How to check Vodafone number

I believe you are here to learn or know how to check Vodafone number, probably to share with your friends, filling an online form that requires a phone number, or getting to know your new line so you could save it on your contact list. This has been a challenge for some persons so we put in some time to get you this solution.

Like every other service provider in the telecom industry, Vodafone has various procedures to check for its number, balance check as well as there different codes for easy access.

How to check Vodafone number

A Vodafone user needs to be able to check his number because it allows for easy communication of the number with friends. It makes it easier and faster for one to produce it when necessary. However, the network provider made it possible to know your phone number by the use of USSD code and the use of MY VODAFONE APP…

To easily check your Vodafone number there is an easy check code to check your Vodafone mobile number. If you have forgotten your Vodafone number and you do not have a Vodafone balance check then it won’t be easy for you to receive your personal Vodafone number check and also check Vodafone caller tunes.

You can check your Vodafone number in two ways: using USSD code and My Vodafone app. You can get Vodafone number check information and Vodafone care toll-free number on email [email protected] and also Vodafone USSD code. Special code to check the sim mobile number has been provided by the telecom network services provider. It is easy to check the services and use of information using these short USSD codes.

You can check your Vodafone own number in the case of Vodafone network with the USSD code below;

You can dial *111*2# code to know your ten-digit phone number of Vodafone sim. To check Vodafone balance simply dial the USSD codes below;

  • Dial *111*2# from your Vodafone number
  • You will instantly get an SMS with your registered number
  • Vodafone balance check code and validity code- *111*2#
  • Vodafone number check code *111*2#

In a situation where you are not cut out for the use of the USSD code, you can download the Vodafone app.

Vodafone number Check

How To Know My Own Vodafone Number With The Vodafone App?

This is another way you can know your own Vodafone number, by downloading the Vodafone app on your smartphone.  Follow these simple steps that answer how to check Vodafone mobile number with the App.

Step 1: Download the Vodafone app from Google Play Store or iTunes

Step 2: Open the app and log in to your account

Step 3: In the home screen of the app you can see your Vodafone mobile number

How to download the Vodafone App

Research has shown this is the most trusted and secure way of recharging your network, payment of bills, etc. Vodafone App makes for easy access and to enjoy the benefits of Vodafone online recharges, prepaid recharge, Vodafone UPI, BHIM, etc. below are the procedures on how to download your Vodafone App:

Step 1: First, you download the MY Vodafone App

Step 2: Then you open and login via your Vodafone number and OTP code.

Step 3: As soon as the app opens, you will see your prepaid balance displayed under the My Vodafone category.

Step 4: Clicking on your account will bring up options like account balance, data balance, recharge history, and other exclusive offers.

Step 5:The app makes it easy for you to see the different quick recharges or a detailed list of existing plans on offer which will include their validity period.

Things you can do with My Vodafone app

You can do the following just by using my Vodafone app:

  • Check your call, TXT and data usage
  • Recharge your prepaid service
  • Buy Data and International Call Addons
  • View recent bills and payments
  • Pay your bill
  • View when your contract ends
  • Manage your account details
  • Manage your international roaming settings
  • Manage your direct debit information

However, its good to note that the features on the app are subject to change. You can download the app free on google play store but download charges will apply. Non-Vodafone customers can download the app however data charges will apply as per your plan rate. When accessing the app overseas, international roaming charges will apply. When on Wi-Fi, My Vodafone may not continuously update if you’ve logged out of the app.

Vodafone Number Check Codes 

Vodafone Number Check Details Vodafone Number Check Code
Vodafone Number Check *111*2#
Complaints, Queries, and Requests (From Own Vodafone Mobile Number) 199 (Toll-Free)
Complaints, Queries, and Requests (From Other Number) 9719097190 (Charges Applicable)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Vodafone Number Check

Below are question people always ask about this Vodafone number check:

How Can I Find My Vodafone Sim  Card Number?

The Vodafone sim card  number is technically called the ICCID number and it is printed on the body of the Vodafone sim card. That’s where you can find the sim number.

When Do I Need To Check My Own Vodafone Sim Number?

There are severally reasons why you will have to check or know your Vodafone sim number and they are:

  • When you want to recharge your Vodafone number.
  • When you want to give it out to someone.
  • You will need your Vodafone number for most online form.

How To Know My Vodafone Number The Easiest way?

The easiest way to find Vodafone SIM number is to simply send the Vodafone Number Check Code Using *111*2#  and your Vodafone self number will appear.

How Do I Know if My Vodafone Number is Valid/ Active?

To know if your Vodafone number is still valid, go on to the Vodafone App and you will easily find whether your Vodafone Number is valid.

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