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How to Download And Use The FCMB Mobile Plus

The FCMB Mobile Plus is an online Mobile Banking system that you can use to perform a series of transactions. And it works perfectly well with the Android, IOS, and Blackberry Operating Systems provided that you can connect to the internet. Right from the 1990s, the Bank has been one of the leading banks in Nigeria recording great successes. In this article, you will learn about the FCMB Mobile Plus, how to download and use it in your Android, IOS, and Blackberry.

The FCMB mobile plus works perfectly on any of the above operating systems. Even as the Blackberry is out of trend mostly herein Nigeria, the FCMB Mobile Plus still support the Blackberry mobile handset. And in this publication, we will discuss on how to download and install this app, and besides this, you will also learn many others.

What is the FCMB Mobile Plus:

Just as we have described above, the FCMB Mobile Plus is an internet application that permits you to perform your bank transactions with the help of the internet at your own convenience. The Differences between internet banking and the USSD Code banking system are;
• Internet banking requires an internet connection while USSD banking uses only airtime
• While the USSD banking system requires a PIN, internet banking requires token.

Download FCMB Mobile plus on Android:

To download, install and use the FCMB mobile plus on your Android Smartphone. You will to go to the Google Play Store, search for the app. When it appears, click on it then proceed to installation. It is only available for Android 4.4 and upwards.

Download FCMB Mobile plus on iPhone:

To download and install the FCMB Mobile plus app on your iOS iPhone device, then you should visit the iTunes app store and search for the FCMB Mobile Plus.
With this Internet Banking app, your bank transactions should be very secure and more convenient, fascinating and exciting. Creating a user account with this app is as easy as opening a facebook account and the instructions there are self-explanatory.

Download FCMB Mobile plus on Blackberry:

The FCMB Mobile plus application is also available for the Blackberry devices and it also functions excellently even as the blackberry operating systems don’t have much stake in the Nigerian market.
If you are making use of a blackberry phone, you can still download this application on the blackberry store. Just search for the app, then proceed to download.

How to activate the FCMB Mobile App:

After you must have downloaded the app, the next step will be to activate it. This means you are going to provide your account information to create a user account. So on this note, FCMB has promised that every private credential provided shall remain private and can only be accessed by your authorization. A transaction password is requested to validate any mobile transaction. Here is the requirement to activate the app;
1. Create a Username
2. Provide your Account Number
3. A Registration Code will be sent to the registered phone number after the first authentication stage.

However, this is totally different for an existing user because it is only your Username and Password will be required.

How to register FCMB Mobile Plus as a new user:

  1. Download the FCMB Mobile plus app from an app store
  2. Install the FCMB Mobile plus app
  3. Register as a New User
  4. Now tap on “I Agree” to accept Terms and Conditions
  5. Enter your Phone number, Account number, and other required stuff
  6. Click on CONTINUE, then an authentication code will be sent to you.
  7. Input the authentication code and create a transaction password
  8. Your registration is now complete

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How to register as an existing user:

  1. Download the FCMB Mobile plus app from your app store
  2. Install the app
  3. Select the Existing Internet Banking user
  4. Click on “I Agree” to accept Terms and Conditions
  5. Fill in your Account number, Username, and Password you used to register for.
  6. Click on Register
  7. Your registration completed

FCMB Mobile Plus:

Please note that your transaction limit will be set at a default rate of N5, 000 daily. To change your limit, you can use the new FCMB self-service, or you can visit a branch, or simply call the Contact Centre on 0700 329 0000, or send an email to [email protected]


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