How to Stream Games on Google Stadia in 2021 (In 2-Quick and Easy Steps)

Today I’m going to show you how to stream games on Google Stadia in 2-quick and easy steps.

Google Stadia was introduced to give gamers the best gaming experience with live-streaming of their favorite games in the best of qualities, and at a really cheap cost.

So if you’re looking to get the best gaming experience at a really cheap cost, then you’ll love this guide.

Let’s dive right in!

Google Stadia for Gaming in 2021

One of the many features talked about and highlighted in November 2019 during the Stadia launch was its ability to stream live games played by its users. This might not mean much to anyone who doesn’t stream, but for those who do, this is really huge – if for nothing else, but because Google is making it as easy as possible which makes it one of its most amazing features.

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Just think about it and imagine being able to stream your cloud-powered games or gaming to a video streaming site and you would see just how mind-blowing this is; it feels like a revolution to gaming that has just being developed.

Google Stadia is a hardware-free streaming service for gamers that gives users access to a huge catalog of games on a variety of devices including desktops or laptops, smart TVs, smartphones, and tablets.

How to Stream Games on Google Stadia?

The first thing to note when learning how to stream games on Google Stadia is to first know what is really needed to get this done to avoid any complications.

The first major requirement when learning how to stream games on Google Stadia is a really strong internet connection, as this is kind of a must generally when it comes down to online gaming and streaming.

Due to complex graphics processing being done externally on the Stadia servers, and not on your PC or game console, a really solid internet connection is required to prevent the game from lagging while playing or streaming.

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Google recommends that gamers stream games on Google Stadia with a minimum internet speed of 10 megabits per second.

Also, when learning how to stream games on Google Stadia in 2021, you’ll also require the following:

Official Stadia Controller…

The official Stadia controller looks similar to a traditional game controller, but unique features like the ability to capture and share gaming footage directly to YouTube makes the controller mutually exclusive.

Getting Started With Google Stadia

There are two basic ways on how to stream games on Google Stadia:

  1. How to stream games on Google Stadia directly to YouTube
  2. How to stream games on Google Stadia using third-party software
#1: How to Stream Games on Google Stadia Directly to YouTube

The first step to take when learning how to stream games on Google Stadia directly to YouTube is to first link your account on YouTube to your Google Stadia account.

  • Sign in to your Google Stadia account and click on your profile picture which you can find at the top right corner of your user dashboard.


  • Click on Stadia Settings.


  • Click on YouTube to get a list of all the channels associated to your Google account. Note, it’s important to already be logged in on your Gmail account in the browser you’re using to link your Google Stadia to your channel.
  • Now click on Link with Stadia.


  • With that, your channel has been successfully linked to Google Stadia and now ready to play and stream games from the cloud. To unlink your channel, simply click Unlink.


With that all set up, it’s time to actually learn how to stream games on Google Stadia directly to YouTube

  • In learning how to stream games on Google Stadia directly to YouTube, the first step to take is to select the game you wish to stream and begin playing it.

N.B: Only Pro users have access to a lot of free games, otherwise you’ll have access to only one free game. And for the purpose of this guide, we worked with Konami’s Super Bomberman R.


  • Now, on your keyboard, press Shift + Tab to have access to the Stadia menu. But if you’re using the Stadia official controller, just hit the MENU button. This will give you access to a Live Stream option as shown below. CLICK IT!


  • After clicking the Live Stream option, you will see an option to Stream Directly to YouTube. Clicking this will automatically stream your games directly to YouTube without the need for any third-party software.


  • You’ll also get a variety of options to help you customize your streaming. You can choose to stream your games for kids, change the title and privacy of your stream, and adjust its audio settings.


  • Finally, click on the Start Live Stream button to start streaming. And once your stream is live, you will see a red Live icon at the top left. You can also get the link to your stream and easily stop your stream.


#2: How to Stream Games on Google Stadia Using Third-Party Software

You can learn how to stream games on Google Stadia using third-party streaming software like OBS with features like Crowd Play, Crowd Choice, and even webcam support.


With the steps listed below, you can learn how to stream games on Google Stadia with third-party software like OBS:

  • During your live stream on, open the Stadia menu, or if you are using the Stadia controller – press the Stadia button or Shift + Tab on your computer keyboard.


  • Now tap on Manage Stream.
  • Click on the Options setting icon to select the options you want: like changing the public title of your live stream, change your privacy or voice/audio options, display or hide your viewers count to your YouTube viewers, and so on.
  • Select Update to confirm all your changes.

To stop your live stream:

  • Open the Stadia menu or simply click on the Stadia button if you are using the Stadia controller (or press Shift + Tab if you are using your computer’s keyboard).
  • To stop streaming – for if you are streaming directly to YouTube, simply click Stop Stream. For if you are streaming with third-party software like OBS, then select “disconnect”.

It should be noted that some lice streaming options can not be changed during the live stream, therefore, for them to take effect, you will need to stop and restart your Live stream.

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