Introducing: Quality Honda-Built Shoe Navigation for the Visually Impaired in 2021

Today I’m going to be showing you Honda-built shoe navigation for the visually impaired in 2021.

This device vibrates to give its users the best navigation when walking on the road, which is perfect for anyone with eye-sight problems. And I’m going to show you exactly how it works.

Let’s dive right in!

Honda-Built Shoe Navigation Realization

Unlike the old standard traditional white canes, this Honda-built shoe navigation could bring personal mobility up to date sooner than expected.

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Wataru Ayumu Chino, the Chief Executive Officer of Ashirase Inc was motivated to work on this technology as a result of an accident experienced by one of his family members.

He developed the technology and then applied to Honda’s new creation program IGNITION which resulted in the establishment of the company Ashirase, Inc.


Wataru’s main objective is to achieve freedom of mobility for the visually impaired.

And this is good because currently, Japan records more than 1.6 million people who are visually impaired, and furthermore, forecast goes to show that a lot more than 2 million Japanese will be needing visual assistance by 2030.

How Does the Honda-Built Shoe Navigation Technology Work?

The technology is being designed to allow the visually impaired to easily move around without having to constantly keep distances and direction in mind.


The shoe is built for user comfort, thus making walking safer and more relaxing. The shoe will be able to carry out these functions with the Ashirase device attached to it.

The Ashirase is a three-dimensional motion sensor vibration device that is properly fixed to the shoes and monitored via a smartphone app.


The design of the device is that to properly fit in each foot, with a motion sensor attached to the outer part of the shoe. When paired with a smartphone, the Honda-built shoe navigation device will vibrate based on directions that the user set in the app.

When the user is supposed to turn right, the left foot of the shoe would vibrate to indicate a left route, and the right would vibrate to indicate a right route. The toes of each foot will vibrate to notify the user to keep a forward movement.



Ashirase, Inc. hopes to introduce this product to the market for the public before the end of March 2023. The price for the Honda-built shoe navigation system is currently unknown.

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