Quick & Easy Way to Disable Autocorrect on Android

Today you’re going to see a real quick and easy way to disable autocorrect on Android devices.

This will prevent you from the regular OOPSIES that comes with chatting and messaging on an Android phone, and you’re going to see exactly how it works, step-by-step.

Let’s get started!

Autocorrect and its Downsides?

Your spelling is automatically checked when you are typing on your Android phone and a replacement word is suggested each time. If a word from the list of suggestions is not selected, a default word will be used to replace what the Android phone thinks is a misspelt word.

What if, the Android phone is not correct and the word is not misspelt?

Sometimes, the autocorrect feature of Android may cause more problem than it solves. Though autocorrect may be useful at times it can become really annoying as well.

Advantages of Turning Off Autocorrect Feature on Android

There are some times that turning off autocorrect feature sounds like a pretty good idea.

The autocorrect feature of Android can get in your way especially when you are typing the names of people.

You may want to type ‘Carrie’ and the autocorrect feature will correct it to ‘carry’.

If you are bilingual and you tend to switch between languages regularly when typing, then turning off the autocorrect feature will definitely be of great help to you.

Predictive text can be really helpful when it comes to correcting typos or figuring out what you want to type next. Here is how to turn off autocorrect feature on Android when it frequently it corrects the exact word you want to type.

How to Disable Autocorrect on Android Devices

Many solutions to our android problems are found on the android settings panel.

#1: Open up Settings on your Android device and tap on Language and input. Depending on your Android phone, the Language and input option might be hidden in a System or General Management menu.


#2: In the next section, a list of all the installed keyboard on your android device will be displayed. Tap on the one you are currently using in order to be able to turn off its autocorrect feature.

#3: Next step is for you to scroll down and tap on Text correction. The following setting options will be displayed:

– Show suggestion strip

– Next-word suggestions

– Block offensive words

– Show emoji suggestions

– Suggest contacts

– Personalized suggestions

– Auto-correction

– Auto capitalization

– Double-space period

#4: Slide off the toggle next to Auto-correction to turn off autocorrection.


Note that when you turn off autocorrect, you don’t lose spellcheck. So your Android device will let you know words that you have misspelt. If you are using a third-party keyboard, you can access the autocorrect feature while typing a message. Just tap on the plus sign at the top of the keyboard and tap the gear icon that will appear. Toggle off the autocorrect settings option that will appear.

When you toggle the autocorrect setting, a dialogue box will appear with the following options:

  • Off
  • Modest
  • Aggressive
  • Very aggressive

To turn off the autocorrect feature, tap on the radio button beside the Off option.


How to Improve on the Autocorrect Feature of Android Devices

It may be too drastic for you to turn off Android autocorrect feature and if that is the case for you, here is how you can improve the autocorrect feature.

#1: Add words to your Android dictionary

If after typing a word and it is underlined in red, just tap on it and tap on Add to dictionary. If you have a list of words and you want them to be added to your personal dictionary on your android phone, you can add them all easily. This can be done by tapping on the gear icon above your android keyboard. Then tap on Dictionary > Personal dictionary. Then tap on the plus sign in the corner. Type the word you want to be added to the dictionary, then save. All the words you added can be seen in your dictionary.


Note that when you add a word to your Android device personal dictionary, you can enter a shortcut to type that word. This is a valuable feature especially if the word is long and you use it frequently.

All you have to do is type the shortcut and your Android device autocompletes it for you.

#2: Remove Suggested Words

As you can add words to your personal dictionary on Android, so also can you remove words from your personal dictionary. This can be handy when your personal dictionary on Android has learned a misspelt word or if it constantly autocorrects a particular word to another word that you don’t want. To remove a word from your dictionary, when typing, tap and hold down on the suggested word at the top of the keyboard. When this is done, a trash icon will show. Drag and drop the word you want to remove from your personal dictionary into the trash can.


A single Android phone has so many helpful features and that includes autocorrect. If you are a sloppy typist, you will find the autocorrect feature very helpful.

But you should know that no algorithm can perfectly understand and predict the word you want to spell on your Android phone.

If you are among the category of people who are frustrated by the autocorrect feature on Android, you can always turn off autocorrect.

I am sure, through reading this blog post, you were able to turn off the autocorrect feature on your android phone or tablet.

Now I’d Love to Hear from You:

  • Is the autocorrect feature something you really like using on your Android device?
  • Or you prefer the regular old freestyling typing technique?

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