An Easy Guide on How to Move Google Authenticator to a New Phone in 2021

This is a complete guide on how to move Google Authenticator to a new phone in 2021.

You probably just got a new phone, which is a good thing and can be really exciting – but a new mobile device is usually accompanied by brand new default settings, making it difficult to access previous features in apps of your previous mobile device; Apps like the Google authenticator.

But today, you’re going to learn exactly how to move Google authenticator to a new phone, quick and easy.

Let’s dive right in!

What to Do with a New Phone?

Hey there, got a new phone? That’s cool, Congratulations!

It’s gotta be exciting getting a new phone and especially if it’s the latest tech, be it an android or an iPhone. But hey, don’t get too excited alright?

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There is a really important step you have to take before throwing that old phone through the window. This involves learning how to move Google authenticator to a new phone by making sure you transfer the accounts set up in your old phone’s google authenticator to your new phone.

Doing this will ensure that you still have access to your two-factor codes, and you are able to sign in to those accounts on your new phone. Without this, you could end up being locked out of every one of your online accounts from your old phone, isn’t that a stinger.

Most modern websites use Two-Factor authentication as it adds an extra layer of protection and security to your online accounts. It does so by requiring a six-digit code that is randomly generated. The functionalities of most modern websites either gives the option for the user to receive his or her 2FA code through SMS which is highly not recommended due to hackers, or the second option, which is the use of the Google Authenticator App.

How to Move Google Authenticator to a New Phone

As far as moving Google Authenticator on your new phone is concerned, there’s the old way and new way on how to move Google authenticator to a new phone. We’ll be looking at both in this article.

#1: The Old Way on How to Move Google Authenticator to a New Phone

This way is used if for some reason the transfer tool doesn’t work for you. It involves setting Google Authenticator by manually transferring your accounts one by one. The steps are:

Step #1: Download and Install Google Authenticator on your new phone, be it Android or IOS.


 Step #2: Open Google’s webpage for two-step authentication using a PC or Mac and then log in.


 Step #3: After logging in, click on Move to A Different Phone.

 Step #4: Click on either Android or iPhone based on which you are using, this will navigate to the next screen showing a QR code.


Step #5: Download and Install the Google Authenticator App on your new phone and follow the instructions you will see on the screen. Once this is done, you’ll be prompted to tap on Scan a barcode. Tap on it and scan the barcode you see on your computer screen.

 Step #6: Once the barcode is scanned, type the six-digit code which appears on the Google Authenticator App. Type this quickly as this code changes every few minutes for security purposes. Once you’ve typed this, click verify. Once this is done, the codes which exist on your old device will no longer be valid.


Step #7: Repeat this process with each service account and service you currently use with the Google Authenticator App. Ensure not to delete the Authenticator App from your old phone until all these accounts are completely transferred to your new phone

#2: The New Way on How to Move Google Authenticator to a New Phone

On your old phone:

  1. Launch the Google Authenticator App and tap on the three-dot menu icon on the top right corner of the app and then tap Export Accounts.
  2. After tapping on Export Accounts, enter the PIN code when prompted.
  3. Select the accounts you want to transfer then tap Next.

On your new phone:

  1. Install the Google Authenticator App
  2. Tap Get Started.
  3. Tap Import existing accounts? Which is located at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Next is to select the Scan QR code.

Note that your phone might be sent a single or multiple QR codes to scan, judiciously follow each prompt to complete the transfer process. No worries, you’ll get a confirmation prompt at the end of each transfer that’s successful.

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  1. It may be added that Google authenticator codes can also be transferred to new mobile using Google Chrome Extension of authenticator. Further Google Chrome can also be used for login in various accounts


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