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How to Transfer Money from Union Bank – Union Bank Transfer Code

Here, in this article, we will teach you how to transfer money from Union Bank using the Union Bank Transfer code. The Union Bank Transfer Code is very easy to use. It is very essential that you learn this especially if you don’t have a browsing phone.

You may have come across Pay code or the Union Bank codes. The Union Bank Transfer Code is also referred to as the Union Bank Code and is used to generate a PIN for Mobile Banking.
Apart from learning how to transfer money from Union Bank using the Union Bank Transfer Code; you will still know so many other stuff like how to generate a PIN, recharge airtime, check your bank account balance etc.

What is The Union Bank Transfer code?

The Union Bank Transfer Code is a combination of numbers which allows you to perform a series of transactions which includes; transferring money from Union Bank to another Bank, recharge your friends and so on. Then the good news here is that you don’t have to suffer the stress of going to the bank, you just stay in your convenience and perform your transaction even without an internet connection.

Almost all the Banks in Nigeria have embraced the Mobile Banking System except for few that still runs the outdated system. And Union Bank transfer code is available for all their subscribers.

How to register for Union bank transfer code:

First of all, I believe that the person read this post on how to transfer money from Union Bank, using the bank’s transfer code, already has an account with the Union Bank.

As a Union bank Account holder, all you need to do is to subscribe to the Mobile Banking platform. Please ensure that the number you want to use for this service is linked to your account, meaning that you should register with the number with which you opened your account.

The Union Bank Transfer code is *826#. Please understand that dialing the number for the first time takes through the registration process. And the registration for the Union Bank USSD service is absolutely free for all users. Below we will show you how to create your transfer PIN.



How to create a Union Bank transfer pin?

The Union Bank transfer PIN is just personal and secured numbers (about 4 digits), that confirms you are authorizing the transaction. It guarantees security against fraud, unauthorized transactions, and other malicious acts.
To kick off the registration just dial *826#, then every other step is self-explanatory, only follow the instructions that come up. While choosing the 4 digit numbers make they are easy to remember, but not too easy for others to figure out.


How to transfer money from Union Bank to other Bank:

To transfer money with the Union Bank Transfer Code, you don’t necessarily need to be connected to the internet. It doesn’t require data, all you need to have is just airtime. And they love to keep it simple.
Just dial 8262amountAccount NO# after that, another section will come up where you to enter your transfer pin.
Meanwhile, to transfer from Union Bank to UBN account, you can simply dial 8261amountaccount no# and enter your transfer pin. Mind you this one is quite different from the one above.

To confirm that the transaction was successful, a notification will appear on your phone screen and an SMS alert will be automatically sent to your registered phone number.
Understand that you can only these transactions from your individual current or savings account. That means you cannot perform any transaction with any of the following account types: Corporate Accounts, Joint Accounts, Target Savings Accounts & Domiciliary accounts. And the charge for transfers to other banks is ₦52.50 per transaction, while UBN to UBN is free.

How to recharge with Union Bank Transfer Code:

To top-up your mobile phone, that is to buy airtime for your phone, simply dial 826Amount#.
Whereas, if you want to recharge a friend or family; or maybe your other phone, just dial 826Amount*Number# then enter your pin.

Benefits and Features of the Union Bank Transfer Code:

The Mobile Banking System is very exciting and more convenient. Believe it or not, the introduction of this system of banking has enhanced our daily business transactions when it comes to financial aspects. Below are benefits of the Union Bank Transfer Code;

  • It allows you to send money to other banks
  • You can buy airtime for yourself, friends and family.
  • Enables to check your bank account balance
  • You can also open an account using the Mobile Banking
  • It saves you stress and time as well


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