Crypto as Medium of Payment: The First Taxi Company that Supports Cryptocurrency as Revealed in 2021

Today I’m going to show you the first taxi company that uses crypto as medium of payment in 2021.

This also includes:

  • What type of cars support crypto as medium of payment?
  • What cryptocurrencies are being supported as medium of payment in the car industry?
  • Why are car companies willing to accept crypto as medium of payment in 2021?
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Crypto as Medium of Payment in 2021

There’s no denying – cryptocurrency is the future of financial exchange, and it’s here to stay…

According to Jodie Kelley (Chief Executive of the Electronic Transactions Association):

It’s clear that the ‘new normal’ for businesses of all sizes are defined in part by a shift in consumer preference for e-commerce and contactless payments, which can help limit consumer exposure and promote social distancing during the pandemic.

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So which recent company just allowed crypto as medium of payment in 2021?

First Taxi Company that Supports Crypto as Medium of Payment in 2021

Well, you guessed right!

The first brand of a car being used as a taxi that supports crypto as medium of payment in 2021 is the Tesla, and the crypto being accepted as a medium of payment is Doge.


And the first taxi company to accept crypto as medium of payment is based in Germany.

The update was recently announced by German taxi company Tesla driver – Aschaffenburg on Reddit. Aschaffenburg also accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum as medium of payment for a taxi ride.


Tesla taxi Aschaffenburg’s company official website made it public that they began accepting crypto as medium of payment in May 30, 2021.


The above translates to:

We will be the first taxi in Germany to accept Dogecoin as an official means of payment from May 30th, 2021 To the moon!

This makes Tesla Taxi Aschaffenburg the first of its kind to accept Dogecoin, as well as other cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin and Ethereum as payment for their rides in 2021.

The introduction of such a payment method in a small company goes to show how willing people are to accept crypto in their daily transactions, even with the sudden dips in the market. It also demonstrates how easy this medium of payment is to use.

Aschaffenburg got his inspiration for Tesla’s CEO – Elon Musk who has recently been making huge waves about the crypto market.

Tesla Taxi Aschaffenburg has a variety of the Tesla Model S and 3 in its fleet and offers a wide range of riding services to residents in its region. This ranges from regular daily trips to special events such as catering.

Aschaffenburg Tesla taxi company owner, Stefan Müller assures the public that crypto is here to stay, and he is always willing to adopt new technologies to better his company’s services and improve on its performance.

We haven’t seen a reasonable spike in the value of the Dogecoin as a result of this, but this can be associated with the current BEAR market currently going on in the crypto space.

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