Movies are very popular in every part of the world, in whatever genre they come by. Why?, because they bring pleasure and entertainment to the viewer. The internet has made it very easy and flexible to watch any movie at any given time and place, unlike the traditional method through the use of DVDs. With watching movies online, there is unlimited access to number of movies, good quality, and most importantly, your convenience.

Like I said, movies come in different genre and also in different localities. Well, are you are a fan of Korean movies like I do, do you enjoy how entertaining they are, how they have clean contents, culture, and how deep some of there story lines are, then you are in luck because we are showing you the easiest and faster way through which you can watch, stream and download Korean movies.

Before you are able to watch, or stream or download a Korean movie, first you have to know the online sites that are available to watch, stream and download Korean movies. Here are some fantastic websites to watch, stream, and download Korean movies.


  1. Netflix
  2. Mydramalist
  3. Animetv
  4. Dramago
  5. KissAsian
  6. Dramabeans
  7. Dramanice
  8. viki
  9. Newasiantv
  10. Koreanbus



Netflix is a modern popular website, and it’s the first choice of anyone when it comes to watching and streaming a movie online. Users can enjoy unlimited access to movies in different part of the world including Korean movies. Note, that unlike the other site mentioned above, this site (Netflix) is not free, there is a monthly subscription payment required from its users, but it’s so rich in its contents.

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This another site that is growing and ranking at a fast rate and is basically one of the best website to watch, stream and download Korean movies. This website is not only rich in its content but also the structure of the site is fanciful that catches the attention of any visitor.

MydramaList is not just a place, where you can easily stream, watch and download Korean movies, you can also organize, discuss, and discover Asian dramas & movies. The good thing about this website is that not only do they have rich contents, fanciful website but they also have list of current contents because the admin of this site frequently update it with new Korean movies.

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This is the third website on our list.  This site is also a good resource for watching, streaming and downloading Korean movies. It has a good feature that allows users to watch or stream Korean movies even on a slow internet speed and they have special browsing options that makes it easier for users to get lifetime access to different sorts of Korean movies. Therefore, if you reside in an area where there is poor network connectivity, then this website will aid you get those Korean dramas you want.

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The fourth on our list is dramago, another popular website known for the good streaming  and downloading of Korean movies. This website enables users to explore for top ranking and popular drama series that effectively entertain its viewers.

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If you are interested in classical drama series, then kissasian is the best site to go to, by classical, we refer to categories related to action, love, romance, etc. Not only do they have classical drama series but they cover all Asian countries. What is interesting about this site is that movie series are updated regularly, they have their own English subtitle, the site features are so clear that viewers that easily watch and also download dramas without any interruption.

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Dramabeans is the fifth on our list, and it is mostly similar to other sites that were previously mentioned above. It was rumored that this site was experiencing some problems resulting in the site brought down, but am glad and excited to let you know that the problems have been resolved, and they are back in full force. As like other websites they provide and offer drama series in Korean, Asian, Chinese, and Japanese. You can also get news and information about upcoming Korean movies.

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This is the seventh on our list and it also one of the oldest Korean drama movie website. The website is filled with different variety of both old and new drama series in Korea. It also has subtitles embedded in it. So, if you are a fan of some old Korean dramas or you just feel like watching an old Korean drama, then you can check out this website.

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VIKI K-Movies Download

The first on my list is known as Viki. The is literally one of the best sites, if not the best. it is a very popular website where you can watch Korean movies. This website provides rich contents, collections and categories in Japanese, Chinese movies, etc. one of the most interesting part about this website is that it provides subtitle feature which enables any viewer to enjoy different Korean movies in different languages. One of the disadvantage of this website is problem of it, offering  too many ads, which I know annoys any user and their experience.

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The newasiantv is the ninth on our list. As the implies, it should tell you that this site is all Asian dramas, shows and movies. This website provides and make it easier to watch, stream and download Asian and Korean movies. The website includes a user friendly feature to their site to effortlessly and effectively assist their users to navigate for their individual choice of movies. One disadvantage of this website is not available in all countries.

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This is another nice website were you can watch, stream, and download Korean movies. It actually very difficult to get a website that covers only korean movies but koreanbus is a website that actually meet that criteria. Koreanbus site has got different drama categories  such as action, crime, fantasy, comedy, reality, etc.

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Now we have listed up to ten (10) websites to download Korean movies from, also have in mind that there are many more site out there you can download Korean movies from that is not listed above.

Our review team has spent some time on this research and came up with this powerful list above,

So over to you, are we missing your favorite website, you can let us know in the comments section below, you can now go ahead to have a view of your Korean drama download websites.

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