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How to transfer money from FCMB – FCMB Transfer Code

The First City Momentum Bank, FCMB has embraced the Mobile Banking, which is referred to as FCMB Self-Service. The FCMB Self-Service easy and safe to use and also guarantees convenience. The FCMB has two different strings of codes which you can use to perform the Self-Service. In this article, you will learn about the FCMB Transfer Code and how to transfer money from FCMB.

These two transfer codes are totally different from each other and somehow looks like a customer care helpline. Here you will learn more about the FCMB Self-Service or telephone banking and how it differs from other Banks’.

What is FCMB Self-Service?

FCMB self-service is a secure and convenient way of performing various banking transactions right from the comforts of your homes or offices, without making any contact with a customer service representative for support.
Although the First City Momentum Bank has a kind of different, still remain one of the best banks in Nigeria. It is quite imperative to understand that for you use this Self-Service your phone number must be linked to your FCMB Account.

How to transfer money from FCMB:

To activate and use the FCMB Transfer Code, dial any of these numbers 07003290000 or 01-2798800 with the mobile number which you registered while opening your bank account.
Just the same way you call your mobile customer care and follow instructions, that is the same way the FCMB Transfer Code instructs you on how to go. Also, know that your token code is required to complete the transactions. In case of more inquiries, you can send a mail to [email protected]

Benefits of FCMB Self-Service:

There are various benefits of the FCMB Self-Service, they are:

  • Request to block your debit cards (MasterCard and Verve)
  • Reset your FCMB online password
  • Reset your FCMB Mobile Plus
  • Change your one-time transfer limit on FCMB Online
  • Transfer funds within FCMB
  • Top up your phone and other phones
  • Check your account balance
  • Check your account history last five transactions)
  • Setup and change your PIN for telephone banking
  • Switch easily between own account numbers without terminating the call

Meanwhile, for cases concerning frauds, you can contact the FCMB through [email protected]
For more information on our products and services, please call our 24/7 contact center on 07003290000 or 012798800 or chat with Temi via, Whatsapp on (+234) 090 999 99814 or (+234) 090 999 99815.

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