Glo Data Plans 2019 – Prices & Subscription Codes

Glo is the solely Nigerian owned telecoms service supplier and prides itself as the country’s largest data network. It offers the most cost-effective Data plans presently compared to MTN, Airtel & 9mobile. But several subscribers have complained of an inferior net network in some areas. This has often been resolved with its 4G LTE network accessible in some areas that offers superfast property. Glo YAKATA coming up

Glo aspires to make Africa’s largest and best telecommunications network and its already on its path with a presence in Nigeria, Ghana and Benin Republic. The company is the 1st single company to make a fiber-optic submarine cable with high capability from the United Kingdom to Nigeria.

Glo data plan Codes

Glo data plan Codes

Glo encompasses a range of data plans suited to completely different teams of people on Android, iPhone, Blackberry, and different smartphones; they include:

Glo 100 NGN data plan

Campus data Booster 100 NGN for 100MB: Valid for two days, dial *777# and select it to subscribe.

100 NGN Daily Plan: This plan offers 100MB Data valid for one day, dial *127*51# to subscribe.

Glo 200 NGN data plan

200 NGN 5 Day Plan: This plan offers 262MB Data valid for five days, dial *127*56# to subscribe.

Campus Booster 200 NGN for 200MB: Valid for four days, dial *777# and opt for the plan to subscribe.

Glo 500 NGN data plan

TGIF 500 NGN Weekend Plan: Offers 3GB data valid on weekends solely, dial *127*61# to subscribe.

500 NGN 14 Day Plan: Offers 1GB of data valid for two weeks, dial *127*57#.

Campus data Booster 500 NGN Plan: This plan provides 500MB data valid for seven days, dial *777#, and select the plan to subscribe.

Glo 1000 NGN data plan

Glo offers 2GB Data for 1,000 NGN valid for thirty days, to purchase the plan, dial *127*53# or dial *777# and choose the data plan to subscribe.

They additionally offer a campus Booster data plan which supplies 1GB Data for 1,000 NGN valid for fifteen days, dial *777# and chooses Campus Booster attempt to subscribe.

Glo 2,000 NGN data plan

For 2,000 Naira, Glo can provide you with 4.5GB data valid for thirty days accessible 24/7, to subscribe dial *127*55# or dial *777# and choose 2,000 NGN data plan.

There is additionally a campus data booster plan accessible for 2,000 NGN which supplies 2GB data valid for thirty days, to subscribe dial *777# and opt for N2000 campus Booster plan.

Glo 2,500 NGN data plan

For N2,500, Glo offers 7.2GB data valid for thirty days, accessible 24/7. To subscribe to this plan, dial *127*58# or *777# and select the 2,500 NGN plan. This plan offers the most effective worth for smartphone users as a result of for simply an additional 500 NGN, and you get to fancy additional 2.7GB data.

Glo 3,000 NGN data plan

The company offers 8.8GB data for 3,000 NGN valid for thirty days, to subscribe dial *127*54# or *777# and select 3,000 NGN data plan.

Glo Night plan

200 NGN Night Plan: tonight plan prices 200 NGN and offers 1GB of data, to subscribe dial *127*60#.

Glo Data Plans

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Other Glo Data Plans

N25 for 12MB: This is valid for one day, and the subscription code is *127*32#

N50 for 27MB: This plan is valid for one day, and the subscription code is *127*14#

Glo N4,000 for 12.5GB – To subscribe to this plan, dial *127*59#, it’s valid for 30 days, available 24/7.

Glo N5,000 for 15.6GB – To subscribe to this data bundle, dial *127*2#, it is valid for 30 days and is available at all times.

G-Leisure: This plan offers 12GB data for N5,000 valid for 30 days, dial *127*7# to subscribe.

Glo Campus Booster 5GB: This bundle goes for N5,000 and is valid for 30 days, dial *777# and choose N5,000 Campus Booster Plan to subscribe.

Glo G-Work: This bundle offers 12G data for N6,000 valid for 30 days, dial *127*6# to subscribe.

G-100: This data plan provides 4GB Data for N6,000 valid for 30 days, dial *127*5# to subscribe.

Glo N8,000 Plan: This plan gives 25GB data valid for 30 days, to subscribe, dial *127*1#.

Glo N10,000 Data Plan: This plan offers 32.5GB Data valid for 30 days, to subscribe dial *127*11#.

N15,000 Data Plan: Offers 52.5GB data valid for 30 days, to subscribe, dial *127*12#.

Glo G300 Plan: This plan costs N15,000 and offers 12GB data valid for three months. To subscribe, simply dial *127*4#.

N18,000 Data Plan: This offers 62.5GB Data valid for 30 days, to subscribe, dial *127*13#.

N20,000 Data Bundle: Offers 78.8GB data valid for 30 days, dial *127*33# to subscribe.

Glo also sells internet modems at N4,000 for the 7.2Mbps modem, 6,000 Naira for the 21.6Mbps modem and N16,000 for the 4G Mi-Fi modem.

How To Share Data On Glo (Data Transfer Code)

Have you been eager to dispatch your excessive or unused Glo information bundle?

There’s grand news for you today!

Glo Nigeria currently permits you to share your information bundle with your intimate relatives, buddies, or perhaps those that can trade money for information (like a piece of mini information reselling business for little data users).

If you’ve been looking out for how to share your web information bundle with friends and families, then here is that the acceptable article for you. Glo information Share allows subscribers to transfer their information in megabytes and gigabytes quickly using only one straightforward USSD code.

This service is not information gifting neither is it information renewal. This one is primarily for those that have active information plans on their Glo SIM and trying to share data with different close buddies.

Okay, therefore let’s see the straightforward steps needed if you deeply crave to start out doing Father Christmas with your Glo information.

How To Share Data On Glo Network

How To Share Internet Data on Glo in Nigeria using Transfer Code

Method 1: Here’s a way to share information on Glo;

You need to first; Add friends’ and families’ phone numbers to the list of individuals whom you would like to begin sharing your data with. Then, merely follow the remainder of the steps below.

To add a friend:

To add folks to share, dial *127*01*friend’s number# or Send “Share [friend’s number]” to 127. Example: Dial *127*01*0805XXXXXXX# or Send Share 0805XXXXXXX to 127.

To remove friend:

To remove folks from sharing, dial *127*02*friend’s number# OR Send “Remove [friend’s number]” to 127. E.g. Dial *127*02*0805XXXXXXX# or Send remove 0805XXXXXXX to 127.

To view list:

To list folks sharing your subscription, dial *127*00# or Send “List” to 127

Method two (Alternative);

Navigate to phone » Dial *777# » Enter one if 3G or 2 if 4G » type 3 & Send (Share internet data) » Enter 1 to share » Input recipients number » confirm!

How To Share Data On Glo Network

How To Share Data On Glo Network Using USSD Code

To share data, dial *127*01*phone number#. For example Dial *127*01*0805XXXXXXX#

How To Share Data On Glo Network Using SMS

Send Share Phone number to 127. For example, Send Share 0805XXXXXXX to 127

GLO Night Internet Browsing 2019: See Glo Night Subscription plan

GLO Night Internet Browsing 2019: See Glo Night Subscription arrange

Night Browsing – Glo is one among the most effective telecommunication institutions in Nigeria once it involves low-cost browsing plans, and additionally, the Glo night plan is not an exception to the present.

Glo presently offers a number of the foremost cost-efficient web browsing packages altogether classes, providing a lot of web data usage.

In this article, I’ll be discussing the Glo night browsing guide.

Glo hour Plans and their internet Subscription Codes

There are three on-going plans for Glo users that wish to subscribe to the Glo hour plans. These bundles are out there at totally {different|completely different} costs and different data volumes. Therefore, you’ll select the foremost appropriate for you.

1. The Glo night solely plans:

This arrange is offered from twelve am to five am and is simply sturdy for one night. Whether or not you end the Data or not, you may get to subscribe once more subsequent day to get pleasure from the Glo hour bundle.

2. 1 GB night solely plan:

This arrange like is simply out there from 12 am to 5 am however comes with a bigger data volume. To purchase this arrange, send 60 to 127 or dial *127*60#

3. The Glo TGIF weekend plans:

The Glo TGIF weekend plans prices ₦500 solely and may last throughout the weekend. Therefore if you’re a workplace employee, obtaining a 3 Gb arrange for less than ₦500 would be a pronounced method of paying your weekend.

To subscribe to this arrange, send 61 to 127 or dial *127*61#

How to Check Glo Night arrange Balance

Globacom has delivered a straightforward method of checking your data balance for any of their plans. There are three ways of checking the hour data balance; they include:

Dial *127*0#

Send info to 127

Dial *777#→ 4G or 3G data plans → 4 (Manage Data) → 4 (Check Balance)

Any of the above-stated steps can assist you to see your Glo data balance freed from charge.

Glo Night and Weekend data Subscriptions

Glo Nigeria offers one among the best possible web plans for night browsing. They provide twenty-four hours night arrange and a weekend and 5-night data plans.

– Glo 3GB for #500:

The validity amount is seven days. It will be used anytime on the weekend (12:00 am on Saturday – 11:59 pm on Sunday) however works solely from twelve AM – five AM on weekdays (Monday – Friday).

It is a weekend and night arrange with seven days validity. Offering you 3GB of the data volume in exchange for your 500 naira.

During weekdays (Monday – Friday), it’s solely usable between the hours of twelve AM – five AM whereas on weekends, you’ll use it to surf from 12 am on Saturday to 11:59 pm on Sunday.

To buy at night bundle, text 61 to 127 or dial *127*61#.

Dial *127*61# or Text sixty-one to 127 to choose in.

– Get 1GB for #200:

It is valid for simply an evening, and it can not be used between 12am – 5am.

Text 60 to 127 or simply Dial *127*60 to subscribe.

How to Cancel Glo Night Plan?

Like all different hour plans, you can’t cancel this arrangement because it doesn’t machine renew. However, you’ll merely cancel any Glo auto-renewal arrange by sending CANCEL to 127.

Inexpensive Glo Tariff Plans and their Migration Code

Predominantly speaking, there are 2 types of tariffs, also known as rate or price plans; however, depending on the terminology used in the various billing system.

Glo Tariff Plans Migration Codes

Glo 11k/s Prepaid Plan: Dial *211#

Jollific8; Dial *123*PIN#

Glo Infinito: Dial *100*9*2#

Glo G-BAM: Dial *100*5*1#

bumpa bonus, Dial *100*10*1#


Glo Yakata Dial *220#

Bounce Dial *170*4#

Glo Free Tomorrow Dial *300#

Glo Generation G Dial *170*5#

Formula Dial *323*PIN#

Glo IDD Packs Dial *777#

Glo BiiGy Packs Dial *170*1#

Jolof N25 Dial *0805*25#

Glo Jolof N50 Dial *0805*50#

Glo Flexi Dial *123*PIN#

If you’re a frequent user of the net at midnight, subscribing to the mid-night plans are terribly nice for you.

You can conjointly use these weekend plans throughout the weekends for streaming videos, downloading or upgrading totally different software system, uploading videos, using the social networks, and conjointly in doing alternative high data activities.


All in 1: Glo Yakata Data Plans, Internet Subscription Code and Balance

lo YAKATA pre-paid set up was introduced recently by Globacom restricted. The corporate is understood to unharness price superimposed services to fulfill user’s desires; this new set up is accessible to all or any Glo customers, whether or not new or recent.

It conjointly comes with superb advantages whenever you recharge your line. These advantages vary from free data, unlimited Glo to Glo calls free minutes to call alternative networks and a lot of goodies. Currently, let’s see what this new set up is all regarding.

What is the Glo YAKATA prepaid plan?

Glo Yakata prepaid data set up rewards customers with superb data and voice advantages anytime they recharge their Glo lines.

All new Glo prepaid customers can get Glo Yakata data plans mechanically once they activate their lines without the need to dial a migration code.

Existing customers will subscribe or migrate to Glo Yakata by dialing *230# however all new SIMs are on Glo Yakata by default.

This innovative service offers you amazing voice and data advantages. After you get Glo SIM, you rise up to 6GB data each month for six months (that is 36GB of data) and a whopping 2,200% on each N100 recharge to decision all networks.

The YAKATA call tariff set up from Glo is mouthwatering, and this text can offer you authentic data on all you wish to grasp regarding the tariff set up.

The Glo Yakata postpaid knowledge set up offers new and existing Glo customers of Glo Nigeria superb advantages, {the call|the decision} rates or creating calls to alternative Glo networks and alternative networks in Yakata plan is incredibly affordable; though call rates to alternative networks like MTN, Airtel and 9mobile (Etisalat) could be a bit high compared to alternative Glo packages.

Glo Yakata advantages, Bonuses and Balances

The Glo Yakata postpaid data plan offers you bonus airtime and data price upon each recharge, and you get 2,200% price on each top-up of N100. This merely means after you recharge of N100, you may be given a humongous 2,200% bonus price whereas N200 can attract a N4,400 bonus. When you recharge, you may have five Account balance:

Voice profit main balance: Your main recharge quantity

Bonus Account (Voice): 350% of your recharge

Data Value: 175th of your high up

1st recharge of the month internet data benefits: 50MB on N100 high up and 2.5GB on N5000 high up.

*You can solely receive the data profit one 1st recharge of the month for six months. The validity amount of all bonuses is seven days. However, there’s an exception if you’ve got an existing data bundle. YAKATA knowledge bonus assumes the validity amount of existing data set up.

GLO YAKATA call Rate

You’ll be charged from your voice bonus account 1st before moving to the most account; however, you’ll not create an international call or procure any superimposed service with the bonus.

Glo to Glo voice call rate for this Glo YAKATA tariff is 55kobo per second, amounting to N33 per minute

Glo to alternative Networks in Nigeria is 70 kobo per second that amounts to N42 per minute.

SMS charges are N4 per message on the main account and N14 per message if charged from the bonus account.

The benefit of Glo Yakata prepaid setup

Here are a number of the highlights of advantages that Glo YAKATA prepaid plan offers you.

Up to 6GB free data each month for six months

2,200% airtime bonus on each N100 recharge to call all Network

Voice bonus will be wont to call alternative networks and might be accumulated, a lot of you recharge, a lot of prices you get

You will receive a special data bonus that’s 2.5 times above regular data supply, provided your 1st recharge of the month is a minimum of N200

Bonus is valid for 7days

Getting the Glo Yakata postpaid setup Bonus

This depends on the number you recharge, but you may receive a special bonus on your 1st recharge of the month for six months. The bonus will be wont to call all networks and has a validity period of seven days.

*The a lot of you recharge a lot of your YAKATA bonus account will increase.

GLO Yakata prepaid plan and Internet Subscription USSD Code

To purchase or migrate to Glo yakata internet data plan, merely dial *230#. You’ll ensure if you’re on the set up already by dialing *100# on your Glo line.

To check your bonus, merely dial *230*1# to look at your bonus, then you can receive confirmation text whenever you recharge.

How to check your bonus on the Glo Yakata data plan

Usually, when each recharge, confirmation text or SMS messages are sent to your phone. However, in an occasion you didn’t get any confirmation messages then there’s an easy USSD code for you to ascertain your Yakata bonus.

To check your Glo Yakata bonus, merely dial the USSD code *230*1#.

How to Unsubscribe from the Glo Yakata prepaid data set up

To unsubscribe from Glo YAKATA, merely dial *220#.

*Please note that consequent migrations at intervals same month attract a charge of N100 per migration.

These advantages conjointly come with e-Top up, and you may get these advantages on each physical and e-recharge platforms.


What advantages do I fancy on Glo Yakata?

It offers you up to 6GB data each month for six months and a humongous twenty-two duration (2,200%) on each N100 recharge to call all Networks. Bonus received on recharge is valid for seven days from recharge date.

How much do I procure making calls on Glo Yakata?

Glo to Glo calls are rated at 55 kobo per second for each main and bonus account

Calls to an alternative network are charged at seventy kobos per second.

SMS is charged at N4 per message from main account and N14 from the bonus account.

What happens if there’s airtime in my main account?

Your calls are charged 1st from your bonus account, and you may solely be charged from your main account on expiration or exhaustion of your bonus account.

How do I take advantage of the Glo Yakata prepaid setup data benefits?

If your device is data enabled, you’ll begin browsing as before long as you recharge and receive a confirmation text message of your voice and data profit. The Yakata bonus data are superimposed to your existing data volume, and therefore the higher validity amount follow

What if I would like to migrate to a different Glo prepaid plan?

Simply dial the code of the set up you wish to migrate to, 1st migration at intervals a month is free.

What if I’m not able to consume all my Yakata Bonus at intervals the Validity days?

Unused bonus can’t be carried over unless another recharge is created at intervals the seven days bonus validity amount.

Can the bonus airtime be wont to subscribe any price superimposed service?

All price superimposed service subscriptions are charged from the main account, and all international calls are charged from the main account.


*If you’ve got an alternative question regarding Glo Yakata set up, you’ll drop your comments on the comment section.

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