Google Pixel 3a vs Oneplus 6t: The Best Complete Review (2021)

This is a Google Pixel 3a vs Oneplus 6t complete review post in 2021.

We’re going to be comparing both phone’s software capability, design, camera quality and lots more. So if you’re having a tough decision between the Google Pixel 3a vs Oneplus 6t, then you’ll love this guide.

Let’s dive right in.

Google Pixel 3a vs Oneplus 6t Comparison

Years back, two top-tier Android contenders, the Pixel 3a and the OnePlus 6t, came packed with the latest and greatest in processing speeds, cameras, and software. There is no doubt that the OnePlus 6t holds a strong position in the affordable flagship market, but now Google has taken aim at the market and brought forth the Google Pixel 3a.

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This phone has earned the CNET Editors’ Choice Award and an additional advantage over other great phones this year because of its call blocking feature, which uses AI straight from Google.

The OnePlus 6t has a quality camera, an in-display fingerprint scanner, and it is the most affordable top-tier Android smartphone you can buy. 

Our Google Pixel 3a vs Oneplus 6t comparison is going to be based on the following to see which one tops the most:

  • Design
  • Camera quality
  • Software and performance
  • Cost

#1: Design

This section describes the Google Pixel 3a vs Oneplus 6t comparison based on design.

The Pixel 3a’s design features subtle elements like thin bezels and glossy lining around the phone. Taking a closer look at it, it has a large display, and one of the thickest on-screen notches. 

Pixel supports wireless charging and charging works with any Qi-ready mat (although fast-charging uses Google’s Pixel Stand charger).

In terms of display, the OnePlus 6t will give you much more screen space than the Pixel 3a – its 6.41-inch display far outweighs 5.6-inch screen of the Google Pixel 3a.

Oneplus 6t screen resolution
samsung galaxy note 4 waterproof 2021 amazon 01

Display-wise, the OnePlus 6t is bigger and better because it has a bigger and better screen.

With a resolution of 2340 x 1080 and a screen size of 2220 x 1080, the OnePlus 6t also has a higher pixel density of 441.

Google Pixel 3a screen resolution
samsung galaxy note 4 waterproof 2021 amazon 01

The Google Pixel 3a is also IPX8, which means it is water-resistant to about 3 feet (1m) underwater for 30 minutes. Whereas, the OnePlus 6t doesn’t have any IP rating to tell how water resistant it is, but OnePlus CEO actually claims that the OnePlus 6T is more water-resistant than any of its predecessors and can survive a drop in the sink or a splash during a rainstorm.

In the United States, the OnePlus 6t bagged the first smartphone with a fingerprint sensor on display. This means that your fingerprint can be scanned on the front of the screen to unlock your phone, and the screen has very thinner bezels all around the display.

I was impressed with the fingerprint on the display of the OnePlus 6t, but it was not as smart as that of the OnePlus 6.


In my opinion, it is a commendable achievement for the OnePlus 6t to have a fingerprint scanner built right into the screen, but the Pixel 3’s wireless charging and water resistance make it more superior in terms of design.

#2: Camera Quality

This section describes the Google Pixel 3a vs Oneplus 6t comparison based on camera quality.

OnePlus 6t offers dual rear cameras of 16MP and 20MP, compared to the Pixel 3a’s 12MP shooter – on paper. 


Pixel 3a’s camera, when on auto mode, takes really cool pictures, but the OnePlus 6t takes more impressive pictures that were either on par or better at times than the Pixel 3’s camera (on auto mode).

As the Pixel’s HDR+ enhanced mode was active, the OnePlus 6t brightened and punched up colors a bit more. However, the Pixel 3a performed noticeably better in this mode than the OnePlus 6t.

With both cameras, objects are brightened and focus is being captured as efficiently as possible in dim light. Despite being similar, if not slightly greater, the 6t’s camera kept the same nightscape mode settings as the Pixel 3a. However, the Pixel 3a’s Night Sight feature, which was released over the air after launch, works exceptionally well too.


Even when the surroundings are dark, it illuminates them up and keeps objects in focus.

I found the bokeh effect on the OnePlus 6t and Pixel 3a to work well for snapping people, however, they did have some sharp patches amid the soft blurred background.

Furthermore, I prefer the selfies I took with the Pixel because it captured more detail in my hair and face, and my skin looked paler. The Pixel also has a wide-angle camera as well as a second front camera.

In my opinion, a low price tag doesn’t turn off many people from being impressed by the OnePlus’ camera capabilities, but the Pixel 3a exceeds them all.

#3: Software and Performance

This section describes the Google Pixel 3a vs Oneplus 6t comparison based on software and performance.


Android Pie comes pre-installed on both the Pixel 3a and the OnePlus 6t. These two phones include many of Pie’s latest features, including gesture navigation, adaptive battery (which knows what apps you don’t use as often and limits system resources for them), and new ways to tweak your phone’s settings while it’s in Do not disturb mode.

The Pixel 3a uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 processor, a mid-range chip but one that can’t compete with the 845.

In comparison, there is more RAM with the OnePlus 6t, as well as a faster processor courtesy of the Snapdragon 845, which, at release, was one of the best chipsets in the market (but is now surpassed by the Snapdragon 855).

#4: Cost

This section describes the Google Pixel 3a vs Oneplus 6t comparison based on cost.

In terms of cost, the Google Pixel 3a is way more expensive than the Oneplus 6t. As compared to the Oneplus 6t, the Google Pixel 3a costs about $378 on Amazon, while the Oneplus 6t costs about $207 on Amazon.


Use the information above to check out the phones reviewed based on their features and your budget. Then consider whether you need the Pixel 3a’s features if the OnePlus 6t is more expensive, or the OnePlus 6t’s extra functions if you’re considering either of these phones.

In all, we urge you to be patient and diligent so as to make the best possible decisions.

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