All most everyone know that Google Playstore is the latest and most popular android markets were people download most of our android apps and games. But not all of us have that idea that these games and apps that are being paid for in the Google Playstore can be gotten free of charge for other sites, Well that is why we are bring you this article today to show you those apps.

Now i want to update you with this for those of us who don’t have an idea about this before and how to get android paid apps for free. However, I’ll highlight you on some Google Playstore alternatives to get those paid apps free.

Where to Download Android Paid Apps for Free?

These are the three methods I’ll be bringing your way today…

  1. Downloading android paid apps or games from 3 party source market
  2. Downloading via search engine
  3. Downloading from Popular platform

Method 1 – Downloading from Third Party stores

There are so many Google playstore alternatives where you can easily get most of the Google Playstore paid apps for free. One my favorite Playstore alternative is Blackmart Alpha and Applanet follows. On any of these stores, you get to see almost every app listed on playstore on their store FOC.

All you’ve to do is enable “unknown source” from your android device. Simply go to settings >> security and then enable unknown source. So as you can easily download paid apps free from third party stores.

Once the unknown source is enabled, download blackmart alpha and applanet, launch and then search for any playstore paid app you’d wish to download and get their paid apps free and working perfectly on your android device.

Method 2 – Downloading from Search engine

I expect everyone to know that there are top sites that have all most all apps and games that Playstore possesses. Now the difference is that these sites offer these apps and games for free. All you need do is to search. Input “appnames.apk” on Google’s search bar and hit the enter button, you’ll be provided with reasonable results.

Method 3 – Downloading from Popular platforms

Now there some site or paltform were you can find android paid apps for free. some of this platform you get by normal search and some examples of this sites are,, and etc. Apart from this platform that are mention above the most popular and legal platform is the  Amazon underground service. There, you get to download paid apps worth over $20k all for free. I advise you check on any of these platforms and get to download paid android apps for free.


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