How to download and Use GTWorld App and the GTBank Mobile App on Android and iOS

How to download and Use GTWorld App and the GTBank Mobile App on Android and iOS

In the world today almost everyone who is above 18 has a bank account. The GTBank has reportedly been one of the leading and well-valued banks in Nigeria, with over a million subscribers. In this our modern society; the internet and technology have made everything including the banking systems, very easy and fascinating. And the GTWorld App is a byproduct of this modernization. Just consider yourself going through the stress of standing for hours waiting for your turn in an overfull bank, when you have the GTbank Mobile App. In this article, we will teach you all you need to know about the GTWorld and the GTBank Mobile App; please note that the two are different but has similar performance. So here you will also learn how to download and use the GTBank Mobile App / GTWorld App.

How to download and Use GTWorld App and the GTBank Mobile App on Android and iOS

Generally, performing bank transactions has never been convenient until the introduction of the Mobile banking system. The GTBank Mobile App and the GTWorld App have made transactions easy and secure for its subscribers. Below are lists of things you can perform with the two applications.

  • They enable you to transfer money from your account to another.
  • To check your account balance via the apps
  • With any of them, you can pay your for bills and utilities
  • Helps with the provision of the statement of your account
  • You can recharge yourself, buy data, even for others
  • Book your flight ticket and hotel reservations etc.

How to Download and Use the GTBank Mobile App:


The GTBank Mobile App is a very fascinating internet application in the sense that, it helps you execute a series of transactions right in your comfort, provided that you have an internet connection. Just follow the stipulated steps to download and use this app:

First of all, go to the Google Play Store while the iOS users should visit the iTunes App store.
Search for the GTBank Mobile App clicks on it to download and install.

Open the App and enter your Username and Password. In case you have lost your password, click on the “Forgot Password”. To create a new password you can just dial 7376*5#.

Then for those who are just using the GTBank Mobile App for the first time, you will need to accept your choice of the device by clicking the “Yes”. After that, you select your pattern of the transaction (PIN or Token).

If you select the PIN option the application will create a PIN for you which you will use to complete your transactions. The same goes for the Token. But you can still change to any of the options by using the Setting Menu.

After that, you will receive an SMS containing a five-digit code for device verification. But if you do not receive any SMS, you can still generate a code from a token. Or dial 7377# or you can call GTConnect on 08039003900 or 08029002900 to get your code.

Enter the code in the app, and your mobile phone will be verified and your account profile will be successfully created. Now you can start using your GTBank Mobile App. Please note that you are required to register with the phone number you used while opening your account.

If you choose the”Token” option for verification, you will also receive a code to your phone. So after entering the code, you can use the GTBank Mobile App with your 737 token or the hardware obtained from your bank.
You can use another device! Before you make your first login attempt, click on the ‘No! This device is not mine’.
Now let us discuss the GTWorld App!

About the GTWorld App:


The GTWorld application is a new internet app designed by the GTBank. This application provides you with more exciting features that make mobile banking easier and safer. Here we will discuss the app, and below are the highlights of the app features;

Download GTWorld App

  1. It uses the face recognition, fingerprint or 4 digit code to log in.
  2. You can create and manage a GTB account via the GTWorld App.
  3. It permits you to transfer and recharge without signing in.
  4. You can send money to people using their phone numbers
  5. It facilitates loan applications, performs FX transfers, confirms cheques and also sends your account statement to embassies.
  6. You can locate an ATM near to you, block missing/stolen ATM cards and also request for new one.
  7. You can receive news updates via the SME Market Hub.

How to download GTWorld app on your Android or IOS device:

how to download and use the GTWorld App

Visit your App Store (IOS users) or Google Play Store (Android users); search for the GTWorld, download and install the app.

Open the application and enter your User ID and Password. You can also get the password by dialing 7376*5# then log in.

However, if you are using a preferred device, click on the “Yes”. Then the app will inquire if you want to create a PIN. If you agree you will receive an email containing your 4-digit code. In the absence of the email, you can generate one using your hardware Token, or maybe call any of the GTconnect numbers above.

Enter the generated code in the box provided for account profile verification. Your account successfully created. But then, if you select the token option as your pattern of verification, just follow the same process as explained above.

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