Dual-SIM iPhones may finally be introduced by Apple

Dual-Sim iPhone

Dear Dual-Sim lovers, Apple may be adding a much requested feature to at least one of the three iPhones that’ll be launched this fall. I’m talking about a dual-SIM support. This feature is very popular in certain markets. But not much in the US where the company bases its operations.

Rumors of this feature has surfaced in the past. And now there’s a sort of confirmation from Apple. Its made possible through some code added in iOS 12 developer beta 5. The screenshot below is from a component of the system that generates diagnostic reports. It also includes new references to a “second SIM status” and a “second SIM tray status”.

Dual-Sim iPhone

A different part of the code talks about a “dual sim device”. This is enough proof that Apple is considering building the necessary software support. To inject the dual-SIM functionality right into the next release of its mobile OS. The inclusion of a second SIM tray means that there will be two physical sim slots. Hence, the ability to use an actual SIM card alongside an eSIM won’t be present.

In the past, it was rumored that only the biggest 2018 iPhone will have a dual-SIM version. And it’ll only be for specific regions. This new development is better for those who have to use two different carriers or subscriptions. This will also be helpful to those who travel a lot. Because they could keep using the account from their home alongside other plans from the place they’re visiting.

Apparently the countries where dual-SIM handsets are most popular are Nigeria, Brazil, and Egypt. Meanwhile, such devices get the least amount of use in the US, Canada, and Australia.

The era of having two different gadgets could be over if Apple eventually launches this new iPhones. What do you think o this new development?

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