Exactly How Strong is Super Mario: The Top Tier Gaming Update (2021)

In today’s post, I’m going to show you exactly how strong is Super Mario in 2021.

This is a complete gaming review post that lists out the latest updates in Super Mario’s abilities, his strength and durability, agility, hidden skills, and lots more.

So if you’re a huge fan of Super Mario and mobile gaming as a whole, you’ll love this guide.

Who is Super Mario?

Mario is a cartoon/gaming character from the game – Super Mario as created by Nintendo.


Super Mario games are ordinarily in the fictional Mushroom Kingdom with the playing character – Mario. Super Mario Bros, the first game in the series that was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1995, established the series gameplay elements and concepts.


This includes a pack of power-ups and items that can give Mario special powers such as fireball-throwing and the ability to change the characters size into both giant and miniature sizes.

Super Mario’s top power-ups

The Super Mario series is actually part of the greater Mario franchise, which includes other video game genres and media such as film, printed media, television and merchandise.

Roughly more than 330 million copies of Super Mario games have been sold worldwide actually making it the fourth-selling video game series, behind the larger Mario series are Nintendo’s Pokemon series and the puzzle game Tetris.

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Mario is destined for greatness as one of the Seven Star children.

He is bold, fast, and strong.

Mario grew up next to his brother Luigi in Brooklyn and later decided to reside in the Mushroom kingdom.

Super Mario’s job apart from being a plumber (a profession that he barely does) is to assist and help rescue Princess Peach from being kidnapped by his arch-nemesis, Bowser. In almost every scene, Mario always wins the fight by out-thinking Bowser, all thanks to utilizing Bowser’s weapons or the environment against King Koopa.


But with all these awesome features about the Super Mario games, one may be forced to ask – how strong is Super Mario?

How Strong is Super Mario?

Can you guess the kind of abilities or powers that the Super Mario gaming character possess?

Well, if you’re saying that he has superhuman strength or superhuman speed or any superhuman ability, then you’re probably right. The Super Mario is so full of superpowers such as:

  1. Superhuman strength and durability: Super Mario has superhuman strength which he can use to destroy blocks or lift tremendous objects. Super Mario also has the ability to endure great impact and/or getting hit by someone with superhuman strength.
  2. Superhuman speed and stamina: Super Mario can maintain continuous physical activity for an undefined number of times. Super Mario also possesses the ability to run up walls, dodging bullets and lasers, and even surpass sound when it comes to speed.
  3. Martial arts and agility: Super Mario has been shown to possess superhuman jumping abilities along with other acrobatic skills. Super Mario’s style of martial art is actually jumping, he also punches, kicks, leg sweeps, and can grab things and throw them far using his beastly strength.
  4. Cape: Super Mario obtains a cape whenever he grabs the feather power-up. He can use the cape to fly or spin it to knockout enemies. He also uses this move to turn opponents towards the opposite direction and fend off projectiles.
  5. Fireball and Firebrand: While trying to grab the fire flower, Super Mario outfits turn red and have the ability to shoot fireballs. That’s his signature attack. Even without the power from a fire flower, Super Mario can charge fire from his hand and shoot it out either in small or large portions using a technique known as the firebrand.
  6. Tornado: Super Mario jumps and spins his body at the same time as a tornado to knock out his enemies.
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