhone 13 Price

One of the main advantages of the new iPhone 13 Pro design is its relatively cheap price, as it costs about as much as the iPhone 12 series.

The iPhone 13 mini is likely to cost about $699, the iPhone 13 could go for about $799, the iPhone 13 Pro for $999, and finally, the iPhone 13 Pro Max which is predicted to go for about $1099.

Rumor also has it that the various sizes of the iPhone 13 could be – for the:
  • iPhone 13 mini – 5.4-inch
  • iPhone 13 -6.1 inch
  • iPhone 13 Pro – 6.1 inch
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max – 6.7 inch

Now I’d Love to Hear From You:

  • What specific feature would you be looking out for in the iPhone 13 Pro design?
  • How much are you willing to spend for an iPhone 13 series?

Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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