How to Sign Up for Google Play Pass in Less than 5 Minutes

In this post, I’m going to show you how to sign up for Google Play Pass in 2021.

Who buys assets again when everybody now buys access instead?

The Google Play Pass feature gives its users (subscribers) access to a ton of amazing applications and mobile games, all totally free of ads, and for a small monthly payment plan. And I’m going to show you exactly how to have it all set up in less than 5 minutes!

Let’s get started…

What is a Subscription Service?

There is a revolution going on now and many companies are joining the party. Gone are those days when people buy assets, nowadays people buy access.

Subscription service is a business model that provides value to both the service provider and the customer.  It is a business model whose strategy is to generate recurring revenue through a subscription pricing model. Customers have an option to receive the products or services on a recurring basis for a monthly or annual fee. The aim of the subscription service is to reduce the acquisition cost for the customer thereby increasing customer retention for your products and services. A good example which is popular is Netflix. Other companies like Hulu, Spotify have this business model for their customers.

Below is an example of a subscription pricing table for customers.


The Google Play Pass Subscription Service – How Does it Work?

Google Play Pass was launched on September 23rd, 2019 in the United States of America by Google for Android devices; and it is an app subscription service. Google Play Pass gives Android users access to hundreds (more than 350) of awesome premium games and apps which are completely free of ads and in-app purchases. All for $4.99 monthly and $29.99 yearly. Google allows Android users to share access to Google Play Pass with five family members so that everyone enjoys the fun on their android device.

The Google Play Pass is compatible with android devices (phones and tablets) with version 16.6.25 and above version of Play store and android version 4.4 and above.

Unfortunately, Google Play Pass is currently available only in some selected countries. Hopefully, it will be available to more countries soon.

Here is a list of countries that Google Play Pass is available:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Latvia
  • Liechtenstein
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Sweden

How to Sign Up for Google Play Pass

Signing up for Google Play Pass app subscription service is straightforward and Google gives you a 10-day free trial before you start spending any money.

If you want to know how to sign up for Google Play Pass, simply follow the steps below:

#1: On your android phone or tablet’s home screen, tap the Play Store app icon and launch the Google Play Store app.


#2: Tap on the hamburger menu icon (the horizontal line) located in the upper left corner.


#3: Tap the Play Pass when the slide-out menu appears.


#4: Tap on the Start free trial category


#5: The terms of the Google Play Pass app subscription will be displayed. If requested by Google, input your Google Pay details and tap on SUBSCRIBE.


#6: Enter your Google Account password detail and tap on VERIFY.


If your sign up to Google Play Pass is successful, a confirmation message appears temporarily followed by the Welcome to Play Pass screen.

Here is a wonderful tip:

Within the 10-days of your subscription, if you don’t enjoy Google Play Pass app subscription service and you don’t want to be billed, you can cancel the subscription.

Also, if you are opt-in for the family manager role, you can add up to five android users to your Google Pass subscription. To add the five additional android users to your subscription, tap on Set up which is located at the top of the welcome screen and follow the Family Plan prompts.

How to Use Google Play Pass?

As you have signed up for Google Play Pass and your subscription is active, you can explore the vast library of premium games and app available on Google Play Store.

  • On your android phone or tablet’s home screen, tap the Play Store app icon and launch the Google Play Store app.
  • The Google Play Store app is launched with the Google Play Pass tab active by default.
  • All the apps now are available for your disposal in your Play Pass tab and they are organized by category and by their popularity on the Google play store.
  • Now all the apps with a cost to download has a line through on it list price amount, signifying that the app is free due to your subscription. You can try to see if the app is really free by trying to install it.


Not all apps on the Google Play Store are available under your Google Play Pass subscription. So, to avoid getting billed accidentally, always check the list price if there is a line through it before installing the app.


Google Play Pass is an interesting app subscription service.  Having access to more than 350 premium apps and games and all you have to do is to pay a low monthly fee is really amazing. By paying the low monthly fee, you are guaranteed a good user experience as you won’t have to deal with those annoying ads and in-app purchases.

Now I’d Love to Hear from You:

  • What feature of the Google Play Pass do you find most interesting?
  • And do you see Google Play Pass as a way of saving money for gamers and app downloaders?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below!

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