How To Customize Your iPhone’s Memoji (Step-by-Step Guide)

Today you’re going to learn how to customize your iPhone’s memoji (step-by-step).

From bitmoji, to animoji. and now – memoji; And I’m going to show you exactly how it’s done!

Let’s get started!

What is Memoji?

Do you remember those customizable Bitmoji characters that were available on Snapchat?

They were cool, right?

From emojis to bitmoji to Animoji, now it’s Memoji…

A Memoji is a personalised version of Animoji or it’s a cartoon avatar that looks like you. Apple introduced Memoji in 2018 and it is its version of Snapchat’s Bitmoji or Samsung’s AR Emoji. Memoji looks exactly like you – like they have the same colour of your eye and hair, your head shape etc; and you can even record messages using them.

In the release of Apple iOS 13, your Memoji can now have new skin colour options, facial hair, makeup etc. You can also make your Memoji unique from others by customizing your teeth with braces or gaps, wearing hats (even a cowboy hat), eyeglasses, earrings and even AirPods.

You can use your Memoji in Messages, FaceTime, Mail and other third-party apps.

How to Customize Your iPhone’s Memoji

The following steps will work for iOS 13

#1: Open your message application and tap on the Animoji (the monkey icon) on the top row.


#2: There is an ellipsis that represents a menu button on the bottom left, tap on it.


#3: Look at the picture below, your screen will look like this. Tap on the edit button You’ll see a screen that looks like this. Tap the edit button…


#4: Select your skin colour, freckles blush on your cheek and beauty spot. You can also swipe to change the hairstyle, head shape, eyebrow etc.


#5: The Eye’s tab lets you pick a colour for your eye, add eyeliner, eye shadow and lashes.


#6: In the brow’s tab, you can add a forehead mark or piercings.

how-to-customize-your-iphones-memoji-customize eye

#7: In the Nose tab, you can put piercing and choose the size of your nose.


#8: The Head tab lets you pick how old or young you look and the shape of your head.


#9: The Mouth tab lets you customize your teeth (add gap, missing tooth or braces), customize your lips and add mouth or tongue piercings.


#10: The Facial Hair tab lets you pick the moustache or beard you want and a sideburn.


#11: To add earrings or AirPods, tap on the Ears tab


#12: You can add eyeglasses by tapping on the Eyewear tab


#13: For hats, tap on the Headwear tab. You can also as face-covering like face mask(perhaps to pass a message of how important it is to wear a face mask in this COVID-19 pandemic)


#14: When you are through customizing your Memoji, tap on Done located at the top right of your screen.

To see your Memojis, go to your Animoji list, which means you can pick your Memoji, record a video with them, and send them in a message.

You can use your Memoji on Instagram, Messages, Snapchat, Mail, Facebook Messenger etc.

When you want to use your Memoji in a message, just tap on the monkey icon and choose your Memoji.

You can share your Memoji to android users as a video file.


This post was published to help anyone to know exactly how to customize their iPhone’s memoji with ease.

With the sudden rise in the use of emojis, bitmojis, animojis, memojis and stickers, one can easily say that these new features have evolved today to become the new face of mobile messaging – and it gets even better…

This new form of messaging helps to spice up mobile chats and interractions between two parties online, whether it be mobile messaging, or even as far as video chats. These messaging features can lighten a whole mood, soften a rough blow (settle feuds), and even communicate way more than ordinary words.

These are some of the major reasons why the gen-z population use these features more often in their daily mobile messaging, chats and video calls.

Now I’d Love to Hear From You:

  • How often do you mae use of your iphone’s memojis in your daily chats?
  • What is most interesting about using them?
  • Or may be you just find emojis, stickers, memojis, etc really annoying?

Either way, let me know what you think by leaving a comment now!

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