How To Build a Successful Business

They’re so many ways to build a successful business. And we would highlight on; How to build a successful business, and I’ll also be showing you five different ways to build a successful business. The first question you ask yourself is:   

What is a Business?

A business is a person’s regular occupation, profession or trade. It is also a commercial activity it can also be coordination that is occupied in commercialized skill activities. It also supports the increase in our economy through which we get our currencies. So, the ways we can build a successful business is;

  • Understanding the Risks and Reward
  • Be creative 
  • Stay focused 
  • Prepare to make sacrifices
  • provide great services

Understanding the risks and reward:

When building a business, it is proper to know the risk to take for your business, and what the rewards will be after taking the risks.

Taking a risk that will bring good rewards, even though not all good risks bring good rewards for example if you want to advertise your company and you need an account after creating the account you finally get your money and you feel that’s your reward but then the clients you work with are hackers and then they get into the account and they take your money that’s not a good reward.

Not all bad results are bad for example you are taking the risk of hacking cause, you need argent money. Some hackers, never get caught and they get lots of money, even though it is better to be on the safe side.

Be creative:

Being creative is a very important part of building your business. When building a successful business, you need to have a very wide imagination, you also have to be a critical thinker .it is safer to be open to ideas from your colic’s and bring up new ideas that may improve your business always be open to training to improve you as a person and try to be a good listener.

Stay focused

This is the hardest part of building a business because there will be a lot of obstacles and distractions from family, friends or even religion if you are a leader. I’m not saying you shouldn’t pay any attention to those things, but you have to minimize some and balance some. 

Take for example you and your friends go out every weekend and your work clashes just for one weekend, you have no option but to stay and work or maybe one of your siblings had an accident and your mum needs you to be there but you’re at work, you have two options to focus on your work and talk to your parents and siblings on the phone or to go to the hospital.

Now you don’t need to make a choice because you can solve this problem by multitasking try talking to your parents on the phone while working.

Prepare to make sacrifices:

In building a business there are so many things you have to restrict yourself from doing to keep the business. Healthy one of the things are; you have to stop yourself from doing certain things example shopping, outings with friends, watching funny videos on social media chatting with friends. All these are for the growth of the business.

It only takes self-control to be able to sacrifice for your business. Self-control is very hard for a lot of people but nobody knows it is the key to a successful business. Self-control is important because the needs of the business can easily be met and being able to restrict yourself from certain things and movements are very good for the business. 

Not only does it improve your business it helps you as a person in your daily activities and many other things so we can now see the importance.

Provide great services:

Providing great services for your customer is important cause when they see how serious or willing you are it will make them want to work with you more, they might even bring more customers for you by telling their boss, friends and family.

At the end of the day, you’ll be the one to benefit from it because the more customers you get, the more your business gets popular.

Types of business

Let’s move on to types of businesses how the ways of building a successful business affect them I’ll e tell you about four types of businesses namely

  • sole proprietorship
  • partnership
  • corporation
  • limited liability company or LLC

Sole proprietorship:

This is a business owned by one person for their own benefit. Even if it is owned by one person it is still proper for you to make sacrifices for yourself, provide great services etc. This is where staying focused is the most important thing cause it’s just you working.


It is a typical business that is run by 2 to 20 persons it can either be verbal or implied between the workers this is where making sacrifices come in.


This is a type of business created for the purpose of taking taxes and is considered as legal people, taxes are also, the profit gotten from a corporation is called personal income of a company, the advantages are: corporation can easily be transferred to new owners fairly, personal assets cannot be seized to pay for business dept, profits and losses belong to the corporation, and the disadvantages are: corporate operations are costly, establishing a corporation is costly, starting a corporate business requires complex paperwork with some expectations,  corporate business is taxed twice.

Limited liability company or LLC:


 This particular business is similar to a limited partnership, the LLC provides owners with a kind of liability that has its limits it also provides some of the income of partnership actually, partnership and corporation are combined in an LLC mitigating some of the advantages of each. Some of the advantages are: it limits liability to the company owners for losses, and the profits of the LLC are shared by the owners without double taxation.

Some of the disadvantages are: that ownership is limited by certain state laws, agreements must be comprehensive and complex, and beginning an LLC has a high cost due to legal and filing fees.


I hope these guidelines help you when you want to start up your own business or improve it or even make it popular.

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