HP Deskjet 2540 Complete Review: Best Buy for an All-in-One Printing (2021)

This is a complete review of the HP Deskjet 2540 digital printer in 2021.

You’ll also learn:

  • HP Deskjet 2540 full specifications
  • Where to buy the HP Deskjet 2540?
  • How much does the HP Deskjet 2540 cost?
  • And lots more.

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Introducing the HP Deskjet 2540

HP has written the Deskjet 2540 to be a wireless printer, making it easy to set up and use. It is quite rare to see a low-budget printer support Apple AirPrint, but clearly, HP has intended it for wireless users.


With its all-in-one in pristine white material, steeply tapered front, and solid height, it cuts a nice figure for the price range.

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Though it does not have a touchscreen or Ethernet connection, it is a sleek device that looks decent and still surprisingly does its job greatly.

The Deskjet 2540 is impressively compact even though all paper inserting and output areas are well concealed. The top-mounted paper input tray and the front output tray can be neatly folded back after use.

This notwithstanding, the printer has an easy-to-reach ink supply: a second panel within the paper input tray raises to reveal the mono and tri-color cartridges. Replacing them is such an easy task to undergo.  


Its limited paper tray can only hold 60 sheets, which speaks to its target audience.

The HP Deskjet 2540 is most suitable for users who desire simplicity, print occasionally, and the type of person who buys a computer for the internet and wants to pair it up with a printer just because it was there. The device is not so suitable for photography enthusiasts, office printing users, or those with high printing needs.

Needless to say, the HP Deskjet 2540 is great as a home or student printer, but it is not suitable for anyone printing more than a few hundred pages a month, as the cost of running it will quickly escalate. 

Despite being a basic printer, the HP 2540 still has the following essential features:

  1. The printer is wireless (no Ethernet connection) 
  2.  Supported with AirPrint and Google Cloud Print
  3. Scanner
  4. Onboard control panel and screen
  5. Speed
  6. Quality

#1: Wireless

The HP Deskjet all-in-one machine offers affordable wireless printing and scanning for your home. Connecting this printer to a network should be wireless, with its inbuilt bonus of WiFi connectivity.

hp deskjet 2540 buy wireless

To work wirelessly, the device and printer must be on the same local wireless network or connected directly through wireless support. Wireless performance is dependent upon the physical environment and access point distance. Wireless operations function on 2.4 GHz routers only.

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Despite having just one USB 2 interface at the back of the printer, the Deskjet 2540 is a true wireless powerhouse. Thanks to its built-in support for wireless LANs. However, the printer cannot connect removable memory cards, so you won’t be able to print directly from the flash drive.

#2: Supported with AirPrint and Google Cloud Print

HP ePrint supports sending prints over the internet. HP ePrint is also compatible with printing from your phone and tablet.


2540 appears to be aimed at users who need wireless printing, as it is extremely easy to set up and use.

#3: Scanner

This scanner works with HP’s Android App, so you can scan to a smartphone or tablet. You can easily open and close the lid without a problem, but it does not have extending hinges, so bound documents are hard to scan.

It is ideal if you need to scan a single page, and the control panel, which is simple but useful, displays helpful signals for the wireless signal and a counter on the screen.

#4: Speed

Low-budget printers are not generally the fastest, but the HP 2540 comes close to the competition as it allows printing at a rate of around 5 pages per minute (ppm) for color and black and white documents.


This HP 2540 performance speed deserves a thumbs up!

#5: Quality

In terms of printing quality, the two-ink print engine utilizes a pigment black tank, which produces text that is solid and vivid, with no signs of blurring or bleeding.

All of the printing tests received good results, with dark and accurate text, although not as truly black as you would get on more expensive models, but more than adequate for home printing such as homework.

Its performance with photos is also quite good; colors come out vibrantly and the resolution isn’t as high as other printers with slightly “grainy” looks.

#6: Onboard Control Panel

Controls for wireless strength and copy numbers are located on an LCD at the top of the case, along with six buttons, and three indicator LEDs.

The icon-driven control panel display buttons allow the printer to run and allows users to choose print options and buttons for running the printer. It indicates the number of copies, wireless status, and media error, then automatically sleeps after five minutes of inactivity. 

hp deskjet 2540 buy quality

In terms of other features, there is nothing much to mention about this HP Deskjet 2540 printer as it does not offer much. 

Its thin design and low cost are targeted to businesses that only print occasional notes and documents, and those that print mainly pictures, making it a great option for small businesses or families.

It is compact for easy installation. So, set it up quickly and save space with its space-saving design.

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