How to Delete Or Temporarily Hide Your YouTube Account

Are you looking for how to delete or temporarily hide your YouTube account, then today’s guide is for you!

But first, let me be clear with you about something:

You do NOT have to be technically inclined at all to be able to carry out the various steps listed out in this guide.

Yes, all the steps here are well-broken down to your least understanding, so without further ado, let’s get right in!

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a free video platform built for people to share videos online for others to watch them.

The platform makes sharing of videos really easy and convenient.

Imagine you want to share a friend a video file and it is very large that it cannot be sent via email. YouTube reduces the cost of storing videos on the internet and other people don’t need to download your video, they can simply watch it to avoid them filling up the spaces in their phones, tablets or computers.

You can simply upload the video on YouTube and share the video for the person to watch by basically sharing the link to the video.

The video platform lets its users upload, watch, comment, share, add to favourites, watch later, report and subscribe to other YouTube users that have a channel.

Amongst all, the video platform currently ranks at the number #2 spot for the largest search engine worldwide.

Why Do Video Content creators Quit YouTube?

The truth’s that – YouTube can be sometimes frustrating!

After a period of video creators using the platform, especially the ones that are in it to make money, it’s not usually easy, and then they get forced to quit.

YouTube search algorithm changes on a regular basis and your views can easily drop via search. For you to be relevant and become popular on YouTube, you may have to be uploading videos every single day and this can be really stressful and overwhelming.

Therefore, many individuals quit their YouTube channel by either deleting their account or temporarily hide it.

Is YouTube Appropriate for Everyone?

YouTube has so much video content and therefore not all the video content are appropriate for everyone especially kids below 13 years old. However, YouTube has Safety mode to restrict the types of video content you can view.

How to Temporarily Hide Your YouTube Account

If you are not yet sure about quitting YouTube, you can temporarily hide your account. This will simply make your video content, your channel name, likes, subscriptions to other YouTube channels or accounts, and subscribers private. However, you will lose all your comments and replies as they will be permanently deleted.

Follow the steps below to temporarily hide your YouTube account:

#1: On your computer or mobile browser, go to the YouTube website and if you are not signed in, sign in. Or access your YouTube admin dashboard via

#2: Click on Settings from the left menu.

#3: Click on Channel


#4: Click on Advanced Settings


#5: Click on Remove YouTube content located at the bottom


#6: On the next page, you will be able to either delete or hide your account. You may also be required to enter your sign-in credentials if prompted.

#7: Click on I want to hide my content

#8: Check the boxes to confirm what will be hidden on your channel.

#9: Click on Hide my channel to finish.

How to Unhide Your YouTube Account

#1: On your computer or mobile browser, go to YouTube website and if you are not signed in, sign in. Or access your YouTube admin dashboard via

#2: Go to Create a channel and fill out the form required to restore your YouTube channel.

#3: While filling out the form, don’t click To use a business or other name, click here. This will create a new YouTube channel instead of reenabling your hidden channel.

#4: Once you are done re-creating your public YouTube channel, your videos and playlists can be made viewable on the Videos Manager page.

How to Delete Your YouTube Account

Deleting your YouTube account will as well delete your video contents, comments, subscribers and subscriptions to other channels for good.

You can use the following steps to completely delete your YouTube account:

#1: On your computer or mobile browser, go to the YouTube website and if you are not signed in, sign in. Or access your admin dashboard via

#2: On the top right corner click on the account icon which is either an avatar image or a circle with a letter in it.


#3: When the next page loads, located at the bottom left menu, click on Advanced settings.


#4: On the next page, scroll down to click on DELETE CHANNEL.


#5: On the next page, you will be able to either delete or hide your account. You may also be required to enter your sign-in credentials if prompted.


Check the box and click on the DELETE MY CONTENT button.

Now, deleting your YouTube channel and account isn’t really a good alternative – there are so many things you can actually achieve with the channel.

Why Use YouTube?

If it is entertainment or learning, YouTube has all the video content available for it. You can find all manner of video content on YouTube like videos on animals, cooking videos, funny videos, quick tips, DIY(Do It Yourself) tutorials etc.

If you utilize YouTube the right way, you will find it really useful.

Major decisions in life has been made by people who sought help from YouTube creatives. Unfortunately, most people waste their time on YouTube. Here are some ways to make YouTube useful for yourself:

#1: Earn from YouTube

You don’t need the experience to start making money off your YouTube account. Just have the knowledge or be funny, and share it on your YouTube channel.

The platform has a built-in Google Adsense plan in which they pay creatives for sharing video content on its platform.

#2: Learn from YouTube

You can learn almost anything on YouTube for Free, but you may have to do some digging to get the right and up to date tutorials.

#3: Advertise on YouTube

YouTube is one of the most visited websites in the world – which means that you can actually advertise your brand, product or services to millions of people that consistently visit the website.

The video streaming platform has a program that lets you advertise to people that actually need your product or services.

#4: Teach on YouTube

Are you knowledgeable on a topic and you want to teach the world? Well, the good news now is that you can actually achieve this using the YouTube video streaming platform.


YouTube is seen as a platform to see the latest entertaining videos, music videos, movie trailers on the platform. While others see it as a learning platform.

YouTube is not for entertainment only, with YouTube channel feature, business agencies can use the platform to advertise their brands by creating informative and engaging video content on a daily basis.

And when they get tired of the whole system, or just don’t want people to watch and view their video contents any more, YouTube allows them to go invisible.

But note – It’s not advisable to delete your YouTube account!

If you already have some fan base, you can make a video explaining why you want to quit and ask your viewers if they have any suggestion for your YouTube channel. But if your intention is to leave YouTube, just stop uploading more videos and don’t delete your YouTube account as you may want to change your decision in the future.

Just be informed that once your YouTube account is deleted, all your videos, playlists, likes, comments, subscribers will be lost forever. So, just hide your content which is a reversible step.

Now I’d Love to Hear from You:

  • What real reason is making you want to delete or temporarily hide your YouTube account?
  • Or maybe you are looking for other ways to fund yourself as a creative, and YouTube isn’t just worth it?

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