Fitbit Blaze Battery Life Capacity: The Best Complete Review (2021)

Today I’m going to show you exactly the Fitbit battery life capacity in 2021.

Good knowledge of Fitbit Blaze battery life capacity is one good step when learning how to extend the battery life of your Fitbit. And you’re going to see in full detail how this works.

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Introducing the Fitbit Blaze

If you’re actually new to the world of fitness or just looking for a fifth-generation device that would help you in your fitness tracking – find no more because FITBIT BLAZE is all you’ve been searching for.


Fitbit Blaze was released in January 2016 by Fitbit Inc.

Fitbit Inc. is an American fitness and consumer electronics company with its headquarter situated in San Francisco, California.

Its production ranges from activity trackers, smart watches, wireless-enabled wearable technology device that helps to measure data such as heart rate, the quantity of sleep, steps climbed and other personal metrics involved in fitness.

The company was previously called Healthy Metrics Research Inc. until its rebranding in October 2007.

While these devices they created tend to appear to increase physical activities, there is little or no evidence that they can improve health outcomes. In 2019, Google announced its intention to buy Fitbit.


The transaction was a done deal in January 2021 for $2.1 billion following regulatory approvals in the United States and Europe.

According to an IDC report published on March 10, 2020, Fitbit is considered the fifth largest wearable company in shipments as of 2019 with a 14.8% growth rate, behind Xiaomi and Apple.

Fitbit reported to have about 28 million users and has sold more than 100 million devices. The Fitbit Blaze is one of such devices created by Fitbit Inc.

FITBIT BLAZE is a fitness tracker that looks more like a smart watch. In fact, it’s a smart watch that was made to compete with the Apple Watch, Pebble and Android Wear.

It has a colorful touch screen that displays workout guidance and notifications from your smart phone in addition to an accurate and reliable tracking of activities, exercises and heart rate.


The Blaze has a connected GPS meaning that it tracks location using the connected smartphone’s GPS. It also displays incoming calls, texts and calendar appointments. It also has a stand-by battery life with up to five days which last longer than most smart watches. The Fitbit Blaze also integrates with Fitstar (that is, the Fitbit’s website for customized workouts). These workouts can be shown on the Blaze Screen.

At a glimpse, the Fitbit Blaze looks kind of similar to the Apple Watch with a rectangular, Gorilla Glass covered, 240-by-180-pixel color touch screen but the similarities do end there. The Blaze screen is smaller than the Apple Watch at 1.25 inches diagonally depending on the size do you choose. The Blaze features a standard design in which the tracker portion easily pops into and out of a frame connected to the band.

The main purpose behind this design is so that you can quickly change from a work-out friendly, sweat-resistant elastomer strap to a more stylish leather or stainless-steel band.

What is the Fitbit Blaze Battery Life Capacity?

The Fitbit Blaze battery life capacity can go up to 5 days between charges.

The blaze uses a box-like charger with a lid that you’ll have to plug into a USB adapter or laptop. To charge when the Fitbit Blaze battery life capacity is low, you’ll need to open the lid, place the tracker portion inside and close it.


Once the Fitbit Blaze battery life capacity is completely drained, it takes about an hour to recharge the tracker’s lithium polymer battery, after which it’s good to go for about five days. It’s actually better than most smartwatches out there which actually last up to two days at most.

Asides the Fitbit Blaze battery life capacity, the wrist accessory also contains features that are wonderful and irresistible. Here are some of the features that makes Fitbit Blaze not just another fitness wear:

#1: Smart Functionality

This Blaze’s rich feature set makes it an expectant choice for users who want a good fitness tracker and also have been considering a smartwatch.

The Fitbit blaze actually does everything you would expect or want a fitness tracker to do while its colorful touch screen lets it users to take calls, read texts, listen to music and see notifications.

The Blaze also has the ability to track calories, distance, floors, steps, sleep and various exercise stats. You can actually experience all of these data in detail in the Fitbit app, which remains one of the best fitness apps.

This fitness wear also makes it easy to view basic data on it’s display by scrolling through its various screens: Today, Exercise, Fitstar.

Today is where you’ll see your daily stats, which includes calories, continuous heart rate, floors and steps.

The Exercise screen actually lets you to manually begin exercises, including cycling, running, treadmilling and lifting weights. Other exercises like hiking, soccer and tennis can also be made to appear as options using the Fitbit app.

Each work out is accompanied by specific real time performance stats on the display followed by a summary of your work out at the end.

#2: Accuracy

For a tracking device where users would want to know things down to every second, accuracy is everything.

Many reviewers praise the Blaze for this feature. As usual, Fitbit’s various exercises and heart rate measurements appear to be very accurate when compared to our own manual observations. Many reviewers love its un-noticeable and amazing accurate activity tracking while also singing out its automatic exercise recognition, which is extremely useful and accurate.

#3: Customized Appearance

If you’re looking for a stylish watch loaded down with advanced fitness features the blaze stands aside from this competition.

The Blaze actually looks more like a smartwatch than a fitness tracker and even looks nicer than some sport watches.

The Fitbit blaze is the least expensive of the colorful Fitbit trackers, especially for persons looking for a fitness watch smarter and more customized than the average time piece. The Fitbit Blaze is supported by a fantastic app and a desktop dashboard, as well as a system or scheme of competitions with friends, cooperative challenges, badges and rewards to keep you motivated.


After all that is said, if you’re new to the world of fitness trackers or you’re upgrading to a fifth generational device, the Fitbit Blaze is a solid choice. It’s an accurate and reliable tracker and the colour screen is great for displaying the useful new FItStar workouts. If you’re willing to spend your money on good products, it’s worth considering.

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