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How To Find Your Lost iPhone Via Find My iPhone

In this age of modern technology, the necessity for a smartphone feature that permits handlers to find their lost smartphones can by no means be exaggerated. Aside from having to spend cash on acquiring a new phone, the constant worry you go through in setting up a fresh one is feared by many. In this article, we are going to look at a lecture on how to find a missing iPhone via the” Find My iPhone” feature on Ios devices.

What is Find My iPhone

Find my iPhone allows you to track your stolen, lost or misplaced Apple device remotely, when I say remotely I mean virtually from anywhere in the world provided the apple device involved has an active internet connection be it Wi-Fi or Mobile data enabled. If your device is stolen or missing (you misplaced it ) the Find My iPhone feature also allows you to wipe/ erase/ format the device remotely to keep your files or private information safe from wrong hands.  Other features of Find My iPhone is that you can play a sound to locate the device if it’s missing in your house is around you, you can also lock the device in Find My iPhone feature. I will guide you through on how you can activate Find My iPhone on all your devices and how to track them using your web browser or  Find My iPhone app. The Find My iPhone app is supported on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac.

How to turn on Find My iPhone for your iPhone or iPad

Find My iPhone

  1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap on your Apple ID at the top.
  3. Tap iCloud.
  4. Scroll down and tap Find My iPhone.
  5. Tap the switch to enable it.

With Acknowledgements to lucid, thoughtful Apple, consumers have the reassurance that their iPhones can be found after it gets lost. The Find my iPhone feature was established by Apple to permit iPhone operators to trace the whereabouts of their iPhones after it gets lost.

How to use Find My iPhone on iPhone and iPad

  1. Log on to using another device
  2. choose to find your device
  3. Tick on finding my iPhone and select a tool to view its position on the map.
  4. Select the option that makes your iPhone make a sound. This feature is useful when the missing iPhone is around you.
  5. Turn on lost mode. The lost technique will allow the user to slightly lock the lost iPhone with a passcode and display a custom message on display, like your phone number. The hidden mode feature will also allow you to restrict Apple to pay actions to disable all unlicensed procurements.
  6. Erase files. If the missing iPhone contains personal data, you can also slightly delete all your files.Note: you may not be able to utilize the ”find my iPhone” feature efficiently when the iPhone is disconnected or offline. Nevertheless, you will be able to make alterations; these alterations will be valid whenever the iPhone is connected or online.If you follow the stages in this lecture on how to find a missing iPhone with the ”find my iPhone” feature, you will be able to utilize the ” find my iPhone” feature excellently, pinpointing and making alterations to your lost iPhone would not be an issue.

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How to use S on the web

How To Find Your Lost iPhone

  1. Open in any web browser.
  2. Log into your iCloud account.
  3. Click on Find iPhone in the main menu.
  4. Enter your Apple ID and password and sign in if prompted
  5. Click on All Devices at the top
  6. Click the device name for the device you’d like to track.
  7. You can zoom in and out on the map to track it more closely, or you can choose from one of the modes listed in the upper right.

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