Apple to Launch its Very First Foldable iPhones – The Best Informative Guide (2021)

Today, you’re going to get real-time updates of the all-new foldable iPhones by Apple.

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Apple’s Foldable iPhones – What is it Like?

Rumors of a foldable iPhone by Apple are something not so new to us!

In fact, this article by Engadget, dated back 2018, showed that Apple indeed has had it in mind from time to work on a newly developed foldable iPhone for its users. But yet again, it was to no avail!

Recent updates by the company and other credible sources have now shown that Apple is seriously working tooth and nail to launch its very first foldable iPhones, sooner than expected.

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According to Bloomberg:

Apple Inc. has begun early work on an iPhone with a foldable screen, a potential rival to similar devices from Samsung Electronics Co. and others, though it’s planning only minor changes for this year’s iPhone line.

The tech company has recently talked about several foldable screen sizes for its all-new foldable iPhones, including one that unfolds to a size that is quite identical to the 7.7-inch display on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The company also has plans to release foldable iPhones in the 8-inch range.

Apple’s Foldable iPhones Prototype

According to Jon Prosser in June 2020, the first foldable iPhones are likely to be a dual-screen model that features two separate display panels that are linked together using a mostly invisible hinge.

Foldable iPhone mockup…

A report from November 2020 stated that Apple had sent samples of its foldable iPhones to the Taiwanese factory (Foxconn) to test folding bearings for over 100,000 opening and closing tests, which is quite similar to the newly-concluded run of testing.

And according to Foxconn, only two of the prototype foldable iPhones have passed the internal test for durability. But Apple has since patented most of the prototypes for its foldable iPhones.

Apple Patent #1 (2016):

This patent came to light in 2016, describing an iPhone that folds horizontally in half with a flexible OLED display and a metallic supported hinged structure.


Both halves of the OLED display will remain accessible when the phone is closed, and there are also sketches showing prototypes with multiple folds.


Apple Patent #2 (2019):

This patent came to light in 2019, describing a foldable iPhone with a built-in heating element (display heating feature aimed at cutting down on possible failures of folding while in a place of cold temperatures.


Apple Patent #3 (2018):

This came to light in 2018, describing foldable iPhones with flexible displays that fold shut while still leaving a small strip at the bottom which is left exposed for easy access to notifications and contextual information.

(Credit: Patently Apple)

Apple Patent #4 (2020):

This came to the light last year February 2020, describing a joint operating model for the all-new foldable iPhones. The prototype will allow a single-screen device to be broadened by a magnetically connected secondary display.

(Credit: USPTO)

Still that same last year 2020, Apple took up another patent in March 2020 describing an alternative to its foldable iPhones that would allow two or more of its devices to act as one when brought in close distance to each other, using proximity sensors.


Apple’s 2020 patent also suggests that the company is currently exploring a protective layer for its foldable iPhones to help them resist cracking. It will feature a hard-coat layer that stays on top of the pre-existing micro-cracks, thus making it stronger for a larger cracker to appear (resisting punctures and scratches).


Apple’s Foldable iPhones launch Date and Price Leaks

According to Omdia (global communication and digital media research firm) believes that Apple will launch its first 7.3-inch to 7.6-inch foldable iPhones with an OLED display and  Apple Pencil support in 2023.

Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo also concurs to this claim.

The product is presumed to cost anything around $1500 to $2000, or more…

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